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Top 10 YouTube Influencers Who Have Built Personal Empires

People who are called YouTube influencers (also known as YouTubers) are those who have acquired a large following on the platform by positioning themselves as experts in a topic. Because of their platform, these YouTubers have the ability to establish trends and influence audience members. As a result, firms seek YouTube influencers to discuss their products in front of a large audience, which has led to the emergence of YouTube influencer marketing.

Apr 08, 202326K Shares464.3K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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People who are called YouTube influencers(also known as YouTubers) are those who have acquired a large following on the platform by positioning themselves as experts in a topic.

Because of their platform, these YouTubers have the ability to establish trends and influence audience members. As a result, firms seek YouTube influencersto discuss their products in front of a large audience, which has led to the emergence of YouTube influencer marketing.

How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business (Strategies & Examples)

Why Brands Are Marketing With Top Youtube Influencers?

Advertising is evolving. Because of declining TV viewing, 30-second television commercials no longer reach the audiences or demographics they once did, and display and banner ad marketing, which was once the panacea for many internet advertisers, has now been made mostly worthless by ad-blocking software. Consumers are spending more time than ever before on social mediasites.

Top YouTube influencers are well-positioned to reach millions of engaged followers with brand-sponsored contentand leverage the relationships they have with fans to increase brand awareness and drive sales as audiences look to these social media channels for entertainment, advice, discovery, and learning.

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Here Are The 10 Youtube Influencers

PewDiePie - 111 Million Subscribers

Felix Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber who began by mostly reviewing video games. PewDiePie has since extended to incorporate hilarious commentary on current events.

He even collaborates with other online personas on meme roundups and blogs. He does, however, share some game stuff. Companies that make less well-known games may profit from mentions on his channel as well.

Smosh - 25.1 Million Subscribers

Smosh, which has been active since 2005, is one of the more established YouTube channels. Its primary concentration is sketch comedy.

Its creators are Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox, who were originally the major stars of the videos. However, they have been able to utilize actors in their films since 2015.

Anthony Padilla invented the term "mosh pit" in 2002 after hearing a buddy mispronounce the phrase. In 2005, they posted their debut video, which had a Power Rangers theme.

The video that made them famous was a Pokemon-themed one that broke YouTube records before being removed by Nintendo's Pokemon Company for copyright violations. Their channel currently has somewhat more than 25 million members.

Jenna Marbles - 20 Million Subscribers

Jenna Mourey, better known online as Jenna Marbles, had an extremely famous YouTube channel for almost 10 years.

Her videos were generally hilarious and featured cosmetics or how-to videos with a humorous twist, such as her "drunk makeup tutorials," and she was one of the top female YouTubers in the site's early days.

She even had her own internet store for many years. She's been taking an indefinite break from YouTube for almost a year.

Kids Diana Show - 89.2 Million Subscribers

What began as a simple method to share films of their daughter, Diana, and her loved ones, quickly turned into one of the most popular YouTube channels.

The Kids Diana Show, a Ukrainian YouTube channel, reached a million followers in just over a year. In 2022, the channel had 89.2 million subscribers, a six-year increase.

Diana publishes children's songs, unboxing videos, and vlogs with the support of her parents, Vlad and Elena.

The videos include very little dialogue and depend mostly on costuming and facial expressions. In fact, her channel has been so popular that both of her parents have abandoned their full-time jobs to assist her to build her channel.

Vlad And Niki - 77.6 Million Subscribers

In Russia, Vlad and Niki are brothers. Their YouTube videos show them enjoying games, traveling, and experimenting with new items.

In certain videos, their mother and younger brother may also be seen. This channel would be particularly useful for enterprises that manufacture toys or children's items, as well as those that host tourism experiences around Russia.

Logan Paul - 23.4 Million Subscriber

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber who rose to prominence on the now-defunct video platform Vine.

Paul has even guest featured on television shows and begun a boxing careerafter his YouTube channel became popular. He has been embroiled in a number of controversies. As a result, brands that are affiliated with him may gain prominence. However, it is not without danger.

Dude Perfect - 57.1 Million Subscribers

Unlike some of the other influences on this list, Dude Perfect provides entertainment, primarily in the form of trick shots, that both young and old may enjoy. Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and the Cotton brothers (Coby and Cory Cotton) created their YouTube channel, which has 57 million followers.

This group of five closest friends (and a panda) has been putting their heads together for the last 12 years in order to develop a worldwide known brand. They also have one of the top influencer merch stores, selling a variety of goods, thanks to their brilliant branding.

James Charles - 24.3 Million Subscribers

James Charles is a cosmetic artist that creates one-of-a-kind lessons for his YouTube channel.

These go beyond the fundamentals, incorporating costume effects and even the creation of appearances using food or substances other than typical cosmetics.

His channel has received over 3 billion views to date. He's even released items and collaborated with businesses to create distinctive beauty campaigns.

Lele Pons - 17.6 Million Subscribers

Lele Pons is a Venezuelan-American artist and YouTuber. She uploads music videos and vlogs about her life on her own YouTube account.

This might feature things like events she visits, behind-the-scenesstuff, and even comedy videos. Brands in the lifestyle and entertainment sectors may be particularly relevant to this channel.

Felipe Neto - 43.6 Million Subscribers

Felipe Neto Rodrigues Vieira is a Brazilian-Portuguese YouTuber and actor who has won several awards. He also founded and sold Paramaker, a YouTube businessnetwork specializing in Brazil's online video industry, in 2015.

He publishes films primarily about general amusement on his YouTube channel, which has over 43 million followers. Time magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People in the world in 2020.

People Also Ask

What Exactly Is A YouTube Influencer?

A YouTube influencer is primarily a content creator who has established themselves as an expert in a specialty area and built a large following on YouTube. It appears to be a fun job.

PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber, has the most subscribers and is the most popular YouTube influencer. He frequently shares video game material. However, some videos provide comic interpretations or commentary on current events.

How Much Do Top Influencers Make On YouTube?

Top YouTube influencers may earn more than $60,000 per year only from YouTube's advertising partner program. That moneyis all from YouTube.

However, prominent influencers frequently earn moneyvia brand collaborations, sponsored videos, and their own goods.

These sources may bring in millions of dollars for the most successful YouTube channels. The prices of brand collaborations for businesses vary based on the size and specialty of the channel.

Final Thoughts

Working with YouTube influencers may help you establish your digital brand. You may share their committed fans if you match the correct offering with the right YouTube influencer.

When done correctly, a YouTube influencer may help you expand your interest and build an audience for your brand.

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