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Scenes - How To Use For Your Community And Its Best Alternatives

Scenes is designed to be the best tool for communities. Hosts voice (and chat) communities to meet and hangout with like-minded people.

Jun 13, 20221 Shares366 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Interaction Via Channels
  2. Live Events (With Up To 10,000 People On Video/Audio Stage)
  3. Calendar Channel
  4. Voice Bubbles
  5. Chat
  6. Forums
  7. Resources Channel
  8. Shop
  9. Metaverse Channel
  10. Roles And Hierarchy
  11. Custom Coin system
  12. Web + Mobile
  13. Custom Mobile App
  14. APIs
  15. Scenes By Avalon Alternatives And Competitors
  16. People Also Ask
  17. Conclusion

When some people ran their Discordserver, they found a broken workflow. They were using Discord + Zoom + Reddit + Google Calendar + Notion + Gather.town.

They were so tired of this process that they decided to build the whole set with just one tool.

14 engineers and a year later, they've built a web and mobile app that has been tested with tens of thousands of people on a live stage.

Scenesis designed to be the best tool for communities.

If you've stuck with this far, it's a good idea to stay for a little longer.

This article built the best community solution for you.

Interaction Via Channels

WayneCorp Interaction via Channels screenshot
WayneCorp Interaction via Channels screenshot

They have the biggest selection of channels out there. They have voice, video, text, forums, resources, a shop, and the metaverse.

Live Events (With Up To 10,000 People On Video/Audio Stage)

WayneCorp Live events screenshot
WayneCorp Live events screenshot

With flawless video and audio, instant screen sharing, and live chat messaging, you can host events, webinars, or even office meetings of any size.

Calendar Channel

WayneCorp Calendar Channel screenshot
WayneCorp Calendar Channel screenshot

Make and schedule meetings quickly, either right away or at any time in the future. You don't have to worry about people getting the word or showing up. Instead, you can focus on setting up your event so that it goes well.

Voice Bubbles

WayneCorp Voice Bubbles screenshot
WayneCorp Voice Bubbles screenshot

You can use temporary voice bubbles to start a quick call or create a break-out room from an existing event.

These are great for quick one-on-one conversations, networking events, or team meetings.


WayneCorp Chat with Team screenshot
WayneCorp Chat with Team screenshot

Engage with people in your community in real time with quick and easy text messages, GIFs, and more!


WayneCorp Forums Team Updates screenshot
WayneCorp Forums Team Updates screenshot

Threaded conversations that community memberscan upvote or downvote can help you keep your conversations organized.

These are great for making announcements, helping customers, and having general chats.

Resources Channel

WayneCorp Resources channel screenshot
WayneCorp Resources channel screenshot

Use rich text editor for your blogs, newsletters, documents, etc.

The media channel is a flexible tool that lets you embed images, videos, and documents or upload them.


WayneCorp Shop screenshot
WayneCorp Shop screenshot

Use built-in shop channel to make moneyfrom your community by selling roles, event tickets, or community merchandise.

Metaverse Channel

WayneCorp Metaverse channel screenshot
WayneCorp Metaverse channel screenshot

Immersive 2D experiences let you discover a whole new world.

Members of the community can come and go from rooms and enjoy the experiences and connections you've set up for them.

Roles And Hierarchy

Give your community's administrators, moderators, and members access based on their roles.

Create custom roles with different levels of permissions. These roles can also be used as badges to recognize top contributors.

Custom Coin system

WayneCorp Custom Coin system screenshot
WayneCorp Custom Coin system screenshot

Give people in your community a reason to get involved and help out.

Coins are also a common way for people to trade value with each other.

Even though the coins aren't real, they still have value.

Link them to your shop or roles, and you'll have everything you need to keep your digital empire's economy going.

Web + Mobile

Meet people in your community where they are.

Scenes works the same on every device.

All features have been tested in battle and are made to work on any device.

Custom Mobile App

You can host your community on your own app that is made to fit your needs.

Build your house on your own land using the internet.


You can easily add features to your own solution by using powerful APIs.

Scenes was made with a modular design so that you can build your community's infrastructure the same way you did when you were a kid with LEGOs.

Every system and lesson in the book can be used on any platform for communities.

If you are happy with another solution, you don't have to use Scenes.

Most of the time, you'll have to use more than one platform, which will be confusing for you and your members. Scenes solved this problem for you, so if you're looking for a community platform, give it a try.

Scenes By Avalon Alternatives And Competitors

The New InVision

Teams of all kinds can now meet up on InVision to get organized, make things together, and move work forward.

The new Spaces is here.

Gather all the work and workflows of your team in one place.

Place InVision documents, external files, and useful links inside your spaces and projects to give your team a simple, safe, single source of truth.

No time lost, no files lost, and no wires crossed.

The new Spaces Overview page makes sure that everyone knows what they need to do to get going as soon as possible.

They recently worked with Microsoft to add Freehand to Microsoft Teams, which makes it easier to work together.

We're also excited to tell you about an upcoming native integration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. that will let you share a fully interactive Freehand experience instead of just sharing your screen.

This makes it much easier to keep people interested, get them involved, and make real progress without having to wait until the call is over.


Geneva is an all-in-one app for talking to all your favorite people in a way that is organized and continuous.

You can join a home or make your own, and then set up chat, posting, audio, video, and broadcast rooms for different topics.

Set up "homes" for user groups and "rooms" inside them for different topics or smaller groups.

Rooms can be public or private, and everyone can change their settings for each one so that they can listen to the conversations they care about and ignore the ones they don't.

Users can use 5 different kinds of rooms.

These forum-style rooms are a bit more organized than chat rooms and are great for making announcements and having longer discussions.

Members of the group can upvote and comment, and everyone can sort posts by how new they are, how many upvotes they have, or how many comments they have.

Stream your DIY tutorials, life reactions, casual panels, or TED Talk of the Day with up to 9 people live on stage and thousands of viewers who can call in.


Mio Universal Channels solves a problem that many people face today: there are too many separate messaging apps.

Contacts from different companies can chat, share files, and edit messages all from the tool of their choice using universal channels.

Mio helps teams in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Webex Teams talk to each other better.

Create your first universal channel today to try Mio for free.

Too many separate messaging apps are a problem that Mio Universal Channels solves.

Contacts from different companies can use the tool of their choice to chat, share files, and edit messages on universal channels.

People Also Ask

What Is Avalon Scene?

We made the app "Scenes by Avalon," which is a full community management suite for creators and people with a lot of followers.

It is a platform that lets people talk to their audiences through forums, chat, and live audio.

Is Avalon Meta Free?

Avalon Metathinks that the contentof education today has been "commoditized."

When you make paid courses, you have no leverage.

So, it is giving away all of its pre-recorded courses for free.

Learners come for the free content and stay for the community of other learners.

What Is The Scene App?

We made the app "Scenes by Avalon," which is a full community management suite for creators and people with a lot of followers.

It is a platform that lets people talk to their audiences through forums, chat, and live audio.

The SCENE app is available for both iOS and Android. It lets you earn and spend points at partner locations, get bonus offers, check and keep track of your point history, and even plan a night out with your friends.


Creators of the app "Scenes by Avalon," a full community management suite for influencersand creators.

It is a platform where people can talk with their audiences in a forum, chat, or live audio.

They are a funded startup that is growing quickly, and their goal is to build the best community platform on the market!

They have some of the best angel investors backing us and are growing quickly.

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