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Events - A Community Glue

Events are important because they allow for a more intimate and engaging experience with your audience which ultimately leaves a lasting impression and one that is more memorable than a passive viewing of a more traditional form of advertising.

May 06, 202219 Shares361 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Events- An event is a way for people to become part of a group and set the tone for the story. It's also important that they keep the engagement up. In the end, you'll figure out that you need to run three types of events:

  • For newbies
  • For existing members to keep deriving value
  • To sell your products (SaaS “webinar” style)

For Newbies

For new members, the events that they attend set the narrative and tone. Introduce yourself twice a month. We even made a "Newbie Zone" channel for new members on our community so that they can get help at any time. When new members feel like old members and moderators care about them, they're more likely to tell their friends about the site. Remember that one of the most important things your community is doing for your members is making them less lonely.

To fight loneliness, isolation, and to find a sense of belonging, many people join groups. This is why giving people public roles works so well, and why young children become activists for causes they don't know anything about. People who join your group will become long-term advocates and referrers when these needs are met. If you're more interested in math, a good introductory event increases the viral factor (k).

Pre-recorded events or videos don't work, and they don't work at all. Text or picture onboarding pages don't work. These aren't about you. These new members aren't really part of your community until the first event takes place. They also have short attention spans and are only mildly interested in what they're hearing about. Not being properly inducted could make your ratios worse by making them inactive, which would be bad for them and for you.

For Existing Members To Keep Deriving Value

People who already know you will use chat and forums only a small number of the time. If there hasn't been an interesting event in a while, the rest of them will only show up at events that make sense to them. People in your community might not be sure what kind of event they should have every weekend. If you don't know what to do, bring a guest from your community domain on. Make it possible for one or two of your members to get on stage and talk to the guest (builds loyalty).

When people make videos on YouTube, they should also be working with other groups and letting people from different groups talk to each other. As a side note, NFT drops work very well with other people.

To Sell Your Products

An event is a better way to get people excited about something you're trying to sell. If you do this over text, you give a small group of people who aren't nice a chance to publicly attack you (it happens all the time). During an event, only people who are interested join in. Make it very clear that the event is for sales. People will be more excited about this because it sets better expectations and does some lead qualification as well, To run a sales event, you should hire a different team than you usually do for community events. Ideally, you should hire someone who knows a lot about the product being sold.

From what you've seen, conversions after community sales events are always very high. When the event was over, we'd sell our course for $300 to $500. Discorddidn't have a shop, so you'd have to point people to places outside of Discord to buy things (this can sometimes lead to scams, please beware). In order to solve this, Sceneshas a built-in shop channel so people don't have to go somewhere else and risk losing their money. You also improve conversion because people aren't leaving and going to another site when they don't want to.


People in both the B2B and B2Cindustries use events as a way to get their message across. Event track research shows that 74 percent of attendees have a more positive view of an organization after an event, and 96 percent of people who have a good time at an event are more likely to buy.

Whether or not events are good for marketing and sales doesn't matter, because they work. The question that many people have asked is "why." Because events are so important. Marketers spend more moneyand move their budgets to make sure they happen.

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