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Top 5 LinkedIn Best Practices To Accelerate Your Business In 2022

While Facebook and Instagram have received a lot of attention in recent years, LinkedIn has gradually grown its user base to more than 500 million members.

Jul 04, 202215.1K Shares321.6K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is LinkedIn?
  2. Why Use Linkedin For Your Business?
  3. Here Are The Top 5 LinkedIn Best Practices To Accelerate Your Business In 2021

While Facebook and Instagram have received a lot of attention in recent years, LinkedIn has gradually grown its user base to more than 500 million members.

And we've witnessed firsthand how companies are working hard to optimize their LinkedIn marketing approach in order to get into the world's largest professional network. Read on to find out more about Linkedin best practices accelerate business.

What Is LinkedIn & How Does It Work

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is for anyone who wants to take their professional life more seriously by looking for new opportunities to grow their careers and connect with other professionals, whether you're a marketing executive at a major corporation, a businessowner who runs a small local shop, or even a first-year college student looking for their first job after graduating.

Consider LinkedIn to be the high-techversion of attending a traditional networking event, where you meet other professionals in person, speak about what you do, and exchange businesscards. It's like a massive virtual networking party.

On LinkedIn, you network with individuals by adding them as 'connections,' similar to how you would add someone as a friend on Facebook.

You communicate through private messages (or other accessible contact information), and you have all of your professional expertise and achievements nicely collected on a profile to show off to other users.

LinkedIn's look and feature set are comparable to those of Facebook. These features are more specialized because they appeal to professionals, but if you're familiar with Facebook or another similar social network, LinkedIn is relatively equivalent.

Person pointing to different human icons interconnected with lines
Person pointing to different human icons interconnected with lines

Why Use Linkedin For Your Business?

LinkedIn is a powerhouse of potential for achieving your business goals, with over 590 million users, many of whom are company owners and other professionals.

Integrating LinkedIn into your social mediaplan and publishing contenton this platform places your brand on their radar.

It's worth noting that 61 million LinkedIn members are senior-level influencers, with 40 million in decision-making roles.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is regarded as a high-quality content source. Although just 1% of users post material on a weekly basis, 91 percent of executives utilize LinkedIn as a content source.

Users get extremely engaged when utilizing it and rely on it in their business decisions as a result. Because of the business-centric culture that characterizes this social network, about 92 percent of B2B firms promote themselves here.

Even while it is a great resource for any sort of organization, success is not assured.

Before designing and implementing any LinkedIn marketing strategy, here is a brief list of LinkedIn techniques you may start using right away:

  • Create SMART objectives. Your goals, like any other marketing plan, should be clear, quantifiable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  • Reach out to the appropriate people. LinkedIn provides a variety of demographic data that might assist you in developing precise target segmentation. As a result, personalizing your messaging and expanding your audience will become second nature to you.
  • Make the appropriate material. It should provide answers to your clients' queries and solutions to their difficulties.

How can you make the most of this network? Let's take a look at some LinkedIn best practices for companies that can fuel your growth and help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Person typing on laptop with different icons floating above it
Person typing on laptop with different icons floating above it

Here Are The Top 5 LinkedIn Best Practices To Accelerate Your Business In 2021

With an emphasis on adhering to LinkedIn company page best practices and greater competition as the LinkedIn algorithm evolves, here are the top five ways that businesses may improve a LinkedIn company page in 2021:

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile serves as the greeting card for your LinkedIn account. It is your business card, and it should draw attention to you. As a result, you must pay great attention to how you display your company, its brand narrative, and its goods or services.

Here are a few LinkedIn profile tips:

  • Take the time to develop a synopsis that will pique your audience's interest. People enjoy reading about other people, and they can tell if you are talking the truth or if you have written some pleasant words. So, be yourself and offer your own stories and experience.
  • Your company page should be kept up to date at all times.
  • Include a personalized backdrop photo as well as your profile image. LinkedIn best practices for personal profiles advise you to utilize a current photo and avoid using bright and vibrant colors.
  • Include your company's logo to let customers know they've arrived at the correct spot.
  • Use keywords that are related to your business to make your page easier to locate.
  • Include a list of your most essential products and services.
  • Request that your customers and partners submit evaluations and testimonials about their experiences with your products or services. As a result, you can demonstrate to prospective consumers that you are trustworthy, and third-party evaluations can promote further contact.
  • Add a ProFinder Badge if you are a freelancer or a solopreneur. The badge will connect to your ProFinder profile, allowing others to examine your abilities, expertise, and other information.

After you've created your company profile, you can concentrate on generating content and connecting with your target audience.

Determine The Type Of Content To Post

One of the most important reasons for your company to focus on LinkedIn is to create content. It is all about who you want to target and whether or not your social media material will lead visitors down your marketing funnel. Before posting material on LinkedIn, there are some considerations to bear in mind.

Here are a few examples of material that do really well on LinkedIn:

Clickable Content

To be effective, content must be interesting, intriguing, and make you want to read the next line. It's all about the clicks in the world of digital marketing. With the appropriate bells and whistles, your material should entice readers to click ahead. Including visual material is one approach to engage readers. According to a Bluestone360 infographic, when you put a photo in your post, LinkedIn users are 11 times more likely to read or click on it. With statistics like this backing up images on the network, there's no need to limit your material to simple text. Second, it is critical to have the appropriate call to action on your material. You won't notice much activity if you don't urge your viewers to "click to learn more" or "join a free trial." Use call-to-action phrases that are effective.

Specific Target Audience

The production of audience-specific content is one of the most essential LinkedIn best practices. This implies you must create LinkedIn content that people in your sector desire to read. Ask the following questions to have a better understanding of your target audience:

Who Is Reading Our Content?

Finding a readership is essential. Know who is visiting your LinkedIn profile and target information to those who are interested.

Who Is Following Us On LinkedIn?

Examine your LinkedIn followers and learn about your key demographics.

Who Can We Target?

Determine who you can reach with your content and use LinkedIn's campaign tools to expand your reach. Furthermore, Sprout Social's LinkedIn Follower Demographics may reveal who is viewing your material.

Pique Interests

Readers will be interested in social media material that raises questions, provides insights, and discusses issues relevant to your sector. Once you've determined who your target audience is and how toentice them to click on your material, you must keep them reading. Try producing material on LinkedIn that poses difficult questions about your industry. Don't be afraid to show your readers your "awareness" of the field. Be willing to share insights into your business or offer viewers some “behind the scenes” stuff. It is essential to keep readers interested in your material.

Events In The Industry

Isn't this the world's largest professional social network? So, to keep specific dialogues continuing, publish material about forthcoming business eventsor recap meetings. LinkedIn offers group channels that you can join or create to discuss a certain event. There, you may interact, talk, or offer information about your company's location throughout the event. If your sector lacks events to cover, you may utilize LinkedIn to promote causes. If your firm takes pride in particular issues or causes, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for publishing material that promotes both your brand and the cause.

Visually Attractive

As previously said, graphics aid in driving interaction on LinkedIn. This means that your header image should be appealing rather than a generic photo of businessmen and ladies smiling. Use one-of-a-kind free stock picture sources such as Unsplash or All The Free Stock. Just make sure you're not boring your audience and that you're using relevant and interesting graphics. There are solutions if you want to market a visual, such as an infographic, but don't have a design team. To create your own, use services like Canva or Piktochart. You're not being evaluated as harshly as you would on Instagram. This implies you should prioritize the practical and instructive above the creative and unique.

Career Angle

Because LinkedIn is a professional social network, feel free to submit content with a professional bent. Provide users with insights about your company, how your various teams function, and what it's like to work for you. LinkedIn is ideal for sharing workplace experiences or linking your content to fresh job vacancies. Including a careerperspective here might help your available opportunities be found more easily.

Paper cutouts of people joining hands together
Paper cutouts of people joining hands together

Connect With The Right People

Engaging your workers and business partners is another approach to increasing the number of people who follow your LinkedIn business profile. Your team members are your most powerful friends when it comes to increasing page interaction.

You attract more individuals interested in what you do by motivating them to promote your brand throughout their networks. Furthermore, if one of your team members makes a new LinkedIn connection, the new connection will be invited to follow your page.

Chambers also suggests that you interact with the material that is shared on your network. This allows you to connect with more individuals who are interested in your niche market.

Post Consistently

You are absolutely mistaken if you believe that LinkedIn can offer you great achievements immediately. It requires a lot of consistency and hard work, just like any other marketing campaign, to demonstrate to your consumers that you operate a dependable firm and prioritize them.

As a result, keeping your material fresh is not only one of the best practices for LinkedIn but also a method to bring attention to your business and get new followers.

Aim to produce fresh material at least once each week to keep your audience interested. Otherwise, they may seek content elsewhere, and some will almost certainly never return.

Furthermore, always aim to stay one step ahead of your competitors and be the first to provide an opinion on the most recent changes in your business. It appears to be a lot of work (and it is), but you will notice that your audience will begin to return to you for new insights and guidance.

Measure Success With LinkedIn Analytics

Tracking and evaluating performance on LinkedIn is essential for ensuring that your content and marketing plan is effective. Some of the LinkedIn metrics listed below might provide further information about your overall engagement efforts:

  • Demographics of Visitors. Learn about the people who read your material, including their industry, job title, seniority level, location, company size, employee vs. non-employee, function, and referral source.
  • Views on the page.The number of times a company's page was seen within a certain time period.
  • Visitors who are one of a kind. The number of users who visited your company's page, eliminating multiple visits from the same person.
  • Impressions. The number of times a LinkedIn user saw the post.
  • Engagements. The number of interactions is divided by the number of impressions.
  • Clicks. Are the number of people who have clicked on your content, company name, or emblem.
  • Followers have been acquired. The number of new followers you earned as a result of a sponsored post (non-organic on the native platform, but available through Sprout Social).
  • Audience. Indicates whether a post was distributed to all of your followers or a specific group.
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