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How To Market Your B2B On Snapchat In 2024

It's hard to believe, but Snapchat has been around for five years! If you've never heard of Snapchat, this may be meaningless to you.

Jan 03, 20248.9K Shares212.7K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  2. Should Snapchat Be A Part Of Your B2B Marketing Strategy?
  3. How To Use Snapchat To Promote Your B2B
  4. Is Snapchat Good For B2B?
  5. How Do You Promote Your Business On Snapchat?
  6. How Is Snapchat Beneficial?

How to market your b2b on snapchat- It's hard to believe, but Snapchat has been around for five years! If you've never heard of Snapchat, this may be meaningless to you. After all, the majority of Snapchat's users are between the ages of 18 and 29. If you're a B2B owner or marketer, you're probably getting further away from your target demographic every day.

Snapchat Explained

How to market your b2b on snapchat yellow
How to market your b2b on snapchat yellow

Yes, Snapchat is known for being a fun app first and foremost. The following is how it works:

Each user receives a QR code with a selfie in the center that may be animated as a GIF. This is your one-of-a-kind code, which looks like this:

How to market your b2b on snapchat qr code
How to market your b2b on snapchat qr code

If you're a B2B, your GIF should definitely be a mix of your logo and other company-related graphics.

After you've set up your company account, you can invite people from your contacts to join. You'll want to keep your account open and visible to the public as a business, whereas an individual may wish to keep things private.

Every day, Snapchat receives 8 billion video views!

Now you're ready to take brief movies and photographs to share in your feed, known as Your Story, or privately with a friend. These photos are only available for a short period before they vanish forever (unless the viewer snaps a screenshot). Isn't it rather straightforward?

So, what is it about this platform that makes it so unique? What makes Snapchat stand apart from Instagram and Facebook?

Perhaps this video will help you understand:

What is Snapchat ? Explained

Did you understand what I said? Snapchat is primarily intended to highlight who you are at any given time. It enables you to construct picture-based dialogues with a sense of immediacy, similar to catching a glimpse of something through a window as you walk by.

Should Snapchat Be A Part Of Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Should you really bother trying to use Snapchat as a marketing tool for your B2B if your 13-year-old daughter is using it?

The quick answer is that it's possible, but it's also possible that it's not.

Obviously, your cloud-based data storage program is not aimed at teenagers. However, it's important to note that the platform isn't just for tweens and adolescents.

Beyond half of Snapchat users are over the age of 25. With Millennials taking over the B2B world, and the workforce in particular, it may make sense for you to join the Snapchat revolution.

In fact, Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are increasingly making B2B purchasing decisions:

How to market your b2b on snapchat phone
How to market your b2b on snapchat phone

However, if your sector does not lend itself to having a Snapchat following, that's fine as well. There's no use in wasting time producing information that will never be seen.

If you want to give Snapchat a try, I'm delighted to offer some advice on how tomake the most of it for your B2B marketing.

How To Use Snapchat To Promote Your B2B

The first step is to think about how to blend in rather than how to advertise yourself. So don't go into Snapchat thinking it'll be a terrific method to show off your latest product or solicit comments from customers. Wrong.

Snapchat is best used as a fun place to hang out and provide your friends behind-the-scenesaccess to stuff they truly want to know about.

Let's have a look at some of the options:

Events And Trade Shows

Snapchat has the advantage of playing eventsin chronological order. So, if you're at a trade show, go ahead and record or photograph your day as it happens. You can also include a Geofilter to let others know where you are.

Product Sneak Peeks

Are you about to launch a new product? Snapchat, fortunately for you, is all about the excitement of the moment. Take out your phone and take some images or videos of behind-the-scenes footage from your approaching launch.

Create a backstory for the launch so that viewers feel like they're a part of it.

Get Your Fans To Participate

Followers aren't interested in hearing everything you have to say. Why not give them the opportunity to be a part of the story?

Encourage consumers to share photos of themselves using your product and start a conversation about what they like and don't like about it.

But be cautious with this one. Do you recall McDonald's? It hadn't anticipated the negative feedback it would receive.

Giveaways And Coupons

This is arguably the most recent Snapchat businessapplication.

Customers should take a snapshot of the promo code you send them. It might be for a free trial of your goods or service, or a 20% off coupon code.

Make sure to spread the word about your giveaway on other social mediaplatforms like Facebook and Twitter. ( ) "Don't forget to check out our Snapchat giveaway later today.

Have A Nice Time With It!

My final piece of advice is to make sure your personality comes through. Have some fun with Snapchat and be silly. In Snapchat, corporate crap has no place!

When it comes down to it, only you can decide whether Snapchat is worth your time. However, there are other tried-and-true social networks that produce significant outcomes for B2B businesses. What is the most effective lead generator of all?

That's enormous! Do you want to be a part of the fun? Everything starts with a fantastic LinkedIn Company Page. It's the most effective technique to have prospects take you seriously while also allowing your brand knowledge to shine.

Is Snapchat Good For B2B?

What's the bottom line? While Snapchat might have easily become a fad, it's proving to be a popular platform for sharing fun, unfiltered, and engaging visual material, giving both B2Cand B2B marketers a great opportunity to increase brand affinity and audience engagement.

How Do You Promote Your Business On Snapchat?

  • Make a Promise and Stick to It
  • Use Your Snapcode
  • Make Announcements
  • Give coupons or discount codes
  • Run a contest
  • Let an Influencer Take Over
  • Show Behind the Scenes
  • Give Tips and Tutorials

How Is Snapchat Beneficial?

One of the main advantages of Snapchat is that it allows you to target local demographics in a variety of ways. People who are using the social network inside your selected location (Geofence) can see and utilize your custom Geofilters, also known as Community Filters, if you build them.

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