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What Clients Say About Our B2B Agency Marx Communications

What clients say about our B2B agency matters significantly. We can learn from such feedback and make room for improvement. It’s good to know that our clients are satisfied with our services and with the outcome of our efforts.

Jan 01, 2024979 Shares75.3K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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This article will inform you a bit about Marx Communicationsand what clients say about our B2B agency.

A B2B agency, or business-to-businessagency, is a type of marketing agency that specializes in providing services and solutions to other businesses rather than consumers.

B2B agencies help their clients improve their marketing strategies, generate leads, and increase sales by creating targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Find out if Marx Communications can deliver as a B2B agency based on what clients say about our B2B agency.

What a PR agency does

Marx Communications

Marx Communications is a US-based B2B PRagency that was founded in 1991 by Wendy Marx.

The agency is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and provides a range of public relations and marketing services to B2B companies across various industries, such as:

  • technology
  • healthcare
  • professional services

Some of the specific services offered by Marx Communications include the following:

The agency also specializes in creating custom PR and marketing campaigns that are tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client.

Feedback From Clients

The following statements are what clients say about our B2B agency:

Let’s start with John Nardone, former CEO of [x+1], which is now part of Rocket Fuel. For him:

Marx Communications has been a key contributor to my success at the last two companies I’ve run.- John Nardone

Nardone, who also served as the co-president of Marketing Management Analytics (MMA), also complimented Wendy Marx, the CEO of Marx Communications:

Wendy and her team combine a solid understanding of digital and direct marketingwith a keen ‘ear for the story.’ She knows what the press want to write about, and deftly positions us to give them what they want.- John Nardone

He also praised Marx’s client managementskills, saying:

But while her management of the press is top notch, it is her client management that sets her apart from other PR firms I have worked with. Wendy has a knack for giving us honest feedback, while leaving our egos intact. She is quietly but forcefully determined to not allow us to ‘talk to ourselves.’- John Nardone

Finally, Nardone said:

She makes sure all our communications are clear and understandable and pleasantly argues the points when they are not. And when it comes to nudging, prodding and facilitating us to create marketable thought leadershipcontent, NO ONE does it better.- John Nardone

A female and two male company executives smiling and putting their hand together on a table
A female and two male company executives smiling and putting their hand together on a table

Like his colleague, Nardone, Ed See likewise lauded Marx:

Wendy at Marx Communications is a top-notch PR professional.- Ed See

See, who was also the former co-president of MMA, elaborated:

Wendy brought the perfect touch to the work I needed to have done. She is invaluable not only in getting placement, but has that wonderful ability to guide a client (me!) to get all the right things said.- Ed See

Lastly, See pointed out the two traits of Marx that he mostly admired:

Her preparedness and professionalism were much more than I have ever seen in any small firm.- Ed See

As for Julie Terling, the associate vice president for marketingat Aubrey Daniels International, she said:

Marx Communications is expert at what they do and pushed us in ways that make us better.- Julie Terling

Terling shared how it happened:

They very quickly understood our message and have been able to effectively boost our awareness and thought leadership. They leveraged their expertise to tell our story effectively across multiple traditional and social media outlets.- Julie Terling

She was so satisfied that she wanted other companies to give Marx Communication a try:

I would highly recommend them for any company needing to grow its thought leadership.- Julie Terling

David Mendlen, another satisfied client, said:

All led to great results. I would definitely hire Marx Communications again.- David Mendlen

B2B PR for Communications Infrastructure | Ilissa Miller, iMiller Public Relations

Mendlen, the former CMO at Infragistics, explained the reason why he contacted the company:

I hired Marx Communications to help improve the PR for my company. Wendy and her team helped craft a story around the company, our goals and the role that I played in that story.- David Mendlen

The result?

She and the team were amazing at finding opportunities to pitch the story and they were vigilant in ensuring that we stayed on the core message in all execution.- David Mendlen

The former SVP/CMO of [x+1], Perianne Grignon, said:

If you are looking for a new thinking PR pro with tons of resources and personalized attention, look no further than Wendy Marx at Marx Communications.- Perianne Grignon

Grignon admitted how fortunate she was to be able to work alongside Marx, saying:

As the PR practice continues to change and evolve to become a central marketing hub for relevant messaging communications, companies need a combination of experience and new thinking. I was lucky enough to have that partner; Wendy Marx, president of Marx Communications.- Perianne Grignon

She lauded how Marx and her team handled everything:

Rather than using PR as a late-stage tactic, Wendy and her team develop communication strategies that leverage the strength of PR and integrate with our other channels to form the multiplier effect we are seeking, and need for our business.- Perianne Grignon

In the end, Grignon also appreciated, among other things, Marx’s diligence and professionalism:

Beyond Wendy’s hard-working nature is a pro that knows how tohave fun and go beyond the day to day to see larger vision and purpose.- Perianne Grignon

A PR team of smiling multi-cultural people having a meeting and discussing a client’s requests
A PR team of smiling multi-cultural people having a meeting and discussing a client’s requests

According to Bob Dorf, a startup consultant and the former CEO of Peppers and Rogers Group:

Wendy Marx has all the skills a good, results-oriented PR personneeds and understands what makes a good PRstory.- Bob Dorf

Dorf, who is also an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia University, added:

She is creative, persuasive and persistent. Her unique talents helped create numerous PR opportunities for Peppers and Rogers Group and greatly expanded our visibility. I highly recommend her.- Bob Dorf

Now here’s something short and sweet from Drew Bartkiewicz, the CEO and co-founder of lettrs:

She [Wendy Marx] tops the list for creating new channels of exposure.- Drew Bartkiewicz

The he added:

Wendy is creative and connected, two key ingredients for stirring a buzz in the world of new media. She tops the list of many for creating new channels of exposure for individuals and companies alike.- Drew Bartkiewicz

As for the company, Bartkiewicz said:

Marx Communications delivered stellar PR when we hired them for services during my tenures at BroadVision and Darwin and now at lettrs. They have press access, sharp skills and are very well-connected to get key messages into the marketplace.- Drew Bartkiewicz

He also named the specific areas where Marx Communications excels at:

They are also great value for the results they deliver, especially on the subjects of the Internet, Personalization, and Web 2.0.- Drew Bartkiewicz

David A. Linsky, the CEO of SSC, Inc., said:

Wendy at Marx Communications is one of the most outstanding business partners I have ever worked with.- David A. Linsky

Linksy expressed his gratitude to Marx, saying:

We end this particular period of work with you grateful for your creative services, your thoughtfulness and your professional quality of work.- David A. Linsky

He guaranteed her of his support by recommending her company:

Be assured that you are one of the most outstanding business partners I have ever worked with, and I am prepared to tell that to any future client you may want to wish to have me speak to.- David A. Linsky

A smiling male CEO of a top B2B PR agency stands up as he extends a handshake to a female client
A smiling male CEO of a top B2B PR agency stands up as he extends a handshake to a female client

What Marx Communications did to Joseph I. Chu, he would be forever grateful:

Wendy and her team at Marx Communications provided great opportunities for my financial service practice securing significant coverage for me in Morningstar, Worth and other industry publications, as well as booking me as a speaker.- Joseph I. Chu

Chu, who is a vice president, portfolio manager, and wealth management advisor at Merrill Lynch, briefly described how things worked out for him:

All the publicity has helped put my practice on the map far beyond my own marketing. This was also done within the very tight restrictions we operate in because of legal compliance issues. I wholeheartedly recommend her.- Joseph I. Chu

The CEO and chief technologist of CodeFab, Alex Cone, also gave his feedback, saying:

Thanks to the work of Wendy Marx and her firm, we were quoted in BusinessWeek Online, Computerworld, InfoWorld, eWeek and other crucial magazines our prospects read.- Alex Cone

Cone revealed what Marx did:

She managed to get inside our heads and our business - to be able to explain what we do and how we do it better than we could ourselves. Bottom line: She made us more visible to the right people and more marketing-driven.- Alex Cone

The last feedback regarding what clients say about our B2B agency came from Michael Drapkin, the principal consultant at XB5 Risk Management. He said:

Before engaging Wendy Marx and Marx Communications, I had no PR program, no clipping file and was not on any media person’s radar screen.- Michael Drapkin

Then he added how Marx changed everything:

Within two weeks of starting, I was quoted in the Chicago Tribune, and an avalanche of speaking engagements, interviews and writing commissions followed - everything from CNBC to CNET to the New York Times.- Michael Drapkin

Drapkin, who was also the former chairman of E-Commerce Management at Columbia University, was proud of the overall result:

Now I have more clips than the CEOs of much larger companies, have spoken at many of the major conferences and am frequently asked for my comments by the media.- Michael Drapkin

The force behind it all:

A key difference: Having Wendy Marx and Marx Communications handle my PR. In summary: Wendy rocks!- Michael Drapkin

Final Thoughts

In this era of digital transformation and increasing competition, B2B agencies have become an essential partner for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in the market.

Their ultimate goal is to help their clients achieve their business objectives and grow their revenue through effective marketing tactics.

Marx Communications is a well-respected B2B PR agency that has a strong track record of delivering effective PR and marketing campaigns for its clients.

What clients say about our B2B agency is a collective testament of how reliable we are at Marx Communications.

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