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Case Study - Aubrey Daniels International

Are you good at what you do but only a few know about it? Well, that’s the dilemma Aubrey Daniels International. It wants to proclaim its greatness to the world. But how?

Dec 06, 202312.7K Shares170.1K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  4. Praise For Marx Communications
Case Study - Aubrey Daniels International

Marx Communicationsonce handled a case study about Aubrey Daniels Internationalfrom Atlanta, Georgia.

Established in 1978, Aubrey Daniels International is a leadershipconsultancy firm serving primarily Fortune 500 companies.

Although it’s an established consulting firm, it has been underrecognized in the industry.

It sought the aid of Marx Communications to catapult the firm to a higher level of visibility in the likes of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company, and American Banker.

The Challenges

Marx Communications identified three challenges involved in this task:

First Challenge:

Generate awareness quickly for a venerable but low-profile, established consulting firm (Aubrey Daniels International) in a competitive market.

Second Challenge:

With little hard news and a virtual institute and books as resources, attract ongoing attention from general businessmedia and outlets covering key industry or vertical sectors, such as but not limited to:

  • safety
  • banking
  • human resources

Third Challenge:

Create a steady flow of compelling story lines and messages.

Proposed Solutions

Marx Communications offered the following probable solutions to overcome the challenges:

Solution 1:

Use institute launch and book publication, as well as external news and trends, to showcase Aubrey Daniels International’s distinctive, innovative approach and success.

Solution 2:

Position Aubrey Daniels International and its namesake founder and other leaders as experts with smart, contrarian insights on improving businessperformance.

Solution 3:

Use a multifaceted, multichannel strategy of:

  • event promotion
  • contentdevelopment
  • message development
  • media targeting and outreach

These aforementioned strategies will span:

The Results

Based on the solutions applied by Marx Communications to achieve the goal of Aubrey Daniels International, here’s what happened:

First Result:

Secured 40 media placementsin 14 months, averaging about three per month, including coverage in:

American BankerHuman Resource Executive
Bloomberg BusinessweekProfessional Safety
Chief ExecutiveSmartBlog on Leadership
Fast Company--

Second Result:

Interviews with media, including The Wall Street Journal.

Third Result:

A surge in social media presence.

One example: The LinkedIn posts about the founder of Aubrey Daniels International produced 500 new contacts in a 1.5-month period alone. One of those posts generated nearly 36,000 views.

Fourth Result:

Thousands of additional website visits, including traffic from many potential customers.

Praise For Marx Communications

Julie Terling, Associate Vice President - Marketing at Aubrey Daniels International have a mouthful to say about Marx Communications:

Marx Communications is expert at what they do and pushed us in ways that made us better.- Julie Terling

Terling continued:

They very quickly understood our message and have been able to effectively boost our awareness and thought leadership.- Julie Terling

She further added:

They leveraged their expertise to tell our story effectively across multiple traditional and social media outlets.- Julie Terling

No wonder she made this recommendation:

I would highly recommend them for any company needing to grow its thought leadership.- Julie Terling

Marx Communications is a PR expert and B2B (business-to-business) brandingand inbound marketing specialists from Trumbull, Connecticut.

Aubrey Daniels International made the right decision to get its services.

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