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How To Accelerate Your Thought Leadership Strategy With Facebook Live?

Streaming Facebook Live content has skyrocketed in popularity, owing to social platforms' increased support for live streaming capabilities and rising audience interest in video events that are more interactive and less censored than normal pre-produced material.

Sep 08, 20222.1K Shares305.9K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  2. Why Facebook Live Is Important To Your B2B Marketing Strategy?
  3. What Are The Benefits Of Using Facebook Live?
  4. Tips On How To Accelerate Your Thought Leadership Strategy With Facebook Live
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  6. What Are Thought Leadership Activities?
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  9. How Do You Establish Thought Leadership On Social Media?
  10. What Is Online Thought Leadership?
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Streaming Facebook Live contenthas skyrocketed in popularity, owing to social platforms' increased support for live streaming capabilities and rising audience interest in video eventsthat are more interactive and less censored than normal pre-produced material.

To be effective, a thought leadershipapproach must keep up with new technologies as they become available. Facebook Live is one example of such a tool. It's like the new child on the playground, and while some have embraced him with open arms, others are dubious and keep a safe distance from him.

However, if you are serious about thought leadership, you must have Facebook Live in your arsenal. Continue reading to learn why and how tomake it work for you.

Thought Leadership Marketing [2021]

What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a function of the Facebook social network that broadcasts real-time video to Facebook using the camera on a computer or mobile device.

Live broadcasters may control who sees their video on Facebook and utilize this material to engage their audience during crucial moments and events.

Why Facebook Live Is Important To Your B2B Marketing Strategy?
Why Facebook Live Is Important To Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Why Facebook Live Is Important To Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Facebook has the highest number of active users of any social mediaplatform. Its viewers spend up to three times as much time viewing a Facebook Live video as they do a recorded video. In addition, since its inception in 2016, the daily view time of Facebook Live broadcasts has risen 400%.

Changes to Facebook's algorithm in 2018 were a major cause of this engagement. On users' news feeds, the revised algorithm favors Facebook live videos above normal videos. This is just another incentive to use Facebook Live for your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Facebook Live?
What Are The Benefits Of Using Facebook Live?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Facebook Live?

Here are five reasons why you should start utilizing Facebook Live for business.

Save Time

Creating a live video rather than a pre-recorded video can save time and be more successful. Live videos still need some production time, but not as much as pre-recorded content.

The major appeal of live videos is that they are uncut, unfiltered, and unpolished. They record real-time material and enable real-time interaction. Businesses may communicate with their customers while filming a video, saving time on addressing questions afterward.

Encourage Engagement

Facebook's new algorithm also prioritizes highly engaging content. So, if you want your brand's material to be viewed, you must create content that generates discussion. Engagement rates for videos are greater than for text or picture posts.

Furthermore, live videos receive six times the amount of interaction as conventional videos. People remark on Facebook Live videos more than ten times as much as they do on non-live ones. As a result, live video will be an important technique for pushing your company's content to the top of the News Feed.

Create A Sense Of Community

The objective of Facebook's algorithm update is to aid in the formation of relationships. This means that your eCommercecompany's approach must change. Rather than simply increasing revenue, you should cultivate meaningful connections with your consumers.

And using Facebook Live for your business is an excellent method to accomplish this. Facebook Live may be a fantastic way to engage with customers in real-time. While shooting, you can answer viewers' queries.

You may also view the discussions in the comments or take your audience behind the scenes. It also provides a more realistic picture of the firm because it is live and unfiltered, which might enhance trust.


Finding strategies to assure high-quality content while keeping it under budget is a primary goal for most organizations. If your business needs to make fast, low-cost announcements, Facebook Live is a wonderful alternative.

When using Facebook Live for business, you don't need expensive equipment or large camera crews. Handheld equipment may be used by businesses, and only one person is required to shoot. Even better, after a live broadcast ends, the video is finished. There are no retakes, and no additional time is required for editing the video.

Encourage Traffic

Driving traffic to your company page is a significant advantage of using Facebook Live broadcasts. Users who enjoyed your content are more likely to return for more since living videos stimulate engagement and allow for product promotions.

Businesses may attract visitors back to their Facebook page or site by using Facebook Live broadcasts, which allow for unique content, real-time engagement, and regular updates. A constant supply of movies entices visitors to return for more.

Tips On How To Accelerate Your Thought Leadership Strategy With Facebook Live
Tips On How To Accelerate Your Thought Leadership Strategy With Facebook Live

Tips On How To Accelerate Your Thought Leadership Strategy With Facebook Live

Highlight Your New Product Launch

Previously, product introductions were exclusive and heavily reliant on the location. Facebook Live brings this experience to more people who may not have been able to come in person but can still partake in the excitement of the launch.

Make your live audience's experience worthwhile. This is more than just setting up a live feed at the rear of a venue. From the comfort of their computer, make your live audience feel like VIP members. Show off your new product – up close and personal — and demonstrate its capabilities to your audience.

Introduce Your Group

Introducing your staff, from executives to employees, may improve the image of your brand. This should not be centered just on your CEO, though he or she should be featured. Allow people to get to know the individuals that work for the firm. Bring those anonymous employees into the limelight and demonstrate how they fit into your company's culture and ideals.

This will assist your firm to attract a more diversified audience. Your workers are what make your organization unique and humanize it. Putting your staff on display will help you attract potential hires.

Make this a monthly feature, possibly showcasing one individual every month. Though any of your workers attend in future live sessions, your audience will already feel as if they know who they are.

Use A Webinar To Go Live

Webinars are a fantastic way to impart information and experience that distinguishes you as a thought leader. It is now much more accessible and interesting thanks to Facebook Live.

Your audience will be able to see you in person and ask you questions. It more closely resembles a traditional classroom experience than ever before.

A live webinar allows for more audience interaction than pre-recorded webinars. A real encounter like this may significantly improve your thought leadership credentials.

As an extra incentive, you may volunteer to stay after the webinar to answer any last-minute inquiries. This type of out-of-the-box thinking is what distinguishes thought leaders.

Educate Your Customers

Assist your consumers in learning how to utilize your goods. While manuals and blog postings can provide detailed explanations, videos have a more dramatic and personal impact. Use the fact that the human brain processes pictures and video more quicker than text to your advantage!

Create a series of live videos that cover the fundamental features of your product and encourage your audience to ask questions as you go. When issues and difficulties emerge, live video is an excellent tool for troubleshooting.

Make an effort to go beyond the fundamentals. Audiences, particularly in the B2B market, are generally quite techaware. Display numerous "expert" aspects of your goods that will increase their efficiency and make their tasks simpler.

Interview A Expert

Attempt to secure an interview with a subject matter expert, a well-known researcher, or someone else who fits your sector and aims. In the realm of Facebook Live, this type of interview is quite common.

Interviews have the ability to broaden your audience and introduce new people to your business. A live video might draw more than just your regular followers, depending on the topic matter or the fame of the interviewee.

Get the word out on social media ahead of time. To reach their audience, including the expert's name in your description. Encourage your interviewee to share the specifics of the live video with his or her followers. This type of publicity may help your brand and other materials reach a larger audience.

Encourage your viewers to offer questions throughout the interview, and maintain that level of involvement going throughout the video.

Create A New FAQ Format

Every business receives commonly asked questions. Why make them into a lengthy and agonizing reading experience when you can cover the same topics in real-time? The added benefit is that individuals will be able to ask more questions, allowing you to provide more detailed replies.

This is especially useful if your company is changing and you need to swiftly address this as well as your customers' and prospects' worries.

Content Upgrade

Whatever topic you choose to address in your live video, the marketing opportunity does not have to end when the camera goes dark. Direct visitors to a content upgrade - an eBook, case study, or white paper - that delves further into the same issue.

This is a fantastic opportunity to keep people engaged with your content while also introducing them to more thought leadership material. The more they see your knowledge in action and the breadth of material you provide, the more likely they will regard you as a thought leader.

If you fence your content upgrade, those "once-only" visitors might become strong leads.


How To Go Live On Facebook?

Brands may now broadcast live on Facebook more easily than ever before, owing to new feature improvements that allow corporate Pages to broadcast in the same manner that personal accounts could before.

Choose “Start a Live Video” from the options in the create post box if you wish to start a Facebook Live video from a business Page. This option will look different based on whether you are on mobile or desktop.

Then, write a catchy description with possibilities to incorporate features like location or tag people. Finish your set-up and press the “Start Live Video” button to begin the broadcast–but before, read our recommendations below to make the process of set-up, rehearsal, and moderating less frightening.

What Are Thought Leadership Activities?

Any scheduled live event including a host organization, a topic of debate, and an audience is considered a thought leadership event.

Typically, a panel of specialists will join and discuss their thoughts or findings. The subject matter can be virtually anything as long as it is relevant to your company objectives.

How Do You Market Yourself As A Thought Leader?

Five Doable Ways to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

  • Share Information, Make Announcements and Celebrate
  • Use social media to connect with industry audiences.
  • Make content that is about more than just what you do.
  • Respond to your audience's questions.
  • Establish an Innovation Hub.

Can Anyone Be A Thought Leader?

Thought leaders come in all shapes and sizes, from any background or group, and might be any age, gender, or race. However, not everyone can be a thinking leader.

How Do You Establish Thought Leadership On Social Media?

6 Social Media Strategies for Developing Thought Leadership

  • Recognize Your Target Audience.
  • Establish a Professional Social Media Profile.
  • Post-high-quality content on a regular basis.
  • Participate In Discussions By Joining Relevant Groups
  • Make Connections With Industry Leaders And Influencers.
  • On Quora, respond to questions about your niche.

What Is Online Thought Leadership?

As a thought leader, you initiate debates and illuminate new ways of thinking in your field. This is beneficial to people since they are looking for methods to improve their businesses and personal lives.

Being a thought leader is rewarding in and of itself. However, it also has advantages for your company. People nowadays place a premium on genuine authority and material created with no intention of self-promotion.

Successful thought leaders establish credibility via the creation of high-quality, non-promotional material. Such material persuades consumers and builds a stronger brand.

What Is The Value Of Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership entails being contacted and being remembered when someone seeks your advice or assistance. It's all about gaining access to the inner sanctums of trust by being helpful and trustworthy. It's about transforming innovative and actionable business ideasinto value and assistance.

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