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Stoicism For Business - How Stoicism Can Turn Businesses Into More Engaged And More Successful

Many business executives have had to go to external sources as well as inside themselves to discover strategies to cope and create resilience in their personal and professional life during these epidemic times. Stoicism for business provides ancient wisdom and a guiding framework applicable to everyone in challenging times, whether a CEO or an intern.

May 26, 20223 Shares390 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Entrepreneurs nowadays are more interested in learning new techniques that will lead to near-perfect discipline.

Stoicism for businessis a Greek philosophy that many businessleaders have looked to for guidance in envisioning their next idea, living in happiness and mindfulness, and fostering resilience skills.

When you ask entrepreneurs what their toughest issue is, you'll get a lot of different answers: decision-making, prioritizing, keeping positive, and sustaining momentum.

The list goes on and on.

Starting and operating a business, as you may well know, is not for the faint of heart.

Ask the same entrepreneurs if they have a structure in place to deal with these difficulties, and you could get a different answer.

But what if I told you there's an ancient Greek school of thought that may help you deal with all of these challenges on a daily basis and, as a bonus, may even improve your quality of life?

Even better, you don't have to be a scholar to understand how toutilize it.

Stoicism is a practical philosophy practiced by some of today's most influential intellectuals and business leaders, including Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Arianna Huffington, and Jack Dorsey.

What Is Stoicism?

A amn seating on a rock covered with grass in an elevated land
A amn seating on a rock covered with grass in an elevated land

Stoicism, an ancient philosophy dating back to the third century BC, emphasizes accepting what is beyond your control and managing your emotions.

Stoics deal with disagreement and misfortune via logic and reason rather than emotion.

It was discovered that a prevalent misperception is that stoicism is synonymous with a lack of feeling.

Stoics, on the other hand, would not have stood by and watched while this epidemic robbed people of their lives and livelihoods.

They would experience the great sadness of this pandemic just as much as the rest of us.

Their behaviors may differ — and tell us something about how to behave in the future.

Stoicism For Business

In addition to focusing on adolescents, the organization has been raising awareness of Stoicism for business in corporate groups and associations in order to improve people involvement and sustainability plans.

“By engaging with business leaders in Stoic eventsand discussions, we challenge them to consider Stoic thought in the development of strategic vision and the day-to-day execution of their business plans,” says Stead.

One of the first company-wide workshops was just finished with Radley's 400-person team, where a five-day wellness week was held to aid in employee engagement and strategy creation and alignment employing Stoic awareness and concepts.

The 4 Stoic Principles For Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

Two girls looking at a website on a laptop
Two girls looking at a website on a laptop

Okay, enough of the intellectual stuff.

How can you apply Stoicism for business to your job as an entrepreneur, small company owner, or creative thinker?

Make The Best Use Of Time

Some periods of time are snatched from us, some are stolen and some simply seep away. Yet the most shameful loss is the loss due to carelessness. - Seneca

Seneca cautions us not to waste our time since it is limited.

In other words, live your life with purpose and be in command of your time.

Be clear about your ambitions for the day and stick to your goals.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • In the morning, meditate and set your objectives for the day.
  • Make daily to-do lists of doable chores to help you get things done.
  • Make a plan for your week that works for you.

Be The Master Of Your Emotions

Entrepreneurs have to figure out a way to make something possible within all the things that are impossible. And we can’t waste time complaining or blaming because we have payroll to meet, we have too much on our plate to worry about that. - @RyanHoliday

The Stoics taught us that unanticipated events occur in our life over which we have no control.

However, we have influence over how we react to circumstances.

Responding (as opposed to responding) necessitates control over one's emotions and ideas.

To be a Stoic entrepreneur, you must conquer your emotions and be in command of your everyday behaviors.

Stoics concentrate their efforts on three Greek terms:

Apatheiais defined as emotional liberation or the absence of suffering.

Ataraxisis a calm condition in which your emotions are impenetrable.

Autarkeisis your capacity to retain inner independence.

In other words, instead of reacting immediately to workplace disputes, take some time to think about them.

Close your laptop and go outdoors if you're irritated with a business deal, a coworker, or any other series of events.

Use meditation to help you calm your emotions and think more clearly.

Walk The Path Of Virtue

When comparing two extremes, virtuous action is that which is regarded as excellent.

Consider courage above cowardice.

Or humility triumphs over shamelessness.

As an entrepreneur, you will face several ethical quandaries in your business.

Take a minute to consider your options for responding.

If writing things down help, do so.

Circle the good replies and cross out the bad ones.

These are your noble reactions.

Develop Self-mastery

The Greeks commonly referred to this type of self-discipline as askesis.

Why cultivate self-mastery or strict self-discipline?

Why should you deny yourself self-indulgence?

Simply said, being a master of your time and activities may lead to tremendous results.

Entrepreneurs must be able to meet targets within particular time frames. After all, investors want to see returns quickly.

That's not to suggest you can't indulge yourself occasionally.

We're only human.

Take this idea and apply it to your own life.

The Way Of The Stoicism For Business

A girl and a man in a formal attire happily high five in front of a laptop
A girl and a man in a formal attire happily high five in front of a laptop

Working In Harmony With The Universe, Not Against It

Even the most goal-oriented marketer operates in a real reality that cannot be changed and must be scientifically studied and comprehended.

The better a marketer knows and attempts to harness the present scenario, the more effective they will be.

This research approach is perhaps the most critical stage in developing a traditional marketing program that actually works and produces results.

As a result, it is vital to collect as much data and information as possible before committing to or communicating based on a market mix—the combination of goods, pricing, marketing, and distribution that constitutes a commercial offering.

Being Honest And Concerned For Others

There are several marketing campaigns that attempt to mislead, misdirect, or plain deceive.

And they occasionally work!

Someone who engages in these activities first and foremost may lose their commercial attractiveness.

Even if they win the market briefly, they lose the one thing they cannot replace: their peace of mind and confidence in their own goodness.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

A marketer, like Marcus Aurelius, is marshaling his men on the battlefield.

We will win sometimes.

We will not always succeed, as Aurelius faced early loss.

If a marketer has never had their buttocks kicked and sent packing, they haven't been doing their job long.

In this scenario, because we had anticipated it, we are less affected by it.

We are in a better position to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and possibly learn what we can from what has happened.

Virtue Is Paramount

In summary, the Stoic marketer must spend the majority of their time listening to what the cosmos has to say.

Your efforts should be based on actual and practical evidence.

Most people are incapable of deceiving others until they first fool themselves.

Even the most unscrupulous salespeople frequently lie to themselves first, and must, on some level, consume the Kool-Aid they are selling to others.

People Also Ask

What Are The 4 Main Ideas Of Stoicism?

The Stoics developed a precise taxonomy of virtue, categorizing it into four major categories: wisdom, justice, courage,and moderation.

What Does Stoic Behavior Mean?

The term "stoic" refers to someone who is unaffected by pain, pleasure, sadness, or joy.

The contemporary definition of a "someone who represses feelings or endures patiently" was first used as a noun in 1579 and as an adjective in 1596.

What Is Stoic Leadership?

Stoicism is a mode of thinking that can assist a leader to avoid making unreasonable decisions.

It can also help you feel less stressed and more productive when performed on a daily basis.

We may apply stoic ideas to leadershiptechniques and make better judgments faster as a consequence.

What Made Marcus Aurelius A Good Leader?

Kindness should be practiced.

Marcus says that genuine generosity is "invincible" and more powerful than any bad transgression.

It requires a strong leader to put ego and basic emotions aside and act with compassion.


Stoicism for business provides a method of thinking that is beneficial to leaders and company owners.

Stoicism is a practical mental approach that may help you think clearly and make effective business judgments.

Reading more about it in books and blogs can help you learn everything about it and use it properly.

The Stoics taught us to pursue tranquillity, but they also realized that the world is full of interruptions to tranquillity, which is especially true when establishing a company.

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