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SEO Report - Improve Your Digital Market By Making Better Business Decisions

To get your client's website noticed fast by their target audience, you must track and report their data in a professional search engine optimization (SEO) report, from organic keywords to search traffic. How else will you know whether your SEO efforts are effective?

Oct 18, 20220 Shares318 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  1. What Is SEO Report?
  2. Why Should You Create An SEO Report?
  3. What Should You Include In An SEO Report?
  4. SEO Reporting Tools You Need
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SEO Report- One of the most quantifiable marketing methods is SEO.

Everything from who visited your website and clicked on your campaigns to where the visitor resides and which websites they clicked on may be tracked.

Taking these metrics and incorporating them into an SEOreport may be quite beneficial in determining the efficacy of the SEOinitiatives you've been working on.

According to data, the #1 organic result is 10 times more likely to obtain a hit than a page in the #10 slot.

As a result, it's no wonder that marketers and SEO experts want to reach the top of the SERPs.

You may view your website's SEO health, the efficacy of your SEO actions, and important areas to obtain valuable insights that shape your future SEO strategies.

What Is SEO Report?

 a man holding a phone with graphs, and paper or line and bar graphs, reports, calendar beneath, and coffee and pen on the side
a man holding a phone with graphs, and paper or line and bar graphs, reports, calendar beneath, and coffee and pen on the side

An SEO report is an important component of any marketing plan.

A strong SEO report is required whether you operate in an agency or in-house to guarantee that stakeholders (typically your client or manager) can readily monitor the performance and ROI of various SEO initiatives.

A good SEO report provides a succinct and complete overview of your website's SEO performance.

To get the most out of your SEO report, you need practical insights that are simple to grasp.

Most SEO experts do not have the time to spend hours preparing SEO reports in spreadsheets by hand.

With an SEO report template on hand, you can streamline your SEO reporting process, distribute reports to clients/managers more quickly, and extract insights with ease.

While your clients' requirements may differ, there are certain key metrics that every company will measure and track for SEO performance.

Why Should You Create An SEO Report?

Creating an SEO report has three benefits: it provides readers with answers, it helps you create trust with your clients, and it increases your knowledge.

The fundamental purpose of developing an SEO report is to understand what people search for online, the terms they use, the answers they seek, and the sort of material they want to consume.

You may boost your website's SEO and interact with individuals who are seeking online solutions you provide after you grasp the purpose of your target audience.

Second, by focusing on all of your SEO's essential indicators, you establish trust and authority with your stakeholders (clients or managers).

As a consequence, the connection becomes healthier and stronger.

You can also assess the effectiveness of your SEO strategyand approaches by producing an SEO report.

This allows you to assess which campaigns are effective and which are not.

In a word, an SEO report caters to all three stakeholders — consumers, clients, and SEO professionals — and drives advantages that are targeted to their specific requirements.

What Should You Include In An SEO Report?

 a hand holding magnifying glass, one holds a peon, the ithe ir pencil and stic, one holds calculator and graphs while pointing a the huge paper of graphs
a hand holding magnifying glass, one holds a peon, the ithe ir pencil and stic, one holds calculator and graphs while pointing a the huge paper of graphs

Every monthly search report should be personalized to your client's specific demands and objectives.

It's pointless to provide a comprehensive backlink analysisif your client's primary concern is the amount of income you've generated for them.

When creating SEO reports for customers, you must closely relate them to important businessindicators while also demonstrating the value that you provide as an SEO.

That is why we propose using a template but tailoring it to your unique audience.

Having said that, there is some information that should be included in every SEO report.

The report should include a summary page, specific information on the important metrics that your SEO strategy focuses on, as well as a full final summary and suggestions.

It is ultimately up to you to decide which individual pages to include in your final report.

The following is a list of the main pages you should include in your SEO report.

SEO Reporting Tools You Need

Laptop with mail of bar and line graphs inside
Laptop with mail of bar and line graphs inside

There are several SEO tools available to help you build SEO reports.

The problem is that there are far too many.

Gathering data from different tools can be a challenging chore for an SEO analyst or manager that manages several projects, initiatives, and websites.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Consoleis a free service that delivers a variety of actionable data to assist you in identifying opportunities, resolving difficulties, tracking keyword performance, and receiving Google notifications about the health of your website.

While you cannot make changes to your site directly through the Google Search Console, you can use it to submit pages to the Google index in order to check for issues across your domain property and verify the health of your site.

So, if you want to focus on ranking higher in Google SERPs, this tool may assist you to cut your way through categories like email, social media, and others to provide you with Google-centric information.

Consider it an optimizing tool.

The data provided by Google Search Console may assist SEO experts and website owners in discovering new ranking chances, improving existing performance, and learning exactly how traffic is arriving at their site.

Google Analytics

Google Analyticsmonitors the activity on your website.

Google Analytics can help you with everything from assessing your top sources of user traffic to tracking goal completions and determining how your rivals are performing.

It is used to gather visitor insights, assess the performance of your SEO and marketing activities, find user patterns and trends, and receive visitor information such as demographics, devices, and engagement, among other things.

Google Analytics provides a detailed snapshot of your website's SEO performance.

It offers data visualization and monitoring tools like dashboards, motion charts, and scorecards that depict changes in user engagement and traffic over time.


Semrush is one of the most sophisticated SEO solutions available. It offers configurable reports that might help you speed up and simplify your SEO reporting process.

Semrush's "My Reports" tool allows you to go deep into your website's SEO analytics.

The best part?

It enables you to combine data about your website's performance with competition data and Google Suite connectors.

You can access aggregated data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Ads, and more than 40 Semrush products, for example.

People Also Ask

How Does A SEO Report Look?

The ideal SEO report should include the following elements:

  • Be visually appealing and simple to read, with outstanding UX (user experience)
  • Include the logo of your customer or your firm.
  • Make yourself available in the format that your target audience prefers.
  • Include all of the data from the tools you already use for SEO.
  • To provide context, be annotated with comments.
  • Maintain a focus on goals and objectives.
  • Include clear benchmarks
  • Always keep things basic and plain.

Why SEO Report Is Important?

SEO reports assist you in educating your client.

They aid in the development of trust and rapport.

They also detail the changes and advantages of the SEO work you have done for the customer.

You want to demonstrate to clients that the work you're doing is effective and yields outcomes that will benefit their business.

SEO reports also reveal the next high-level chances as well as what you should focus on next.

What Should Be In A Monthly SEO Report?

So a breakdown of which channels are delivering visits to your client's website should be included in your monthly SEO report.

Organic search, sponsored search, direct traffic, and referralsare all possibilities.

Make sure to compare the performance of each channel so your customer can see which ones are providing the most value.

Sudden spikes in traffic from a certain channel might indicate that something is working really well.

A decrease would indicate that something has ceased operating and needs to be repaired.


Every SEO report should have a concise summary page that delivers all of the information that your customer or supervisor needs at a look.

If necessary, it should describe the project's emphasis and achievements in comparison to previous performance and competition.

The summary page is ideal for users who are short on time or do not grasp the intricacies of SEO.

They can comprehend your accomplishments without having to go too far, comprehend technical jargon, make sense of the statistics, or even read the remainder of the report.

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