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12 Tips For Promoting Your Local Business On Instagram

Promote local business on Instagram with effective promotion strategies. Engage your community, utilize geotags, and ensure consistent branding. Explore collaborations for amplified impact. Track progress using Instagram Insights - a key tool for thriving in your local community.

Mar 05, 2024161 Shares32.1K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Double Up Your Social Media Content Production
  2. Design Your Content Strategy
  3. Participate, Participate, Participate
  4. Analyze Your Instagram Follower Growth
  5. Host A Giveaway
  6. Maintain A Consistent Brand Identity
  7. Geotag Your Posts
  8. Tap Into User-Generated Content
  9. Experiment With Hashtags
  10. Cross-Promote
  11. Partner With Creators
  12. Track Your Progress
  13. People Also Ask
  14. Final Thoughts
12 Tips For Promoting Your Local Business On Instagram

In our contemporary era dominated by digital technology, Instagramstands as a primary destination for individuals seeking information regarding small businesses. You, as a small businessowner, must promote local businesson Instagramto increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

90% of individuals currently follow at least one company on Instagram. Moreover, one in two usersutilize the application to explore novel brands, products, and services.

However, the absence of a well-defined Instagram marketing strategy could impede your ability to consistently post high-quality content, expand your audience, and generate meaningful engagement. You're not alone if this occurs frequently. More than ninety percent of small enterprises encounter these prevalent social mediaobstacles.

Positive news: Despite operating with a limited budget, resources, or a one-person team, small businesses can still achieve success on Instagram through the implementation of a variety of marketing strategies.

Double Up Your Social Media Content Production

Instagram has evolved from square photos to a versatile platform allowing various content formats like images, videos, reels, and live streams. As a local business, you have a multitude of options to engage your audience. Here are some refined ideas to supercharge your social media contentproduction:

Showcase Your Products Creatively

  • Highlight specific features and benefits.
  • Share customer testimonials with your products.

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse

  • Offer a sneak peek into your daily operations.
  • Share the creative process behind your products/services.

Event Excitement

  • Post visually appealing event posters.
  • Share candid photos and videos during events.

Q&A Sessions For Connection

  • Encourage followers to ask questions.
  • Answer FAQs or address common concerns.

Inspirational Nuggets

  • Share uplifting and relevant quotes.
  • Tie quotes to your business values or experiences.

Employee Spotlight

  • Introduce team members with fun facts.
  • Showcase their roles and contributions.

Business Milestones Celebration

  • Reflect on achievements, anniversaries, or milestones.
  • Express gratitude to your followers for their support.

Educational Tutorials

  • Offer useful tips or tutorials related to your products/services.
  • Solve common problems your customers may face.

Harness User-Generated Content

  • Feature customer reviews, photos, or testimonials.
  • Run contests encouraging followers to share their experiences.

Themed Content Series

  • Create weekly or monthly themes for your posts.
  • Build anticipation with regular series content.

Design Your Content Strategy

A person taking a picture of a coffee
A person taking a picture of a coffee

The content strategyserves as the guiding framework wherein decisions on the 'what' and 'how' of your posts are meticulously laid out.

Efficiency in content planning and community interaction is augmented through the adept utilization of social media managementtools. The formulation of a month-by-month social media calendar becomes a structured exercise, with responsibilities allocated to diverse team members and scheduling subjected to final approval.

The advent of social media management tools mitigates the need for daily, manual interventions on Instagram. The automated publishing capabilities of these tools liberate users from the rigors of adhering to a fixed posting schedule, allowing for the pre-scheduled dissemination of content.

An intrinsic component of an effective content strategylies in the regular evaluation of the content balance. This involves a nuanced review of the content calendar, ensuring a judicious mix of stories, reels, and traditional posts.

Participate, Participate, Participate

Primarily, Instagram functions as a community, much like any other social media platform.

However, the mere act of posting compelling images or videos is insufficient. To solidify your presence and credibility within the Instagram community, fostering relationships with influencers, and other brands (including direct competitors), and actively participating in ongoing conversations is imperative. Engaging with the content generated by influencers and brands, along with interacting with fellow Instagram users, contributes to your establishment as a respected member of the community.

In this context, it becomes evident that investment in engagement is pivotal for garnering reciprocal engagement. When your followers initiate conversations within the comment section of your posts, it is crucial to actively participate in these dialogues. Responsively addressing questions, concerns, expressions of praise, and various sentiments expressed by your audience not only fosters a sense of community but also amplifies your approachability.

Analyze Your Instagram Follower Growth

For instance, if you observe a significant influx of new followers following the posting of a behind-the-scenesreel, it would be prudent to prioritize and expand on such content to continually captivate audience interest. Harness the capabilities of Instagram Insights to gain comprehensive insights into your account's follower demographics and overall performance, enabling informed decisions in refining and optimizing your content strategy.

Host A Giveaway

Backed by a compelling study revealing a staggering 70% accelerationin account growth within a mere three months, giveaways emerge as a potent catalyst for expansion.

The rationale behind this surge is evident - Instagram giveaways wield the capacity to elevate brand awareness, intensify organic engagement, and channel a greater influx of individuals to your profile. The mechanics of likes, comments, and shares in exchange for a chance to win not only fosters an interactive community but also propels your content into the limelight.

For an amplified impact, consider collaborating with another brand to enhance the resonance of your giveaway. The introduction of multiple prizes not only heightens the allure for participants but also facilitates a collaborative synergy that effectively doubles the audience exposed to your content.

Maintain A Consistent Brand Identity

While Instagram may serve varied purposes compared to other touchpoints or social media channels, maintaining a consistent brand identityis paramount, especially concerning the established tone and personality characteristic of your brand.

It's essential to recognize that many customers engage with your brand across multiple channels. If the persona projected on Instagram diverges significantly from the tone on your website, Facebook page, or even the interactions with your in-store employees, there's a tangible risk of confusing your customer base.

Given that customers often follow your brand across different channels, the incongruity in your Instagram persona compared to the broader brand experience can lead to disorientation. Therefore, the interactions your brand fosters on Instagram, as well as the tone embedded in your post captions, should harmonize with the authentic experience of visiting your business in person.

Geotag Your Posts

An Instagram post with geotag
An Instagram post with geotag

If your small business operates from a physical location, it's essential to incorporate a geotag into your Instagram posts. Geotags provide precise location data, enabling users to easily identify the exact whereabouts of your small business.

Beyond just aiding in location identification, Instagram organizes posts featuring a specific geotag into a searchable tab. This tab allows users to conveniently access and view all posts associated with that particular location.

Actively contributing to this geotag not only serves as a navigational aid but also offers an opportunity to showcase what potential visitors can anticipate when they choose to engage with your business. For instance, if you run a restaurant, leverage your geotag to display enticing menu items or provide a visual preview of the dining ambiance, offering users a compelling glimpse into the experience awaiting them.

Tap Into User-Generated Content

Central to Instagram marketing is the creation of compelling content, a task that involves considerable effort, from conceptualizing creative ideas to capturing images or filming videos for a single post. In this intricate process, the concept of user-generated content(UGC) emerges as a valuable resource.

User-generated content refers to the content crafted and shared by Instagram users, typically taking the form of images or videos featuring them utilizing your product or engaging with your business. Identifying UGC can be accomplished by reviewing posts in which you are tagged or by exploring content associated with your geotag.

The significance of UGC extends beyond its role as a time-saving alternative for content creation. It serves as a potent tool for building social proof and enhancing brand credibility by showcasing to followers authentic content generated by real individuals.

Experiment With Hashtags

At the core of Instagram marketing lies the creation of engaging content, a process demanding substantial effort - from conceiving imaginative ideas to capturing images or recording videos for a single post. Amidst this intricate endeavor, the concept of user-generated content (UGC) surfaces as a valuable asset.

User-generated content pertains to the content generated and shared by users on Instagram, commonly manifesting as images or videos portraying them using your product or interacting with your business. The identification of UGC can be achieved by reviewing posts where you are tagged or by exploring content affiliated with your geotag.


While each social media platform boasts its unique features, leveraging your Instagram marketing strategy can enhance your performance across other channels. The distinct demographics prevalent on each platform ensure that even if you share the same image on both Instagram and LinkedIn, you're likely reaching diverse audiences.

While not every Instagram post may be suitable for all your social media channels, strategic cross-promotion can extract the maximum value from your graphics and ideas. Maintaining a consistent overall message is key, but adapting captions to accommodate different post lengths on each platform is essential.

Partner With Creators

A woman smiling in front of a phone
A woman smiling in front of a phone

According to Instagram, branded content encompasses any content that showcases or draws inspiration from a business partner, exchanged for mutual value. This reciprocal value exchange can involve monetary compensation from the brand to the content creator or the provision of products or services without charge. Instagram mandates that all users, irrespective of their account type, appropriately tag their business partners in every piece of branded content.

Here are some key points from Instagram regarding branded content:

  • Posts featuring branded content will display "Paid partnership with [brand name]" at the top.
  • It's essential to distinguish branded content from the typical advertisements seen on Instagram.
  • Before posting any branded content, it is crucial to adhere to the platform's Partner Monetization Policies and Branded Content Policies.

Track Your Progress

Instagram Insights provides businesses with a straightforward mechanism to track their progress, offering valuable insights into what strategies are effective and what aspects require refinement. Within the Insights Overview, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your outreach (the number of people who saw your content), engagement (how many people interacted with it), and the growth in your follower count during the selected timeframe.

Key Instagram insights to focus on include:

  • Post, Story, and Reel Performance - Analyze and sort your posts, stories, and reels by performance metrics. Compare various metrics to discern the content that resonates most with your target audience.
  • Ad Monitoring and Adjustments - Keep tabs on the progress of any running ads. Make real-time adjustments based on the performance metrics observed in Insights.
  • Content Interactions - Track key interactions such as likes, saves, shares, and comments on your content.
  • Profile Activity - Monitor activities such as website taps, profile visits, follows and taps on the email/address button.
  • Audience Demographics - Understand the demographics of your audience, including gender, age range, and top locations.
  • Impressions - Assess the impressions from different sources, be it from your profile, hashtags, home feed, or others.
  • Reel and Story Insights - Dive into the performance of your Reels and Stories, examining metrics like comments, likes, saves, reach, plays, shares, and interactions.

People Also Ask

How Do I Advertise Locally On Instagram?

  • Handle optimization for local search.
  • Use Geotags and Local Hashtags.
  • Collaborate with Local Influencers.
  • Establishing an "Instagram Wall" Within Your Property.
  • Give Away a Gift Card.

Is Instagram Good For Local Business?

Utilizing Instagram for business purposes can increase sales, develop and track audience engagement, and increase brand awareness. It is a highly effective strategy for locating consumers in environments where they are already investing their time. Additionally, it has the potential to offer significant audience insights that can be integrated into every aspect of your marketing strategy.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise Locally On Instagram?

Your bidding mechanism, such as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM), will determine the price of your Instagram ads. In general, businesses pay between $0.50 and $1 per link hit. In industries with intense competition, such as apparel, costs are higher. Per-click costs for Instagram advertisements could reach $3.00.

What Is Local Business On Instagram?

The application will feature local business profiles on Instagram, which will contain the following information: address, business hours, website, phone number, and a "View Profile" link that directs users to the business's Instagram account. With more than 500 million daily active users, Instagram offers an enormous amount of potential audience.

Final Thoughts

Promoting a local business on Instagram involves diverse content strategies, community engagement, and utilizing platform features like geotags. Consistent branding, collaborations, and tracking progress with Instagram Insights enhance the overall impact. Instagram emerges as a vital tool for local businesses to connect, engage, and thrive within their communities.

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