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PR Tactics Examples - Make Your Brand Known

Technology has changed the way businesses, brands, and audiences interact with each other. Because of this, many public relations strategies that worked in the past are no longer useful. Some of them are still relevant, though, and you're about to see the best PR tactics examples of those.

Oct 16, 202226 Shares975 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Are PR Tactics?
  2. Why Are PR Tactics Important?
  3. How Do PR Tactics Work?
  4. When To Use PR Tactics?
  5. What Are The Key Functions Of Public Relations?
  6. 7 Best PR Tactics Example To Leverage
  7. People Also Ask
  8. Conclusion

Public relations (PR) strategies can help you get the word out about your businessand talk to your customers. This article talks about what PR tactics are, why they're important, and PR tactics examples.

As a public relations professional, you'll need to know how touse a variety of PR strategiesto raise brand awareness and deal with problems that could hurt your company's reputation.

When you apply for a job in public relations, recruiters will want to see proof that you know how to use PR tactics well. You can stand out from other job candidates if you have confidence in them and can change how you do them.

But why is it important? Most of all, because using the best PR strategies can open up a lot of doors for your brand and any other. It can help you connect better with your audience, bring more attention to your brand, make customers more loyal, and improve your reputation all at the same time.

What Are PR Tactics?

A woman using megaphone
A woman using megaphone

Public relations (PR) tactics are things that a company does to change how the public thinks about its brand and build a strong relationship with its customers. Smaller companies may have an internal public relations team that keeps an eye on their reputation in the press, on social media, and on other public platforms and makes sure it is taken care of.

Larger companies often also hire an agency that specializes in customer relations and media management to handle their public relations. These experts use the best public relations strategiesto raise the profile of a company or deal with a threat to its reputation.

People often mix up PR strategies with traditional marketing and marketing through influential people. PR strategies use interesting story angles to get the media's attention.

Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is a paid strategic partnership in which companies use the popularity of a public figure to promote their products. Influencer marketingis a part of traditional marketing as a whole. It is a method used by the marketing department to reach a goal.

Why Are PR Tactics Important?

Why Is PR Important

PR strategies are important because they can lead to exciting opportunities that your company can use to raise brand awareness. It helps you connect with your audience better and keeps them coming back. The point of public relations is to get your products, values, and mission out there.

It makes more people talk about your brand. This is important because the more people talk about you, the more likely it is that other people will trust your reputation and, as a result, think your products and services are reliable.

Long-term, PR strategies not only show your customers what a high-quality experience you offer, but they also help them understand how valuable your businessis.

How Do PR Tactics Work?

PR tactics can be used as part of a plan to raise awareness or as a reaction to a problem or situation. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use public relations to deal with your unique situation:

Understand Your Audience

If you want your message to reach your audience, you need to match your interests, needs, and expectations with those of your audience. Divide your target market into groups based on what they have in common so you can make contentthat fits their way of communicating. Showcase your content on sites they use. These are things like their favorite events, social media channels, and TV shows.

Define Your Goals

To choose the best PR strategy, you need to know what you want to accomplish. Most public relations goals fall into one of two groups: either you want to make a big deal out of something or you want to reduce a threat to your reputation. Give these goals a number so you can measure your progress and see how well your intervention is working.

Think Like A Reporter

For your PR strategies to work, you need to come up with an interesting way to tell a story that will get people's attention. If you want to send a journalist a press release, give them enough information to help them do their job.

Include information about your company's history, photos, relevant statistics, and even how to get in touch with you. This will help you build trust with the media, which will make them more likely to work with you again in the future.

Create Compelling Content

For your public relations strategies to work, you need to make content that speaks to the people you want to reach. To get the best results, you should change your content strategyfor different groups of people.

Make content that speaks to the way they like to talk. There should be elements of curiosity, urgency, value, and emotion in compelling content.

When To Use PR Tactics?

PR Goals, Objectives, Strategies & Tactics

PR tactics are the day-to-day things you do to carry out a PR strategy. A PR strategy describes the big picture of how you'll reach your goals. So, the PR strategies you use will depend on where you are and what you want to achieve right now. Here are some examples of when to use certain public relations tactics:

  • Use a press release to tell people about a new product, service, or marketing campaign.
  • Hold a press conference to announce a new business plan, such as a plan to go green.
  • Do an interview on a popular TV show to reach a new group of people.
  • Use a PR stuntto spread the word about a new partnership.
  • Work with an influencer to boost your sales during the off-season.
  • Participate in a community service project to show what your company stands for.
  • Put yourself forward for an award in your field to improve your reputation.

What Are The Key Functions Of Public Relations?

Developing Campaigns And Strategies

You will need the help of a professional public relations firm to run public relations campaigns and get the most out of them. You are the only one who can decide if you want to hire that company or not. But make sure you've talked to a PR firm that knows what it's doing.

Why is that so? To answer your question, we'd say that a "proper" public relations campaignis made up of a lot of different things going on at the same time.

  • Think about running and managing your company's social media pages. You could also run real PR stunts to get in the news and on online platforms.
  • working together with possible advertising partners;
  • You should run social media influencer campaigns on the side to get people to send you referrals.
  • Having events, giving back to the community, and doing your part in public welfare work, among other things, are all very important.
  • In the long run, these campaigns have a hugely positive impact on the company's reputation, bond factor, and overall clientele. But to run all of these processes, you need a lot of people to whom you can give tasks and who can handle things in the right way.

Relationship Management

One of the things that public relations do is manage relationships. In the language of public relations, "relationship management" means strengthening bonds with investors, journalists, bloggers, and clients.

Under the public relations platform, there are processes for each subcategory of relationship management. These processes are made to handle each of these activities. Start out small and grow as you go.

Social Media Presence

Brands are known for having a strong social media presence on a variety of platforms these days. It helps them keep in touch with their audience and let everyone know what's going on at the same time. Also, if your company has a PR crisis, social media platforms are a great way to change the story and take charge of the situation.

Writing Speeches And Content

Both of these are important parts of public relations, and copywriters are trained to write in a certain way. PR writers need to be creative, skilled and know how to write for business. Executives of a company don't have to give speeches very often, but someone has to speak on behalf of the company at an upcoming charity event, so they have to give a speech that is good for PR.

Also, PR content has a very neutral tone, so that everything stays in line with how business is done. This is one of the main reasons why you can't just hire any content writer from the internet. Anything that is written down and given to the public needs to be handled by experts.

7 Best PR Tactics Example To Leverage

Using Press Releases To Spread The Word

A Nielsen study found that 92% of people trust earned media. When your brand is talked about in magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, and other places, people are more likely to trust your brand. Here is where press releases and getting along with the media come in.

Press releases can help you get the word out about your brand, an event, a milestone, or a new product, and they can also bring people to your website. As long as you tell the news to the right people, that is.

How has this PR method been used? This press release from Womply was used to tell people about the company's latest report on how online reviews affect how much moneysmall businesses make. They were able to get a lot of web traffic, 108 press placements, 161 backlinksto their site, and $350k in media value.

Press release made by Womply
Press release made by Womply

Targeting Local TV Stations And Media Outlets

If you want to share the story of your brand with as many people as possible, you may have already set your sights on major media outlets. Even though there's nothing wrong with this goal, the truth is that it's very hard to get national media coverage.

It's much better to focus on getting your story on the local news until you have enough credibility to get into the national news. Local media have less competition, and you don't have to have an amazing story to be considered newsworthy.

By going after local media, you'll have a better chance of getting your story out there and making sure it gets seen by your target audience. If what you have to say is interesting enough, it will keep getting more and more attention until the big leagues pick it up.

For example, Weavers Way Co-op, which is the biggest grocery co-op in Philadelphia, worked with Food Shelter PR to create a PR campaign for the first-ever Philadelphia Grocery Co-op Day. They sent out pitches to local magazines, newspapers, TV stations, and online news sites and got a lot of coverage all over the state.

South Philadelphia Food Co-Op Set To Open

So, they were able to get more people to know about grocery co-ops and how they affect the area. They also got tens of thousands of local people to join their local co-op.

Using PR Stunts To Get Coverage

In recent years, brands that only do publicity stunts for shock value have gotten a lot of backlash. PR stunts can sometimes be tacky and annoying, but when they're done right, they can really help your brand get noticed.

If you want your PR stunt to work, it has to be creative and smart. To get the media's and the public's attention, it has to push the limits or go against the current in some way. But when you choose the message you want to send, make sure it also fits with your brand in some way.

What's a good example of this kind of PR? Well, everyone knows that Elon Musk's goal is to get people to Mars, but no one thought anything out of the ordinary would happen when SpaceX launched its latest rocket, Falcon Heavy, into space.

SpaceX Launching Tesla Roadster Into Space Footage

So, when Falcon Heavy sent a red Tesla Roadster into orbit while it played David Bowie's hit song "Life on Mars" from 1971, the media and the rest of the world went crazy with excitement. Launching a car into space was exactly the kind of crazy, innovative, and unique idea that made people pay attention.

Participating In Community And Industry Events

Events are a great way to spread the word about your brand, meet important people in your industry, and connect with people in your target market. The ContentTECH Summit, which was put on by the Content MarketingInstitute, and the Inbound Marketing Conference, which was put on by Hubspot, are just two examples of PR strategies that worked well.

It doesn't mean you can just throw your own parties and be done with it. It pays off to give back to the community and take part in events put on by other brands. The easiest way to do this is to talk about things you know about, ask questions during panel discussions, or set up an information booth. When you do things like this, people will notice you more.

Taking Advantage Of Social Media Platforms

If a brand is serious about its public relations strategy, it needs to have a presence on the social media sites where its audience hangs out. Most of the time, it's because social media makes your brand more visible, spreads your message further, and helps you avoid PR crises by changing the story and taking charge of the situation in real time.

Set up an account, but don't forget about it. The key is to interact with your network, join relevant conversations, and share useful content that your audience will find interesting and useful.

To get the most out of this PR strategy, you can use social media listening tools to keep track of what people are saying in real time about your brand, products, and services, and then act on what you find. It's also a good idea to give great customer serviceby answering messages and fixing problems or complaints as soon as possible.

For example, in 2017, Orchard Pig used Twitter to run their #AsHappyAsAPig campaign. The goal of this campaign was to spread happiness and make people smile on Blue Monday, which is the most depressing day of the year.

Anyone who tweeted the hashtag with a picture of themselves got an illustration of them as happy as a pig in poop. Some lucky pigs also got a basket of cider and juice from Orchard Pig.

Two girls holding Orchard pig juice and two pigs on the right
Two girls holding Orchard pig juice and two pigs on the right

Partnering Up With Influencers

Studies show that 92% of people are more likely to trust what other people say about a brand than what the brand itself says. Because of this, influencer marketingis one of the ways to get new customers that are growing the fastest.

Over 51% of companies said that influencer marketing worked better for them than other methods and that for every dollar they spent on influencer marketing, they got back up to $20.

By partnering with influencers, you can use their large networks of loyal and active followers to get more people to know about your brand, visit it, and buy from you.

Find bloggers, experts, thought leaders, and other influential people in your niche or whose values are similar to yours. Make friends with them and ask them to promote your brand.

Creating Some Controversy Around Your Brand

Adding some controversy to your message is another good way to get people to pay attention.People love a good argument, so if you can give them one, you pretty much have a winning public relations campaign right there. You can get a lot of coverage if people from different groups look at your story and give their thoughts on it.

Basecamp's launch of HEY, a premium email service that aims to change everything we know about email and make it fun again, is a good example of this PR strategy.

They made a PR storm that made everyone talk about it. Reviewers, experts, and reporters had a lot to say about the app and the idea behind it, whether they liked it or didn't like it. So, HEY got more attention from the media and the public than its creators could have hoped for.

People Also Ask

What Is The Most Commonly Used PR Tactic?

Influencer marketing and native advertising have become the most popular ways to market and get PR. Influencers like bloggers, celebrities, and other experts in a company's field have a big effect on its public relations.

Is Social Media A PR Tactic?

Social media is now an important part of any PR strategy, and it will only become more important over time. As a result, it is important to have well-thought-out social media strategies in place to make sure that you get the most out of all your social campaigns by using good PRstrategies.

What Makes PR Tactics Successful?

In PR, the key to success is to come up with creative messages that people will want to hear about. A public relations campaign can have a long-lasting effect on how people think of your company, so it's important to make a good impression.


There are a lot of brands and digital distractions vying for the attention of consumers these days. You should always have a list of creative PR tricks up your sleeve to make sure your offer stands out.

Start trying out the best public relations tactics examples mentioned above to see which ones work best for your brand. Keep in mind that good PR can help your brand stay current, make valuable connections, reach a wider audience, and, in the end, increase your profits.

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