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Monetization Strategies For Bloggers - Blogs As Your Money Tree

Blogging has been popular for a long time, but social media is still pretty new as a way to communicate effectively. Some people wonder if running a blog is worth it now that social media is so popular. They think that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook will reach more people than a blog. Here you will know monetization strategies that bloggers use.

Sep 20, 2022218 Shares2.9K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  1. The Biggest Reason Bloggers Don’t Make Any Money
  2. 5 Immutable Laws Of Blogging
  3. When Should You Start To Monetize Your Blog?
  4. 10 Excellent Monetization Strategies For Bloggers
  5. Avoid Making These Mistakes
  6. People Also Ask
  7. Conclusion

Want to know the best ways to make moneyfrom your blog? Here, you will know monetization strategies for bloggersto leverage. You might already be making some moneyfrom your blog and want to make more.

Or, you might be about to start a blog and want to make a plan for when it goes live. Today, it's easier than ever to start a blog and make money from it.

Not too long ago, setting up and running a website would have cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Making money from a website was just as hard.

Many people now blog as their full-time job, and the number of full-time bloggers is growing. So, how can you monetize a blog?

The Biggest Reason Bloggers Don’t Make Any Money

A woman writing in a notebook with tablet and pictures beside it
A woman writing in a notebook with tablet and pictures beside it

There is a lot of information out there about how tomake money as a blogger. What's wrong? Most of it leaves out the important parts. And these basics will give you the building blocks you need to make your blog a success.

There are four parts to any businessthat is based on content. This is true for podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, and everything else good. If these parts don't work together, it's like trying to row a boat up a waterfall with broken paddles.

  • Businessmodel
  • Audience
  • Content
  • Marketing

Everything needs to work together. You start by figuring out the goals and structure of your business. How will you make money in the end?

Then, you decide on your target audience, your content strategy, and how you will market this content. The problem is that when some bloggers first start out, they choose a business model that doesn't work with their audience, content, or marketing.

A blogger who makes money through an ad network like Google AdSense but posts reviews that aren't likely to get many visitors is a good example. In this case, it would be much better to make money from reviews through affiliate marketingand use SEOas your main marketing channel.

All of the parts of your business need to work together. Everything has to fit perfectly. Choose the best content marketingstrategy and channels for your business model and the people you want to reach.

But keep in mind that some ways to make money from a blog will be faster than others. Freelancing, on the other hand, pays you faster, while affiliate marketing takes longer but can often lead to passive income.

5 Immutable Laws Of Blogging

Blogging Tips for Beginners That Actually Work

Know Your Niche

Before you start a blog, you'll need to decide what it will be about and who it will be for. You can't just write about whatever comes to mind. Instead, you need to make a specific type of blog with a strong, central focus.

Use your blog to become more knowledgeable about a certain subject and to meet the needs of your readers.


People think that blogging means putting out a lot of content all at once. But it won't work if it has little to say. The content you post needs to be good. It has to be complete, well-written, and show where the information came from.

If you talk about a study, you need to link to it. If you want to make money from your blog, don't skimp on quality.


Your blog needs to deliver value. What do you know that you can teach others? What do you know a lot about? Take the time to do something useful.

Make detailed tutorials and helpful posts that use videos and other media to really help people understand or figure out something. In any business, but especially blogging, adding value is the first step to making money.


How interesting is what you write? Does your blog make people want to spend a lot of time doing things like reading articles, watching videos, or talking on a forum?

People are more likely to buy something from you if they interact with your content. Without engagement, there aren't many ways to make money.


What kind of power do you have? In your field, how well-known are you? The faster you can make money from your blog, the more authority you have. For example, if you have a lot of followers on social mediaand want to start a blog, you can get a lot of traffic quickly.

If you're an expert at something else or a best-selling author, for example, you already have authority. All you have to do is use it.

When Should You Start To Monetize Your Blog?

Make Money Blogging in 2024 | How I Built a $140k/Month Blog (Step by Step)

There is no set number for how much traffic or how big an email list you need to make money from your blog. This is because it all depends on what you sell and how you sell it. But you'll be much better off if you take care of two things first:

  • Get steady traffic: You don't need tens of thousands of visitors, but at least a thousand a month means you're doing something right.
  • Grow your email list: Again, you don't have to aim for anything crazy. We'll give you examples of people who had short lists but still made the most of them.

Now, these two things are important, but what really matters when it comes to making money with your blog is the numbers.

This doesn't mean that all you have to do to make money is raise the prices of the things you sell. Rather, it means that you should choose a way to make money from your blog that fits with where it is or where you want it to be.

10 Excellent Monetization Strategies For Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

In 2022, one of the most common ways for bloggers to make money is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a big business that drives just as many e-commerce sales in America as email marketing.

Affiliate marketing works when you, as a blogger, tell people to buy products from other businesses. For every sale you bring about, you get a cut of the money.

Affiliate marketing is great because you don't have to have a great product yourself; all you have to do is find a business that does. To be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to make sure that what you choose to promote fits with your blog and your audience.

You shouldn't sound like a pushy salesperson when it comes to affiliate marketing. Instead, you should look for products that fit naturally with your niche and spread your affiliate links around.

Once you're used to putting affiliate links in your content, you'll find it easier and easier to use the different platforms you have at your disposal.

Make Money From Online Ads

One of the most reliable ways to make money blogging is to put adsall over your site and easily get paid for every click. The best thing about this choice is that it doesn't require much work from the blogger.

All you have to do is sign up for an online advertising platform and link it to your website. Using Google AdSense, you can choose which fields, industries, and types of ads to show on your blog to make sure they fit well.

You can also change the look of the ads to match the look of your blog as a whole. When you make a blog on Wix, you can add Google AdSense ads to it and make money every time someone looks at or clicks on those ads.

If you want the ads on your blog to make you money, make sure they are relevant to what your readers are interested in.

If your blog is about health and wellness, people who read it probably won't be interested in clicking on real estate ads. Instead, you should choose ads that promote health products or ways to improve your health.

Become A Freelance Blogger

You can also make money from your blog by becoming a freelance writer for well-known online publications in your niche. Even if your own blog doesn't get a lot of traffic yet, the posts you make on it can help you build a portfolio of your writing skills that you can use to get paid to write for other blogs.

By using your own content to show that you know what you're talking about, you can get hired to write for other blogs and may even be able to do it full-time.

You can look for these opportunities on job boardsfor freelance writers or by contacting brands directly. No matter which way you go, be sure to include a link to your blog to show off your writing skills and experience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing made me $1,137,000 in 12 months.. here’s how..

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money directly from your blog. But you need to build your list if you want to be successful.

Use a popular email marketing platform like ConvertKit, Aweber, or InfusionSoft to set up the systems you need to start marketing via email, whether you're promoting blog updates or making a lead magnet.

By getting to know your readers well and building a strong relationship with them, you can make a good amount of money by marketing both your own products and services and affiliate offers directly through email. About $1 per subscriber per month is what you can expect to make.

Offer Paid Membership Plans

Your blog posts aren't just your opinion. They are a mix of your experience, your knowledge, and your own unique point of view. People want to read them because they offer something unique, like professional advice, tips on how to improve your life, ways to improve yourself, or any kind of training.

Most of your posts should be free and easy to find, but you might want to set up a pricing plan in which you give paid members access to exclusive content.

Keep some parts of this premium content free so that your readers will see that it is worth paying for. You can use these free samples to get people interested in your blog and keep them coming back for more.

To make sure your publication is well-balanced, write in your content calendar which posts will be premium and which will be free for everyone to read.

Another way to get people to read your content is to let them buy access to it through subscription plans. This is a common strategy that you can read about in many places on the web.

Create And Sell Online Courses

Right now, the e-learning space is really taking off. More and more people want to learn something new or improve their skills. To make the most of this strategy and help your audience, you need to know a lot about the subject you want to make a course on.

You can start making sales pretty quickly if you build a team of affiliates. Another way to make money from blogging is to sell digital online courses. If you take courses that are easy to use and add a lot of value, everything else will go smoothly.

If you put your heart and soul into these courses, you can just let them sell on their own. This is another great way to make money without doing anything.

When it comes to technical skills like web development, digital marketing, graphic design, and so on, courses are a great way to learn. But they also work in areas like accounting, finances, stocks, and currency investments.

Find out what you're really good at and do your research before you start making a course. Then make something that is much better than what is already on the market.

Write Sponsored Posts

How to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog

Another option is to make sponsored content that highlights a certain product or service. This is often a good way for brands to advertise, and it's also a great way to make money from a blog.

You'll need to find a brand to work with to get started. Businesses sometimes reach out to bloggers directly, but you should also reach out to brands yourself via email and ask if you can work together.

Most of the time, the sponsored post reviews a product or shows how the writer uses the product for work or creativity. It's a great way to make a steady income from your blog because, unlike ads and affiliate programs, you know exactly how much you'll make.

If you decide to write sponsored posts, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Look for a brand partnershipthat lets you make a number of sponsored posts over the course of a few weeks or months. So, you have a steady source of income that keeps coming back.
  • When you reach out to brands, show them how they would benefit from sponsoring your posts. Tell them how many people visit your website, how your fans' interests align with their brand, and how you'd use their products in your content.
  • Don't try to hide posts that are paid for.Be honest with your audience and add a short disclaimer to make it clear.
  • Don't let your honesty as a blogger suffer. Only suggest products that you really believe in and that you think your readers will find useful.

Ask For Donations

You can also make money from your blog by asking people to donate. You shouldn't be pushy, but you can leave a friendly, honest note to your fans thanking them for reading your work and asking for their support.

If you blog about a good cause, like social justice or helping nonprofits, your readers will be more likely to support you.

Keep in mind that the point of donations is to let your audience thank you for giving them free, valuable content. Since you're already selling your content, it's not a good idea to ask for donations.

Coaching Or Consulting

Coaching and consulting are kind of like freelancing on steroids. Most of the time, you can charge much more and would work more as an advisor or mentor. So, unlike when you freelance, you wouldn't be in charge of putting things into action.

But you do need to be able to show that you have more knowledge. Coaching and consulting are great next steps once you are more well-known and have a lot of experience.

Some people start out as freelancers and then switch to working for an agency, which gives them the ability to grow. Then, once they've hired someone to deal with clients, they can use their free time as a consultant for clients who pay more.

You can charge more for this kind of work because your insights are more valuable to other businesses the more experience you have. As soon as you're ready, make a landing page on your blog that is focused on getting people to sign up for coaching or consulting.

Sell Your Branded Merch

Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and a lot of other people with a platform and a loyal fan base use this method. If you're good at blogging and have a loyal following, you can sell t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other items with your brand on them.

Include your logo or think about making a unique logo for your merchandise. You can also come up with slogans that mean something. Make sure the design of your product fits with the general style and niche of your blog.

Remember that selling physical items isn't easy because you have to think about a lot of things, like communicating with suppliers, keeping track of orders, and making sure they get shipped.

Also, you need to make your website able to be used to shop. This can be easy to do if you use WordPress, which has a lot of themes and plugins with eCommercefeatures already built in.

Avoid Making These Mistakes

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  • Blogging isn't easy. If you want to make money from your blog, don't do any of the following:
  • Don’t expect any overnight and quick returns. It can take up to a year for people to respond to your site in a meaningful way. Be patient! Keep in mind that this will take about 6 months.
  • Don't write an ebook or start selling one-on-one sessions on day one, because you will fail miserably. You don't even know what kind of content people will pay for yet!
  • Don't just keep on uploading posts. Interacting with the people who visit your blog is a crucial part of getting your blog and personal brand off the ground.
  • If you are an affiliate, don't try to hide the fact that some of your posts are making you money. Put a disclaimer of some kind somewhere, so that your readers know what's going on. Google will like that as well. Google has made it clear that you need to do this if you want to sell through affiliates. If you do, they'll give you a better ranking.
  • Don't believe in Google Adsense. Again, to make money with Google Ads, you need a lot of traffic. You need to think of something better.
  • Don't forget backlinking. If you don't have some authoritative backlinksto your blog, Google won't show your site at all. Only part of the battle is won by writing content. Getting your content out there is just as important.

People Also Ask

How Do I Monetize My Blog On Day One?

As a new blogger, the easiest way to make money right away is through ads on your site and affiliate links through Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

How Do I Monetize My Blog In 6 Months?

  • Sign up for an advertisement program
  • Sell merchandise to your loyal readers
  • Create sponsored posts
  • Try affiliate marketing
  • Create & publish Ebooks
  • Create an online course
  • Make an app with premium information
  • Create a subscription-based model

How Much Do Bloggers Make Per 1000 Views?

If you have 1,000 page views, that means you get, on average, five clicks per day. So, 5 clicks a day is equal to 150 clicks a month. So, if the Cost-Per-Click is $0.20, it will cost $30 per month for 150 clicks.


Running a blog is more than just posting online about your thoughts and experiences. It's also a good way to make a good living if you know how to use it right.

Your blog is a powerful tool that can help you reach out to people, make connections with other professionals, and bloggers, and, in the end, make money. With time, you can get a lot of readers and use your blog to make money in more than one way.

Any one of these tips could help you take your blog in a new and profitable direction. If you've been thinking about starting a blog, maybe this list of monetization strategies will give you the push you need. Are you monetizing your blog in any way?

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