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Job Boards - Why Job Boards Are Still A Useful Tool For Employers

A job board is a website used by employers to advertise their job vacancies to job seekers. Job seekers can use job boards to search for new job opportunities in their area and profession.

May 31, 2022101 Shares1.3K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Many people believe that job boardswill soon become obsolete as the use of social mediagrows at a rapid pace and makes its way into the recruitment world. Many people overlook the fact that job boards provide recruiters with incredibly useful, valuable, and one-of-a-kind tools and opportunities. "Why use job boardsto recruit?", you may wonder, then this is the piece for you. Continue reading to learn more!

Ep 46 – How Job Boards Drive Results in Recruiting & Hiring

History Of Job Boards

During the 1990s, the first job boards appeared in the United States as a way for businesses to easily list job openings on their websites and organize incoming e-mails from those listings. In 1995, six major American newspapers collaborated and pooled their classified sections online, marking a watershed moment in the transition from traditional job advertising in newspapers. Since then, the job board industry has grown dramatically in size and influence, with several websites selling for multi-million dollar sums and connecting countless job seekers with otherwise unknown opportunities.

How Do They Work And What Are The Benefits?

A hand pointing at find job seach bar
A hand pointing at find job seach bar

Job boards are essentially a place where recruiters and agents can post job advertisements for vacancies within their organizations and clients. Employers can describe the role and their expectations for future employees. Job seekers will then search these sites and, based on their own qualifications, apply for the postings that interest them. The process then proceeds as usual, with recruiters pursuing the applications most relevant to their needs and conducting interviews, and so on. Among the benefits are:

Bridging The Gap Between Job Seekers, Agents And Recruiters

A lady using her computer
A lady using her computer

The primary function of a job board is to connect recruiters who are advertising potential jobs with people who are looking for those jobs. Many job boards allow candidates to upload their CVs and contact information, allowing potential employers to easily contact them. Some sites also allow candidates to apply directly for positions through the job board website, allowing for faster and more seamless applications; many do both.

Facilitating The Job Seeking Experience

Job boards aim to simplify and streamline the entire job search process. Using an online job board saves time for both job seekers, agents, and recruiters because search criteria allow for the centralization and showcasing of only the most important skills and opportunities. Job boards also make it easier for recruiters to reach out to an international talent pool. For recruiters, this online platform eliminates the need for hours of wasted interviews with candidates who are ultimately unsuitable for the role; with an online job board, these people do not even need to submit an application and can be easily screened.Saving time and money.

Branding And Talent Pooling

Job boards help businesses brand themselves by increasing visibility to talent as well as potential customers and clients. Many employers will post generic job openings on multiple job boards in order to make their brand visible to potential and future talent, making it easier to find the right talent when the time comes. Good job listing profiles can help to strengthen brand identity by providing job seekers with important information about a company's strengths in order to generate interest across the job market.

Proving Vital Data

Many employers' vacancy websites simply lack the technology to collect critical data that can influence how and where they advertise their opportunities in order to attract top talent. Most good job boards use sophisticated analytics to track who, where, and how job seekers are viewing their openings. This data can be used to justify the continuation of job boards and to strengthen organizations' attraction strategies.

Job Boards Can Integrate With Organizations ATS

When you post a position on a job board, job seekers are directed to your ATS, providing you with a wide range of candidate options and potentially an overwhelming number of applicants for a relatively low job posting cost. Sorting through each application can consume a significant amount of your time, and not all candidates will be qualified; therefore, it is critical that you select a job board that meets the needs of your company. You could choose a niche job board that specializes in healthcare professionals and allows you to set the application criteria, reducing the likelihood of receiving CVs from unqualified candidates. Some job boards, such as Endorse Jobs, provide Key Account Management, which ensures that your jobs are monitored and sample CV’s screened to minimise the risk of receiving irrelevant applications.

Many Job Boards Are Mobile-friendly

A lady using her phone on her desk
A lady using her phone on her desk

More candidates are applying for jobs on their phones these days. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 28% of job seekers (including 53% of 18 to 29 year-olds) have used a smartphone as part of their job search.

Mobile job boards help you reach out to more candidates. Candidates can use their phones to research jobs and apply for them. Job seekers can apply for online jobs at any time. Mobile-friendly job board applications make job searching easier for candidates, which means you'll have more candidates to choose from. Mobile devices are used by 50% of Endorse Jobs job seekers to search for and apply for jobs.\

Job Board Pricing - For Employers

While some job boards, such as Google Jobs, do not charge employers for posting jobs, the majority do. Furthermore, different job boards employ various pricing structures. Some, such as Monster, Snag, and Craigslist, charge per posting (which can range from $7 to nearly $400), while others, such as Glassdoor and CareerBuilder, charge monthly fees. In fact, unlike most others, it charges employers a fee per online click.

People Also Ask

What Is One Advantage Of Using Job Boards Over Company Websites?

One of its key features is the ability to search for jobs. Pros: Because most people are already LinkedIn users, you can quickly search for candidates by using a few keywords. It will also show you who is connected to a specific candidate, allowing you to tap into their network as well.

Are Job Boards Effective?

When it comes to finding jobs, networking and social media sites have a 45 percent - 50 percent effectiveness rating today. Job boards, which used to have a 30-40% rating, now have a 10% effectiveness rate in terms of job placement.

What Is A Downside Of Using Job Boards?

The disadvantage of using job boards is that many listings are outdated and fail to generate leads. On the other hand, online job boards offer extensive job-search information, such as résumé, interviewing, and salary tips, as well as insight into the various types of jobs that are available.


Hiring the right person can make or break your company, so use every tool at your disposal to find the right fit, including job boards. Your goal is to hire talented professionals today who will stick with your company tomorrow, which is a difficult and time-consuming task in any economy.

Job boards are an effective, low-cost to no-cost sourcing channel that can make your life easier by directing a large number of people to your job posting while providing a large pool of talent from which to recruit and hire. Companies post open positions on job boards and frequently accept applications through the site.

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