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Tips To Plan A Marketing Strategy For New Businesses

Many small businesses live or die based on how well they can get people's attention. A business with a great product but no marketing plan could fail, while a competitor with a good product but great marketing could stay in business. That is why every entrepeneur need a marketing strategy for new businesses.

Feb 21, 202397 Shares2K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Marketing Strategy For New Businesses - What Is It?
  2. Know Your Personas And Target Markets
  3. Ways To Build A Marketing Strategy For New Businesses
  4. Use Content Marketing To Get Free Traffic To Your Website
  5. Mouth To Mouth Marketing
  6. Make Sure Your Brand Has A Consistent Look
  7. Make An Email List For Marketing
  8. SEO Is Something You Should Spend Money On
  9. Use Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads
  10. Social Selling
  11. Campaigns For Public Relations
  12. Customer Acquisition
  13. Keep Your Customers
  14. Referral Programs And Loyalty Schemes
  15. People Also Ask
  16. Conclusion

Many small businesses live or die based on how well they can get people's attention. A businesswith a great product but no marketing plancould fail, while a competitor with a good product but great marketing could stay in business. That is why every entrepreneur needs a marketing strategy for new businesses.

Marketing Strategy For New Businesses - What Is It?

Small-business marketing means using all the channels and methods of marketing that are available to get your services or products known.

The fundamentals of marketing apply regardless of how big or small your company is. Of course, a small business usually has less moneyand fewer resources than a big company.

Know Your Personas And Target Markets

Even if you already know who your target market is and have built buyer personas, it never hurts to do this work again and learn more about your customers. The more you know about your customer, the better you can tailor your message and strategy.

By defining a target market, you narrow down your audience to the point where you can choose the right marketing channels and start to define a buyer persona for messaging.

When you build a buyer persona, you make a model of your typical customer that shows what they are like. As with machine learning, you need to find a middle ground between perfect accuracy and perfect utility.

In other words, gather enough data and information to create a buyer persona that is mostly accurate to reality, but not so much that it becomes overly complicated.

Ways To Build A Marketing Strategy For New Businesses

Marketers for small and local businesses have to deal with problems that don't affect marketers for big businesses. Use these marketing strategies to help you get your next campaign off the ground.

Use Content Marketing To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Content marketingtakes a lot of work at the beginning, but if you put in the time to make a great piece of content, it can last forever. You can get people to follow you on YouTube by making helpful videos about your product or industry that your target audience would be interested in.

People will naturally find their way to your website if your blog posts answer questions that people are looking for on Google.

Mouth To Mouth Marketing

When you're just starting a businessout and don't have many customers, tell your friends and family about what you do.

Word-of-mouth marketing relies on natural conversations and interactions with or about your company, like those that happen on social media(which is probably your biggest source of word-of-mouth) or in real life.

Nielson says that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family. You can take advantage of this by building your social media presence, starting a hashtag campaign for your brand, or having friends act as ambassadors for your company.

Two business partners discusing ideas
Two business partners discusing ideas

Make Sure Your Brand Has A Consistent Look

Even if you don't have the moneyto hire a professional brand consultant, you can still give your company a unified look by using the resources you already have.

This includes a logo, a set of colors, a set of fonts, a slogan, and a way to describe what you sell.

This process will help you look more professional and will help you with integrated marketing, where the goal is to have the same look and message across all of your marketing and distribution channels.

Make An Email List For Marketing

Email marketingis a cheap way to get in touch with a lot of people who are already interested in what you do. You can get people to sign up for your list by putting a sign-up form on your website or blog.

You can also get people to join your email list by giving them something for free, like a discount code.

Once you have a few hundred people on your email list, you can start sending out monthly newsletters or marketing emails.

SEO Is Something You Should Spend Money On

Search engine optimizationis the process of making your website more visible on search engineresults pages (SERPs). This is important because it can help your website get more natural traffic.

To make your website work better for search engines, you need to find out what people are looking for by doing keyword research.

You should also make sure that your website is easy to use and well-organized. Also, you need to make good content that is relevant to the people you want to reach.

Use Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads

PPC adsare a type of online advertising in which you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad. This is a good way to get more people to visit your website, especially if you are trying to rank for a specific keyword. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites can all be used to run PPC ads.

Social Selling

Using social selling techniques, small business owners can build a network and trust with customers they already have or want to get.

Instead of pushing your products on customers, you focus on building trust with them, which may lead to sales in the long run.

You do this mostly by making it easy for people to talk about you (and, by extension, your brand) on social media or at informal social events.

Partners sketching in the hallway
Partners sketching in the hallway

Campaigns For Public Relations

This is a way to get the media to talk about your company or product. You could send a press release to a news outlet to get them to write about your business and maybe even talk to you or a member of your team.

News about your brand can come from a lot of different places besides a press release, such as when a campaign goes viral.

Customer Acquisition

The end of the marketing funnel is when you get a customer. You know who your customers are, and they are interested in what you have to offer. All you have to do is get them to buy from you.

For an e-commerce business, you can boost sales by making sure the important information about buying the product is easy to see with clear images and a big "buy" button.

You could use A/B testing, in which you give two groups of customers two different page designs or messages to see which one works better.

You can make sure that your checkout process is easy, smooth, and safe by giving customers more than one way to pay, like Shop Pay or Apple Pay, so they don't have to enter their credit card information.

Keep Your Customers

Retaining a customer means keeping them as a customer, ideally by getting them to buy your product or service over and over again.

Marketers use things like an email newsletter or push notifications to get people interested again.

These serve to remind customers that your business exists, and they often include a call to action, like taking advantage of a sale.

You can also improve how your customers interact with your company by making your customer servicebetter. For example, you could cut down on how long it takes to answer questions or make sure that customers get to talk to a real person instead of a robot.

The main goal of a small business's marketing is to get new customers, preferably ones who will stick with the business for a long time.

Boss attending a customer
Boss attending a customer

Referral Programs And Loyalty Schemes

You can get customers to tell other people about your business or product by giving them a reason to do so. It's like giving a friend a gift for introducing you to someone new.

Loyalty programs do the same thing for customers who have already bought from you: they give them a reward for sticking with you.

Both of these programs can be run digitally with an app or through physical cards or points.

For example, each time you go to a coffee shop, you get a certain number of points. You can get treats or even cash back with your points.

Hard data can tell you when someone is likely to leave your company for another when you keep an eye on their behavior.

People Also Ask

What Are The Four 4 Types Of Marketing Strategies?

  • Market Penetration Strategy.
  • Market Development Strategy.
  • Product Development Strategy.
  • Diversification Strategy.

What Is Marketing Strategies For Startups?

A startup marketing strategy is a plan for marketing that fits a startup's small budget and promises faster growth than traditional marketing plans.

This strategy can include either growth hacking or growth marketing, depending on whether you need quick results or a solid foundation for your business.

What Is A Good Marketing Plan?

A good marketing plan is one that you can keep track of, so use objective, measurable numbers to see how you're doing. Not just sales, but also things like users, views, visits, inquiries, leads, posts, likes, follows calls, and so on.


Marketing is a specialized field, and many large companies have a whole department dedicated to it, but this is not necessary.

Even the smallest businesses need marketing to bring in new customers and keep the ones they already have interested in their brands. Use the tips in this marketing strategy for new businesses guideto getting started in the right direction.

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