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How Much Can You Make A Week With Instacart In 2023?

Explore the dynamics of Instacart weekly pay in 2023, considering key factors such as location, availability, efficiency, and market conditions. Learn how Instacart shoppers can potentially earn from $15 to $25 per hour and discover strategies to maximize income in the ever-evolving gig economy landscape.

Nov 06, 20234.6K Shares79.9K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. How Much Can You Make With Instacart In A Week?
  2. How Much Does Instacart Pay?
  3. How Much Does Instacart Maximum And Minimum Pay Per Delivery?
  4. How Much Do You Get In Tips?
  5. How To Maximize Your Earnings With Instacart?
  6. Instacart Driver Expenses
  7. Tips For Making More Money With Instacart Per Week
  8. Instacart Weekly Pay - FAQs
  9. Conclusion
How Much Can You Make A Week With Instacart In 2023?

Welcome to the realm of the gig economy where platforms like Instacart offer individuals the opportunity to earn by shopping for and delivering groceries to customers. As we navigate through 2023, understanding the Instacart weekly payhas become a focal point for those considering or already engaged in this flexible work option. The dynamics of pay are influenced by a multitude of factors, making it essential to explore how much one can make in a week with Instacart.

How Much Can You Make With Instacart In A Week?

Are you ready to earn extra income through Instacart? Knowing the weekly earnings of Instacart workers is crucial for those exploring opportunities in the gig economy.

According to Glassdoor, in-store shopping executives at Instacart currently receive an hourly wage of $13. While not exceptional, it offers a steady income. Working 29 hours a week could potentially yield around $377 or more.

For full-service delivery drivers, weekly earnings vary based on several factors including completed batch deliveries, distance, and delivery complexity. Typically, full-service shoppers might earn $700-$1000 or more, dedicating 20-25 hours per week.

Instacart facilitates weekly payments through direct deposit to a designated bank account. Furthermore, they've introduced a feature enabling shoppers to receive instant payments, offering added flexibility.

Whether considering a part-time commitment or a more substantial work schedule, understanding the nuances of earning potential in both in-store and delivery roles with Instacart can help you optimize your income.

By leveraging these insights and exploring additional strategies, you can potentially enhance your weekly earnings, making your Instacart experience even more rewarding. Remember, while these figures provide an estimate, individual experiences may vary based on personal circumstances, location, and the dynamic nature of the gig economy. Start maximizing your earnings with Instacart today!

How Much Does Instacart Pay?

A woman wearing a green shirt holding a green grocery bag
A woman wearing a green shirt holding a green grocery bag

Instacart pays its workers based on various roles and tasks within the platform. The pay structure differs for in-store shoppers, full-service shoppers, and drivers. Here's a breakdown of the payment models for different roles:

  • In-Store Shoppers -These individuals work inside stores to fulfill customer orders. They are typically paid an hourly wage. As of the latest available information, In-Store Shopping Executives at Instacart were reported to earn around $13 per hour. However, specific wages might vary based on location and other factors.
  • Full-Service Shoppers (Delivery Drivers) -Full-service shoppers manage the entire process from shopping for items to delivering them to customers. Their pay is calculated based on several factors, including the number of completed batch deliveries, delivery distance, and the complexity of the orders. On average, full-service shoppers might earn between $700 to $1000 or more per week by working approximately 20 to 25 hours.

Instacart pays its workers on a weekly basis, typically through direct deposit to a designated bank account. They also offer the option for shoppers to receive instant payments, providing added flexibility for accessing their earnings.

How Much Does Instacart Maximum And Minimum Pay Per Delivery?

Instacart offers a flexible earning opportunity for its shoppers, typically ranging between $15 to $25 per hour, inclusive of tips, which commonly range from 5% to 20% or more of the order's total value. What sets Instacart apart is that shoppers retain 100% of the tips they receive. Top-performing Instacart shoppers, known for their efficiency, can even earn upwards of $45 per hour.

The Instacart app provides an estimated view of potential earnings for every order, ensuring a minimum payout of $5 for delivery-only batches and between $7 to $10 for full-service batches, covering the shopping, loading, and delivery aspects.

In general, Instacart calculates payment based on a combination of factors, including:

  • Batch Size -Larger orders or batches that include multiple deliveries or more items to shop might offer higher pay due to the increased effort and time required.
  • Delivery Distance -The distance between the store and the customer's location can impact the pay. Longer distances might result in higher pay due to increased travel time and costs.
  • Effort and Complexity -Some orders might be more complex, involving specific customer preferences, special handling of items, or specific instructions. These factors can influence the pay for a particular delivery.

For full-service shoppers, the compensation per batch is determined by several variables, including the number and types of items, distance traveled for delivery, and the overall effort involved in the shopping and delivery process. Instacart acknowledges that pay is contingent on the intricacies and challenges faced during each assignment.

The earning potential tends to surge during periods of heightened customer demand, such as Sundays or major eventslike the Super Bowl. Working during these high-demand times often translates to increased earnings. Additionally, as a full-service shopper, tips supplement the batch pay, potentially further elevating the overall income for a given delivery or order.

Instacart's structure emphasizes transparency by providing estimated earnings and ensuring a minimum payout for shoppers, contributing to a more predictable income stream while allowing for potential growth based on individual efficiency and strategic work timing.

How Much Do You Get In Tips?

The amount earned in tips while working for Instacart can vary significantly based on several factors, including the order total, customer generosity, service quality, and the shopper's efficiency. Instacart shoppers have the potential to earn tips that typically range between 5% to 20% or even more of the order's total value.

While there isn't an exact or guaranteed amount for tips, these gratuities are generally reflective of a customer's satisfaction with the service provided. Factors such as prompt and accurate delivery, good communication, and attention to specific customer preferences often result in higher tips.

Moreover, the tipping behavior can also vary among different regions and customer demographics. Some customers might be more inclined to tip generously, while others might tip based on the perceived quality of service.

Instacart has a policy that ensures shoppers keep 100% of the tips they receive, offering an additional opportunity for income beyond the base pay per hour or per batch. Shoppers have reported receiving varying tip amounts, with some experiencing notably generous gratuities, significantly contributing to their overall earnings.

While tips are a valuable and variable source of income for Instacart shoppers, the actual amount earned can differ from one order to another and from one shopper to another, depending on the aforementioned factors. Therefore, being attentive, providing excellent service, and maintaining a positive interaction with customers can significantly impact the amount received in tips.

How To Maximize Your Earnings With Instacart?

An instacart logo on a phone with small shopping cart on a laptop
An instacart logo on a phone with small shopping cart on a laptop

Maximizing your earnings as an Instacart shopper involves employing several strategies to increase efficiency, optimize your workflow, and enhance your overall service. Here are some effective ways to boost your earnings with Instacart:

  • Peak Hours -Identify and work during high-demand periods when more orders are likely to be available, such as weekends, evenings, or during special events.
  • Surge Times -Take advantage of surge pricing or bonus opportunities during peak demand.
  • Strategic Batching -Focus on accepting orders with multiple deliveries (batches) to maximize your time and earnings.
  • Faster Shopping -Familiarize yourself with store layouts and product locations to expedite shopping, reducing the time spent per order.
  • Optimal Routes -Plan efficient routes to minimize travel time between the store and delivery locations.
  • Communication -Maintain clear and timely communication with customers regarding any issues or substitutions with their orders.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Strive for accuracy, handle items carefully, and be attentive to specific customer preferences to boost satisfaction and potentially increase tips.
  • Be Aware of Incentives-Keep an eye on bonus opportunities, promotions, or incentives offered by Instacart, and adjust your schedule to capitalize on these incentives.
  • Adapt to Market Changes -Stay updated with Instacart's policies, app updates, and market shifts to adjust your approach accordingly.
  • Utilize Technology -Make use of Instacart's app features and tools for a more streamlined shopping and delivery process.
  • Consistency and Speed -Aim for consistent performance and work towards speeding up your shopping and delivery processes without compromising accuracy.
  • Provide Exceptional Service -High-quality service often translates to better tips. Focus on accuracy, promptness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Friendly and Courteous Behavior - Being polite, helpful, and accommodating can encourage customers to tip more generously.
  • Utilize Instant Payout Feature -Instacart offers instant payout options, allowing you to access your earnings immediately. This can help manage cash flow efficiently.
  • Stay Informed -Regularly check for updates on Instacart's policies or changes that could affect your earnings, and adapt your strategies accordingly.

By combining these strategies and continuously refining your approach, you can significantly increase your earnings with Instacart. However, it's important to note that personal experiences and results may vary based on location, individual shopper efficiency, and other market conditions. Regularly evaluating and adjusting your approach based on your experiences is key to maximizing your income as an Instacart shopper.

Instacart Driver Expenses

Working as an Instacart driver or shopper often incurs various expenses. Some common expenses to consider are:

Vehicle Costs

  • Gasoline -Regularly driving for deliveries incurs fuel expenses.
  • Maintenance -Increased vehicle use might lead to more frequent maintenance needs, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and other regular upkeep.

Vehicle Depreciation

Mileage -Extended use for deliveries contributes to increased wear and tear, consequently reducing the vehicle's value.


Commercial Insurance - Some drivers might need additional insurance to cover commercial usage of their vehicle.

Wear And Tear

Vehicle Wear -Increased usage for deliveries accelerates the wear and tear on the vehicle, potentially leading to more frequent replacements or repairs.

Phone And Data Costs

Mobile Data -Using the Instacart app for orders and navigation may consume additional data, leading to increased phone expenses.

Additional Equipment

Bags or Containers -Some drivers might invest in specialized bags or containers to maintain food quality during deliveries.


Self-Employment Taxes -As an independent contractors, Instacart drivers are responsible for their own taxes, including self-employment taxes, which can significantly impact earnings.

It's crucial for Instacart drivers or shoppers to keep track of these expenses for tax purposes, as they might be eligible for deductions or reimbursements based on their businessuse of their vehicle and other related costs.

While Instacart itself does not cover these expenses, the company might periodically offer incentives, bonuses, or mileage reimbursements, which can help offset some of these costs. Drivers and shoppers are responsible for managing and budgeting for these expenses as independent contractors.

It's advisable for Instacart drivers to consult with a tax professional or accountantto understand and properly manage their businessexpenses, deductions, and tax liabilities.

Tips For Making More Money With Instacart Per Week

Instacart app on a phone
Instacart app on a phone

When aiming to maximize earnings swiftly on Instacart, the following tips can be invaluable:

Prioritize Speed And Efficiency

Maximizing earnings means completing more orders. Being quick and efficient is key to earning more. Try these time-saving strategies:

  • Opt for low-travel batches.
  • Learn store layouts for quicker navigation.
  • Minimize decision time on replacements.
  • Choose faster checkout lanes.
  • Park your vehicle strategically for swift exits.

Target High-Demand Areas

Utilize the app to identify and work in high-demand regions. This increases the likelihood of receiving higher-paying batches, boosting your overall earnings.

Embrace Mobile Payments

Utilize Instacart's mobile checkout feature for faster payments, eliminating the need for the Instacart payment card. Quick checkouts facilitate more deliveries, significantly increasing monthly earnings.

Seize Peak Hour Pay Opportunities

Maximize earnings by working during peak hours when Instacart offers higher pay per batch. Taking advantage of these peak hours can substantially increase your weekly earnings.

Improve Your Shopper Rating

A higher customer rating grants priority access to viewing and accepting batches. Strive to enhance your rating to access more lucrative batches, increasing your earning potential.

Expenses To Consider As An Instacart Shopper

For prospective Instacart shoppers, it's crucial to factor in the following expenses to manage costs effectively:

  • Gas, Insurance, and Maintenance -While Instacart incorporates gas expenses in its earnings estimates, other costs like insurance, maintenance, and car-related payments are your responsibility. Reducing vehicle-related costs can increase your overall profit.
  • Income Taxes -Being responsible for state and federal income taxes, consider these potential deductions when filing taxes. You can typically deduct miles driven for deliveries.
  • Safety Kits, Insulated Bags - Necessary items for health and safety, like insulated bags, may require an initial investment but contribute to a smoother delivery process.

Instacart Weekly Pay - FAQs

How Much Can You Make A Day With Instacart?

Earnings with Instacart vary based on factors like location, hours worked, and order frequency. On average, an Instacart shopper might earn between $100 to $200 per day, depending on the volume of orders and efficiency.

Can You Do Instacart Full-Time?

Yes, you can work for Instacart on a full-time basis. Many shoppers choose to work full-time, but earnings can fluctuate based on factors like location, demand, and personal efficiency.

What Are The Requirements To Work For Instacart?

Basic requirements to work for Instacart include being at least 18 years old, having consistent access to a vehicle, and having the ability to lift and carry groceries. A smartphone and the Instacart shopper app are necessary for managing orders.

How Does Instacart Pay You?

Earnings with Instacart vary widely. On average, shoppers can make between $15 to $25 per hour. Full-service shoppers working 20-25 hours a week might earn around $700-$1000 or more, while in-store shoppers can expect around $13 per hour.

How Much Can You Make With Instacart?

Instacart pays its shoppers on a weekly basis through direct deposit into a designated bank account. Shoppers have the option to access instant payouts for a small fee.

How To Make $500 A Week With Instacart?

To reach $500 per week with Instacart, aim for consistent efficiency and strategy:

  • Work during peak hours for higher pay per batch.
  • Focus on accepting larger orders or batches for increased earnings.
  • Optimize your schedule and accept orders in high-demand areas.
  • Strive for excellent customer serviceto potentially receive higher tips, contributing to your overall income.


The weekly pay one can attain while working for Instacart in 2023 is subject to various determinants. These include location, availability, shopper efficiency, and market conditions. While the average earnings might range from $15 to $25 per hour, individual experiences can differ significantly.

By being strategic, providing excellent service, and leveraging incentives, Instacart shoppers have the potential to maximize their weekly income. However, it's crucial to recognize that personal circumstances, fluctuations in demand, and other unforeseen factors contribute to the dynamic nature of earnings in the gig economy. Understanding these nuances is vital in managing expectations and optimizing one's approach to achieve the best possible earnings while working with Instacart.

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