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How To Get On Google News In 2022 - Start Ranking Your Website On Google News

As Google's share of the search engine market continues to grow, site owners are always looking for new ways to get traffic from Google to their own sites. Getting your content on Google News is a great way to get more people to notice it since Google gives top stories more attention. How to get on Google news?

Aug 19, 202232 Shares564 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  1. What Is Google News?
  2. How Does Google News Publisher Work?
  3. Benefits Of Submitting Your Website To Google News
  4. Why Do Websites Want To Get Into Google News?
  5. How To Get On Google News?
  6. Increasing Your Chances To Get Listed In Google News
  7. People Also Ask
  8. Conclusion

Today, we're going to answer a question that many of us have asked over the years: how to get on Google news?

Google News can send thousands of people to your site.

You don't even have to be a reporter to do it.

Smart bloggers, news publishers, and digital contentmarketers are already using this huge resource to get more targeted traffic and rank higher in search engines.

Google News is only for sites and blogs that write about current eventsand news.

You don't have to be a news site to be accepted, but if you consistently post newsworthy content, you might be.

What Is Google News?

Introducing the new Google News

Google News is an app that brings together news from all over the world and shows it in a stream.

The news from your home country is at the top of the Google News feed, and other stories from around the world are listed below them in order.

Where to find it?

To get to Google News, click on the "News" tab whenever you do a search on Google.

You can get the Google News app for both Android and iOS.

The website version of this app doesn't have as many features as this app.

Today, stories from Google News also appear in other Google products, such as:

  • “Top stories” part which can be seen on the SERPpage
  • News feed for all the trending news on the SERP page
  • Google Discover is capable of providing personalized results based on a single user’s search history

Content is put into different categories based on where you live and what language you prefer.

As a reader, you can also change the feed so that it only shows you the stories that you like.

How Does Google News Publisher Work?

We've been working with RSS feeds for over a decade and have added dozens of websites to Google News.

Compared to that, Google News Publisher is a piece of cake.

With a few easy steps, you can set up your site to be part of Google New.

You don't have to sign up through the Publisher Center to be in Google News rankings, but doing so has some benefits:

  • Content and brandingcontrol- Design, brand, and customize your publication’s sections and content in Google News.
  • Monetization opportunities- Your site has the ability to Run adsinside your content area in the application. Google News supports ad serving via Google Ad Manager, including premium solution ads.
  • Eligibility for Placements- Publications with businessterms are eligible to be in the Newsstand section of the app (in applicable countries/regions).

Benefits Of Submitting Your Website To Google News

Google news logo
Google news logo

Even though Google News and the Google search enginemay have come from the same place, they do not work the same way at all.

Crawlers are sent out by the Google search engine to look for changes on the web.

These changes are then indexed.

Google News also has crawlers, but they prefer to crawl and index sites and content that are thought to be of high quality, that meet Google News's criteria for content, or that have already been approved.

Google News can help you reach new people and bring regular news readers to your website.

Google News lets people do the following:

  • Stay updated with upcoming or outgoing events, global news, and different types of information from various publishers
  • Subscribing to specific news sources and themes of your choice
  • Bookmarking or sharing articles
  • Content personalization in the “For you” section

You don't have to sign up with Publisher Center to be evaluated for Google News rankings, but there are some reasons why you might want to:

  • Content and branding: Design, brand, and customize your publication with your choice in Google News.
  • Publishers can deploy paywalls in Google News through Subscribe with Google to monetize their content.
  • Publishers who have created and uploaded Google News Publications in the Publisher Center are eligible to appear in the Newsstand part of the app in the countries and territories where they are available.

Why Do Websites Want To Get Into Google News?

From a holistic point of view, the obvious answer is to make the brand, expert, or service more visible and get more traffic (some of which will ultimately lead to increased sales and end results).

But in real life, the answer is more complicated.

People trust Google News more than any other news source.

When you combine this level of trust with the above-mentioned businessgoals, you can see that there is more business value beyond the traditional search metrics of impressions, traffic, and revenue.

Trust can be a big differentiator online between brands and websites, affecting how users act both before they click on an ad and after they do.

Google News is another way for many businesses to get more out of the content they have now and will have in the future.

When you put a lot of time, money, and other resources into a part of your website, you need to get a good return on that investment.

Content marketingis a way to move your business forward.

With this all-in-one content marketing toolkit, you can improve your online visibility, reach new customers, and boost sales.

Also, the "Top stories" section can be a faster way to get to search results that have a lot of competition.

How To Get On Google News?

How to Submit Your Website in Google News [2023 Step by Step Guide for Beginners]

Google News Requirements

Before you can add your website to Google News, you must first read and follow Google's rules.

Check to see if your news source meets Google's rules so you can compete with other publishers.

  • Webmaster guideline
  • Content policies
  • Technical guidelines

The first guideline is about helping Google find and understand your site content.

It includes quality guidelines and technical recommendations for improving your website’s visibility to Google bots.

Here are the most important rules to follow:

  • Create useful content with a unique value for your readers, that will differentiate you from competitors.
  • Don’t include deceptive information.
  • Focus on a website convenience to users, design pages primarily for them, not just for search engines.
  • Avoid using tricks to improve website ranks in Google search. Ask yourself, “What will make the user experiencebetter?”, instead of trying to manipulate your search engine ranking.

The other two rules are for people who own websites and want their content to show up in Google News.

Content policies have rules about how tomake content that the service will approve.

For example, you have to give independent and original news, clear dates, bylines, contact information, etc. Google won't let anyone promote violence or hate against a certain group of people (no racism, homophobia, etc.).

On Google's help page, you can learn more about the service rules.

Technical index guidelines explain how to make it easier for Google bots to crawl through the pages of a news website.

There are rules about how a website should be set up and how each article page should look.

Here is a summary of Google's most important technical advice on how to get listed in Google News.

  • Use permanent and unique URLs for every article on your website.
  • Use a robots.txt file and meta tags to direct how the Google News bot crawls your content.
  • Use HTML for website content and article links, so that crawlers can see them. Non-HTML content cannot be crawled.
  • Decrypt media content (video, audio, etc.) for crawlers, and add a text description of it.
  • Submit a Google News Sitemap in the Search Console after your website is approved by the Google News team.

Submitting Your Site To Google News

You can send your website to Google News using one of two different tools:

  • Google News Producer
  • Google News Publisher

Your articles can be automatically added if they meet the requirements and have information that isn't found anywhere else.

But if you add an XML Sitemap to Google Search Console, your chances of being seen by the web crawler will go up.

Increasing Your Chances To Get Listed In Google News

How to Get Your Website Ranked in Google News

Write Niche Content

Websites that focus on a specific niche are more likely to be accepted than sites that cover a wide range of topics.

Most of the websites that Google News accepts are news sites, not company blogs or business sites with news sections.

You can try to give Google News bots access to only the news section, but it would be better to have a news website on a separate domain; it will be more likely to be crawled.

Also, the Google News team looks at new articles every day to help figure out how trustworthy a website is.

When you use News Publisher to send in a website, it's best to give your content some source labels.

Users can find the information they want with the help of source labels.


Content that is updated often needs to be unique and useful.

But how easy it is to read is a big part of how good an article is.

Editors with a lot of experience won't publish articles that aren't very good, like ones with bad grammar or spelling.

Before making a decision, the Google News staff checks the quality of website content by hand.

They also test how easy it is to use a website to see if it is made for readers.

For example, you should avoid ads that take away from your main content and instead focus on that.

And there should not be very many PR articles.


Your content is more valuable if you are an expert in a certain field.

If your articles are the best way to learn about a certain subject, you have a lot of influence.

What do you think is important?

Other sites will link to your pages, and other publications will talk to you as an expert in your field.

In the same way, Google News likes it when sites with good reputations do well in search engines.

The bylines and information blocks about the expertise of the authors are also signs that a website is reliable.

By having more than one author, you can write about more topics and post more often.

Use Correct Format

Google News bots can only look at the text to figure out what's going on.

So, the first tip for getting trending news on Google is to make sure that crawlers can read your pages.

For example, if an article is just a PDF file that has been pasted onto the page, the bot won't "like" it.

If you can turn anything that can't be read into the text that can be changed.

When you can't, describe them in the text (video, audio, etc.).

Human-friendly URLs

When URLs are hard to read, it makes it less likely that Google News will show an article.

Make a URL that matches the title of the article.

For example, WordPresshas an option called "Permalink Settings" that lets you put the name of a post in the URL of a webpage.

Human-friendly URLs make it easier for Google News bots and people to figure out what a page is about before they even look at it.

Every URL for your articles has to be permanent so that it doesn't change after being added to Google News.

If the URL changes, Google News might have trouble indexing it, and your article might not be shown.

Furthermore, URLs must be unique.

If the URLs of several articles are the same, Google News can't include them.

People Also Ask

How Do You Get Approved For Google News?

No longer do you need human approval to show up in Google News.

Now, it's all done by algorithms.

All publishers that follow the rules for news content can show up on Google News and other news sites.

Publishers don't have to send in their site in order for it to be shown.

How Do Bloggers Get Their News?

Bloggers get their ideas and information from news websites, Google, Bing, local gossip, and other places.

How Do I Monetize Google News?

Use the Google News standard template and make moneyby: Using either your Google AdSense or Google Ad Manager account (if you sell your own ads through GAM)


There's no doubt that being in Google News has a lot of benefits, and it can help your website get into highly competitive search results.

But it can't be said enough that Google will only accept news content.

Your content must be correct, unique, up-to-date, relevant, and interesting to the people who read Google News.

Make sure to follow both the general, technical, and quality guidelines as well as the best practices we've talked about above, and you may be on your way to getting your website's newsworthy content into Google News.

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