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Learn How To Build Backlinks To A Cannabis Brand With Our Recommended Strategies

How to build backlinks to a cannabis brand to raise the website authority for your cannabis business. Digital marketing in the hemp and cannabis industries is similar to walking a tightrope since you need to speak to a specific target by using their language on one side of the balance beam.

Oct 22, 202234.7K Shares463K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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How to build backlinks to a cannabis brandto raise the website authority for your cannabis business.

Digital marketing in the hemp and cannabis industries is similar to walking a tightrope since you need to speak to a specific target by using their language on one side of the balance beam.

On the other hand, Google's algorithms impose restrictions on your material and limit your visibility.

The majority of marketers are aware that creating backlinksis a reliable strategy to raise domain authorityregardless of industry.

A backlink is an external URL that leads from one website to another. Search engines are made aware of the most shared and popular pages by backlinks.

Because of this, the most helpful pages help to build domain authority for your website, which can significantly tilt the scales in favor of any company trying to rank online.

Building backlinks for the cannabis market can be quite tricky. Building backlinks can make or break a website domain because many cannabis websites include blacklisted contentor have little domain authority.

Here are some quick and natural techniques to increase your domain authority using backlinks so you can avoid frequent backlink development blunders.

These techniques can be quickly and readily incorporated into the daily operations of any cannabis business.

Use Cannabis Directories

Directory listings can help your domain's authority, but they need to be relevant to your target audience and come from a reputable directory.

You need to use tools like Moz Link Explorer to look for healthy domains in order to create backlinks responsibly.

Use cannabis directories only if the spam proportion is 65% or below and the domain authority score is 40 or higher.

Start with trustworthy directories like Yelp, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Google My Business, and Yell.

When search engines crawl your cannabis website, they "expect" to see these directory listings.

The next step is to start creating directories based on your desired keywords and to start expanding to directories specific to your industry.

Naturally, start with our Cannabis TechDirectory, but Foot Traffic also has a comprehensive list of cannabis directories.

Try searching your locality with terms like:

  • Medical + Cannabis Directory,
  • Recreational + Cannabis Directory
  • Cannabis Directory" to find local directories.

Let's say you want to spend moneyon a premium directory listing like Leafly. In that situation, you should make sure that the directory has either a large amount of traffic or a user base of highly engaged and focused customers.

Additionally, you should make sure the directory has been around for at least two years and that the directory listing is accessible to everyone, not just users. You can simply ask the directory for this information.

Pay close attention to the addresses, emails, and phone numbers while creating your directory entries. Maintain a list of your directory entries in case you need to update your phone number or email address in the future.

How to do Local SEO for Your Marijuana Company

Over time, both website pages and their proprietors change. These pages may be deleted or become obsolete, losing their intended function for the user.

A broken link is one that appears in an article or on a website that leads to one of these "broken pages."

You can locate these by reading the latest local cannabis news. As you read, open the links in a new tab.

Once you're done, look to see if any of them load a 404 page or have outdated information.

Make a note of them and send the website owner an email later to recommend one of your pages as a possible substitute.

You shouldn't flood your website with broken links all at once; it should be part of your everyday administration of your cannabis business.

Over time, you want to create them naturally and gradually.

However, if you want to proactively search for broken connections, you can do so by using an online backlink scanner like Dr. Link Checker.

Guests Posting

This is a tried-and-true method of building backlinks to your website. Locate media that cover cannabis and propose to contribute a guest blog article.

You can include a link to your website or product in your article. This is a fantastic approach to promote your company and drive visitors to your website.

You must create compelling content that is pertinent to the publication's readership if you want your guest blog post to be accepted.

Additionally, it's crucial to adhere to the publication's rules. Additionally, you ought to be attentive when picking a publication's website.

Make sure it has a high Domain Authority and is pertinent to your business.


Podcasts about cannabis are rising in popularity. This is a fantastic approach to promote your company.

You can appear as a guest on a podcast and discuss your company, its products, or your sector.

Make sure the cannabis podcast you select has some connection to your company. It is also crucial to assess the podcast's popularity and quality.

The more people listen to the podcast, the more exposure your company will receive.

Verify that the audience you are trying to reach is interested in fresh content and already listens to this podcast.

Posting On Jobs Boards

You can create a business profile on internet job boardsregardless of whether your company is recruiting or not.

Not all job boards will provide your website domain authority; major job boards like Indeed get greater traffic but tag their links with the "no follow" attribute.

When a search enginecrawls a website, this instructs it to disregard the link. The number of spammy backlinks that could harm a website owner's authority is decreased by using "No follow" links.

Popular employment forums receive a lot of traffic and daily job posts.

Since it would not be cost-effective to examine every link, these tags are applied automatically. It's crucial to remember that "no follow" links still have value and can direct traffic to your website.

Smaller job boards, however, are excellent for increasing your domain authority. Ganjapreneur Jobs, Growers Network, and Careers Cannabis are just a few instances of cannabis-related job sites.

These are a goldmine for relevant keywords and can help you increase your domain authority because they do not tag their links with "no follow" attributes.

People Also Ask

What Is Marijuana SEO?

Cannabis SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of getting high-quality, natural traffic to your website with the goal of turning that traffic into a new visitor, caller, or customer.

What Does SEO Do For A Business?

When users search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you may make it easier for them to locate your website by using search engine optimization (SEO).

You can get more people to visit your page and make more sales if you build your website correctly and make sure your keywords are optimized.

What Is Keyword Cannibalization?

When you use an excessive number of the same or closely related keywords throughout your website's content, you risk keyword cannibalization.

Because of this, a search engine like Google is unable to decide which information should be ranked higher.

This means that sometimes the website you don't want to rank higher will end up ranking higher.


These are merely a few methods for obtaining backlinks for your marijuana business.

Use a number of strategies if you want to increase traffic to and awareness of your company.

The broken link strategy, directories, podcasts, guest posting, and others are all excellent sources of backlinks.

Make careful to select the best strategy for your company's needs and objectives.

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