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BrightonSEO Conference - Brand Vs SEO Tackled By Becky Simms Of Reflect Digital CEO And Founder

After being stranded on the island for two years due to the epidemic. BrightonSEO is one of the conferences organized and produced by Kelvin Newman, MD of Rough Agenda Ltd, which is co-owned by Kelvin and SiteVisibility. BrightonSEO began as a hobby, but each succeeding event grew larger, more difficult, and time-consuming to organize. Kelvin's expenditure claim grew at a commendable rate as well!

May 13, 202235 Shares589 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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BrightonSEO- BrightonSEO began as a bar chat, as do many great ideas.

"Why don't we get a few individuals who work in SEOtogether, organize a few presentations, and offer those who work in the field an opportunity to meet up?"

Kelvin Newman and some other SEOs were chatting.

The aim was to share ideas and speak about all the exciting topics that we can't really talk about with anyone outside the profession for fear of making them sleepy.

Their goal has always been to show that the city by the sea is a hub for SEOexpertise, as well as to put a 'Brightonian' twist on the search marketing conference and networking event.

Though the event has evolved significantly since that initial meeting at the bar, much remains the same.

It's an opportunity for SEOs to network, learn, and improve their skills.

This isn't a conference where you'll hear things like 'contentis king,' 'don't translate your site, localize it,' and other conference cliches.

It's a hands-on experience. It's thorough and practical.

Not only will it be an opportunity to attend a conference containing presentations from the best in the UK as well as some of the best in the rest of the world's search marketers, but it will also be a chance to network with some of the world's greatest search marketers.

About BrightonSEO

Words Helping search, Marketers meet, learn, and do their job a little better with hashtag #BrightonSEO
Words Helping search, Marketers meet, learn, and do their job a little better with hashtag #BrightonSEO

For those who are unfamiliar, BrightonSEO is a massively popular SEOconference in which over 3,500 digital marketers flock to Brighton to network and learn how toperform their jobs a little bit better.

According to certain metrics, it is currently the most popular SEO conference in the world; we certainly believe so!

BrightonSEO is a prominent search marketing event in the United Kingdom.

This is a fantastic conference for search marketing professionals, whether newbies or skilled.

It is one of our favorite eventsof the year.

BrightonSEO is an opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in search, and then rub elbows with them at one of Europe's friendliest and biggest gatherings of Digital Marketers.

Becky Simms, Reflect Digital CEO And Founder

Becky Simms wearing glasses and white floral polo
Becky Simms wearing glasses and white floral polo

Becky has spent the last 10 years working in digital marketing, founding Reflect Digital in 2011 and growing it to an award-winning team of 24 headquartered in Kent.

Reflect Digital works with companies and brands to help them develop.

Clients range from major names to lesser-known companies, many of which continue to play an important role in our daily lives.

Becky has previously been named KEIBA's Young Entrepreneur of the Year and runner-up Digital Leader at the 2016 Wirehive Awards.

Becky drives her team to always question the usual, push boundaries, and always go above and beyond to produce high quality, with a sharp eye on demonstrable effect.

Becky works with schools, colleges, and institutions to encourage kids to choose a careerin technology.

This resulted in the November 2018 hosting of Aspiration Digital, a symposium for over 200 students.

There are plans to expand this to guarantee that Becky and the team are doing their part to tackle the growing skills gap in the digital economy.

Takeaways From BrightonSEO - Brand Vs SEO

A/B Test Your SEO Efforts

SEO and magnifying glass with an upward arrow
SEO and magnifying glass with an upward arrow

As difficult as it can be to rank high for a competitive term, and if you've spent the time optimizing and adjusting to get to the top, why repair something that isn't broken?

That's what Will talked about in his lecture on the significance of A/B testing in SEO, where he demonstrated findings from several experiments SearchPilot ran, as well as surveys in which SEOs were asked how they anticipated each test would go.

One famous test involved altering a web page layout to examine how it affected SEO - a kind of digital feng shui.

A/B tests your SEO efforts by utilizing control and a variation.

What is the solution? Believe it or not, the adjustments had a negative impact on the site, which I assume was due to the material being moved below the fold.

Another experiment SearchPilot ran employed the "data-nosnippet" tag to compel Google to respect meta descriptions.

It basically tested if Google provides better meta descriptionsthan we do, as well as the effect on CTR.

Surprisingly, the experiment revealed that forcing Google to provide its meta descriptions had a negative impact.


Because your sites rank for a variety of long-tail keywords, it was discovered that Google's meta description rewrites were able to better answer various search queries, resulting in increased click-through rates.

Lesson learned- Don't be hesitant to do A/B testing on your organic pages, for better or worse.

Doing nothing may potentially put you behind, giving competitors more opportunity to try to outrank you.

Don’t Be A Content Hoarder

As difficult as it is to let go of old organic traffic, even if it only generates a few hits per month and does not correspond with your current content strategy.

Adrian addressed how individuals become content hoarders, why it's terrible for the company, and how to stop it in his talk.

Lesson learned— You should learn this lesson when you review your own blog and eliminated over 500 outdated blog entries.

This allows you to be more precise with your SEO strategy, focus on the proper themes, generate fresh ideas, and chart a road for a better future with our blog.

Don’t Be A (Keyword) Cannibal

Many websites, large and small, have this problem since certain pages or even entire areas of their websites include material that competes with comparable content on the same website.

This is especially problematic for search engines when they explore your website, unclear of which information to index and rank.

Limor said that clarity is important, and if your site's information is unclear to visitors (and search engines), you will lose traffic in the long term.

Limor offered her recommendations for resolving keyword cannibalizationwith the audience after outlining the many categories and how to identify them:

  • Create a thorough SEO map: Make a Google Doc/Excel file that includes a list of your primary pages and blog.
  • Once you have the file, it is simple to find duplicates.
  • Adjust your SEO map so that each URL has a unique set of matched phrases, then assign each of them the relevant keyword you're attempting to rank for.
  • Extend to your conflicting pages and consider integrating them into a single authoritative page.
  • Align your website's internal linking structure.
  • Align outreach operations with the new map: Build authority by getting backlinksto the correct pages.
  • Align sponsored operations with organic efforts: Establish rules and criteria to determine where PPC should assist SEO and where it is unnecessary.

Lesson learned- Always listen to your employer, avoid cannibalism, and remember to check ranking performance and refresh your SEO map.

People Also Ask

What Is Brand In SEO?

"What exactly is SEO branding?" " you may inquire.

SEO brandingis the process through which your company's or business's brand becomes a significant source of organic traffic.

Consider the brands you know and love, and how they stack up against smaller, lesser-known competitors in the same area.

Brands with high user recognition and Google trust do well on search engineresult pages.

SEO branding aids in the development and promotion of a company's awareness and trust among both search engines and users.

SEO branding, like link building, focuses on increasing relevance, authority, and trust in search engine rankings.

Does Brand Name Affect SEO?

The importance of a brand name cannot be overstated.

A brand name may influence how people find your site and whether or not you show in search results.

You may improve your SEO rating by selecting a decent company name.

It can also help you come closer to appearing on the top page of Google for the keywords you wish to target.

Best of all, an SEO-friendly brand name is more likely to attract visitors to your website.

More traffic equals more purchases.

Why Do Brands Prefer SEO?

The goal of SEO is to increase a website's visibility by enhancing its search engine ranking.

Greater traffic means more visibility.

To increase visibility, the website should rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Around 90% of people only glance at the first page of search engine results.

This implies that you must properly integrate SEO into your marketing planin order to get the greatest conversion rates for your company.


BrightonSEO is a two-day search marketing conference and set of training courses hosted in Brighton, as the name suggests.

It is held twice a year and brings together some of the top presenters in the world of search, as well as the best audience.

Becky's session delves into how to address the Brand vs. SEO debate, examining methods to help you win supporters and persuade brand guardians.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to successfully demonstrate the function of SEO in brand reputationand guarantee that your clients take it more seriously.

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