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Brand Focusing Younger Generation - Keep Your Business Trendy

Brand focusing younger generation, who were born and raised in the age of social media, and are just like their parents and grandparents, but they put an even bigger focus on online shopping and social media.

Apr 10, 2023170 Shares2.6K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Why Your Business Should Focus On Younger Consumers?
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  3. Factors Driving The Trend Of Youth Marketing
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Marketing and brand focusing younger generationare about more than just selling a product. Gen Z is the brain change for most brands because it changes as fast as technology and is becoming one of the most powerful customer groups.

Gen Z knows how touse technology and jumps on trends early, so they can spot marketing tricks from miles away. So, to keep their attention, brands are always coming up with ideas that encourage sharing experiences and indirect selling to start conversations and get people involved.

Why Your Business Should Focus On Younger Consumers?

But why do young people matter so much? Well, they're the future, but that simple fact doesn't tell us much. In this article, we'll give three key reasons why every small businessshould make younger consumers a top priority. Let's get started.

Two woman wearing a sunglasses while taking a selfie and sipping their drinks
Two woman wearing a sunglasses while taking a selfie and sipping their drinks

They’re More Open To Changing Their Views

The more you age, the more set in your ways you become. But younger people have much more open minds. Even if they seem sure of what they think, that doesn't mean it's true. They're getting older, changing, and adjusting the way they look at the world.

Younger people listen to both influencersand brands, going to whatever is making the most noise at the time. Younger people know how to use the internet to its fullest potential. They have flocked to online learning platforms, which have made education much more affordable and easy to get.

There Are More Ways To Reach Them

We talked about how younger people liked social media, which is still true today. In fact, potential employers may think it's strange when job applicants don't have a lot of social media activity. This might not be good for society as a whole, but marketers love it.

If a small businesswants to market to younger people, it can do so through a number of effective digital channels.

Email is still a good way to reach people, but they can also advertise to them on social media, send them direct messages on social media, run entertaining social accounts, and even talk to them on forum sites like Reddit.

They’re Far More Valuable As Long-term Customers

There may be billions of people in the world, but at any given time, only a certain number of them are in your target audience. Getting new customers to replace those who were unhappy with your service takes time and money. Keeping the customers you already have is much better and more stable.

A younger person is more likely to tell everyone on social media about their new favorite brand. Many of their younger peers, who don't yet believe that age brings great wisdom, will find their point of view more valuable.

Build A Brand Focusing Younger Generation

Creating a logo is the first step to giving your business a professional look that will appeal to younger customers. Listen to the voice of your brand. What do you sell? What do you believe in? What do you want people to think or feel when they see your logo?

A good brand image is easy to understand and looks good. Your design doesn't have to say everything about your business, but it should be a good start. It should also be adaptable enough to cover all of your marketing.

Know The Difference Between Unified and Uniform

To make sure all of your materials look and feel the same, you should make your own style guide. This will make all of your materials, from business cards to packaging, feel like they belong together. Still, they shouldn't look exactly the same.

Stick to the same color scheme or one that goes with your logo. If you add new things, make sure they have the same feel as your logo. This will keep your brand expression consistent and let customers know that everything comes from the same business.

Find Your Voice

The look and feel of your brand are not just visual; they also have a voice. To figure out the voice of your brand, think about your personality and the personality of your company. Then, think about your customers.

Find out who you're selling to, what millennials and Gen Zers care about, and how they like to be talked to.

A tone of voice that is easy to understand will make your business seem trustworthy and encourage customers to stick with you. Once you've found your brand's voice, use it in every part of your business.

Tell Your Business's Unique Story

Brand Storytelling.tv | Kate Santore | The Sweet Pleasures of Coca-Cola's Storytelling

Your business's "what" and "how" are shaped by your brand voice, but your "why" should come from your brand story. Customers will feel emotionally connected to your business if your brand purpose is clear and easy to understand.

This brand's higher-level purpose gives customers not just something to buy, but also something to believe in, which is important to younger customers. Most likely, you already know the story and goal of your business. Think about what made you want to start. Was there something you tried to fix?

Use Social Media

Sharing photos and videos on social media can make people more interested in your brand and keep it relevant over time. Social media is a must-have for marketing to younger people, but how you use it can determine how well it works for you.

The contentyou share on social media should be relevant to your brand and interesting to your followers. You can make great photos for social media that get the attention of your target audience by choosing the right subjects and using popular editing techniques.

Make Your Marketing Content Shareable

Millennials often want to share online content they like with their friends on social media, so make sure your social media posts can be shared. By putting a link to the content on your site or making it downloadable, you can make it easy for people to share (like a PDF).

Some companies' shareable content could be a video that shows how their product works, a description of the product, a coupon, or an e-book. Thought leadershippieces do well for some people.

Encourage User-generated Content To Build Brand Trust

What Is User Generated Content and Can It Help Your Business? | The Journey

User-generated content (UGC) is text, images, or videos about your business and its products or services that were made by your customers. Customers like user-generated content (UGC) because they think it is real and not made by marketers.

Encourage your customers to post photos and videos of your products online. This can get the attention of people who haven't heard of your brand before and show that you're a trustworthy company.

Factors Driving The Trend Of Youth Marketing

Teens and young adults want brands to make their lives easier and more fun. Some of the things that make youth marketing grow are:

The Startup Helping Notable Brands' Youth Marketing | Forbes

The King Of Technology

Since Gen Z was born and raised with digital language, brands' digital strategies are mostly focused on this generation. Also, when young people use technology, they can say what they think and share information in public.

So, brands can use the chance as a way to get word of mouth, which adds more value to the brand.

The Fast And The Curious

Youth live in a place with a lot of media. The way that social media has become a part of young people's everyday lives has opened up space for communication, social interaction, and making and getting information.

Indirectly, the fact that social networking sites are easy to access on smartphones and that data charges are low also makes brands more likely to use youth marketing strategies.

Game Of E-Thrones

The youth wants to be important, so they talk about important things. Brands also want to be important to their audiences. So, this leads to content that people can relate to and that drives engagement. Gen Z can relate to and connect with it, which makes the brand important to them.

Brands use technology and social media to stay in touch with their Gen Z customers and keep them entertained while they work or study online.

Brands have caught on to the fact that Gen Z has grown up on the internet. Instead of marketing to them, brands are building communities where they can connect with them.

They don't want to be sold to; they want to be a part of the story. Instead of coming across as big businesses, young people love brands that show their human side.

5 Examples Of Brand Focusing Younger Generation


Chipotle is a great example of a company that knows how to market to Millennials. As a brand that puts a lot of value on fresh ingredients and lets you "build your own" burrito, bowl, or taco, Chipotle has given its customers a chance to be involved in their food.

Millennials like the ingredients and the experience, and Chipotle has found a unique way to get its message out. This fast food chain made a fake web series called "Farmed and Dangerous."

The main character was a Millennial-aged sustainable farmer. The web series has its own website where you can find music, clips from behind the scenes, and even trivia about the show.


Netflix keeps a close eye on Millennials and has used social media to attract and connect with them. In their marketing to Millennials, the company has used Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms a lot.

Millennials want to share content with their friends, and Netflix has made it possible for them to do so with social settings and features that link Netflix and Facebook accounts.

This sharing feature not only makes Millennials happy but also helps Netflix keep promoting its brand to people who may not have signed up for the video streaming service yet.

NFL And McDonald’s

Some brands are afraid to let Millennials or any other customers create content for them, which can be a big mistake. Millennials want to be a part of the brand, and letting them make their own content can help a lot.

"Bad Lip Reading," a YouTube show, is a great example. The show's creator says that he makes other people say what he wants them to say. As a result, a whole bunch of funny videos, including NFL versions, have been made (the 2015 NFL clip currently has over 24 million views).

The NFL could have been defensive about these videos, but instead, they went with the flow and made their own video with McDonald's. The commercial is for McDonald's Mighty Wings, and it has a lot of bad lip-reading and NFL players.


Millennials are all about sharing, and a sharing economy is especially important to them. Millennials aren't as into cars as some older generations, but they are into convenience, and Uber knows that. Its app makes it very easy to find a ride and pay for it.

Uber has also done a great job of marketing to people in their 20s and 30s. Has anyone told you about #UberKITTENS? On National Cat Day, Uber ran this campaign. You could have kittens brought to your house with the Uber app.

Uber has also used the TV show Boardwalk Empire and the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction to make moneyby holding contests where the winners got a very special ride.


Coca-Cola – “Share a Coke”

Use their names if you really want to win them over. With its "Share a Coke" campaign, Coca-Cola did this in a very effective way. What better way to sell more bottles than to put the customer's name on them? Coca-Cola's soft drinks in the U.S. went up by 2% after this campaign began.

A personalized product and content that people will want to share. Coca-Cola even made a website for this campaign. On it, people can find out interesting facts about their names, order personalized bottles, and find out when the Share a Coke tour will be in their area.

People Also Ask

What Is Gen Z Looking For In A Brand?

Gen Z grew up with technology and uses social media more than other generations. Because of this, many brands, like Dick's Sporting Goods, Aerie, and Doritos, are using TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to attract Gen Z customers with content that celebrates and shows off diversity.

Why Brands Should Focus On Gen Z?

Gen Z wants brands to be social change agents and looks for fair labor practices, diversity, and long-term success. There are many ways for brands to make content that has a social impact and focuses on how people, the environment, and the product are treated.

How Do You Attract Younger Consumers?

Younger people are very interested in saving money. The best way to get young people to buy something is to offer more value for less money. One of the best ways to get Gen Z and Millennials to pay attention to retail products is to give them experiences instead of things.


The younger generation is diverse and picky, so you'll have to work hard to understand them and get their attention by building a brand that focuses on them. Make it easy for them to find out about and buy your product, and show them why they need it.

Connect with this intelligent and creative group in more personal and interesting ways, and above all, be honest. Millennials will keep coming back if you market to them in a way that makes sense to them.

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