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7 Tactics To Boost B2B Lead Generation With Instagram Stories

A number of strategies are being used to crowdsource marketing minds all across the internet realm. Every month, if not every week, a new platform, tool, or marketing approach develops that alters marketers' capacity to reach their target audience.

Nov 06, 202293.5K Shares1.2M ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is Instagram Stories?
  2. Ways To Use Instagram Stories For B2B Lead Generations
  3. Here Are The Tactics To Boost Your B2B Lead Generation With Instagram Stories
  4. How Can I Increase My Lead Generation On Instagram?
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Boost b2b lead generation with instagram stories- A number of strategies are being used to crowdsource marketing minds all across the internet realm. Every month, if not every week, a new platform, tool, or marketing approach develops that alters marketers' capacity to reach their target audience.

After all, it is the role of marketers. To reach their target audience, find the best SMM panels on Increditoolsto connect and convert them into paying customers. It is the responsibility of both B2Cand B2B marketers.

When it comes to marketing platforms with high growth potential, Instagram is at the top of the list.

Instagram has 50 million monthly active users in 2012. It now has 700 million users. That is a 1,400% rise in only five years.

But why is Instagram leapfrogging other social mediaplatforms? There are several causes for this.

Because the majority of the material is visual, Instagram attracts users from a wide range of nations and languages.

It is also owned by Facebook's specialists. It's also nearly entirely a mobile platform.

One of the main reasons Instagram is becoming so popular is because consumers want to interact with companies on the image-driven platform.

And, because consumers enjoy interacting with brands on Instagram, there is no better place for your brand to be.

Even if you work as a B2B marketer. In reality, leading B2B firms use Instagram Stories as a hidden weapon.

Shopify, Gary Vaynerchuk, General Electric, and Buffer are among the firms that utilize the tool to boost traffic, raise brand recognition, and create leads. You can accomplish the same thing.

But first, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Instagram Stories, let me address the obvious question.

How to Generate Leads With Instagram Stories

What Is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories allow users to post images and videos to their Story, which is accessible to Instagram followers of the user's Instagram account. A gradient border surrounding the user's profile photo indicates recently posted Stories. Instagram Stories, like Snapchat Snaps, expire after 24 hours.

Your Instagram Story is published independently from the images and videos in your Instagram profile's tiled gallery. And, while you may be familiar with the basics of sharing them, there are hidden features within the program that may help you add more creative and interesting images and videos to your Story.

Instagram logo in black
Instagram logo in black

Ways To Use Instagram Stories For B2B Lead Generations

With over 400 million people using Instagram Stories every day, there's no doubting that there's a huge opportunity to reach out to potential customers on the site. Instagram Stories provide an immensely flexible platform for contentdistribution and amplification.

If you're a B2B marketer, you might not think your content is Stories-appropriate; yet, Stories provide marketers an intriguing chance to define the customer experience through a non-traditional narrative vehicle. If you want to utilize Stories for your B2B businessbut don't know where to begin, here are some steps you should include in your plan.

Produce Episodic Content

Instagram Stories were designed to tell stories. Despite the fact that they expire after 24 hours, tales may be a wonderful tool for B2B marketers to produce episodic content in a short period of time.

How can this be accomplished? By dissecting difficult concepts, illustrating how products and services operate and engaging in long-form storytelling.

If you want to maximize your ROI potential, you may highlight Stories so that they stay in your feed, quickly transforming them into cornerstone content that your audience can refer to at any time.

Remember that the app promotes creativity and personalization, so don't be hesitant to use filters, stickers, hashtags, polls, and location to improve your narrative, provide context, and encourage participation.

Increase Visitors In Your Website

Instagram Stories' time-sensitive nature generates a feeling of urgency that will resonate with viewers. Because clickable links cannot be included in standard Instagram posts, this is an excellent method to take advantage of CTA possibilities.

Offering consumers a product or service for which they will need to go back to the link in your bio is a fantastic method to execute this, and then directing them to your landing page.

Using the “swipe up” function is another great method to maximize your clicks - you must have over 10,000 followers for this option to be available, but it's a good addition once you've established your following.

In a word, providing links is a certain strategy to direct Instagram Stories visitors to more conversion-focused internet sites.

Publicize Your Stories

Because of their linking, geo-targeting, and numerous CTA options, promoted Instagram Stories may be a strong lead-generation strategy.

Furthermore, Instagram Stories are a more engaging, intriguing, and interactive alternative to traditional advertising, and they frequently feel much more organic to the customer.

The sponsored Stories' geo-targeting function lets you identify your intended audience by area, which may be a fantastic method to interact with your prospective clientele.

Instagram Stories may be a fun tool for B2B marketers to utilize to generate new and unique ways to engage with customers. Don't be hesitant to utilize it, and concentrate on producing material that is fascinating, relevant, and engaging.

Person using a smartphone with likes and love icons popping up
Person using a smartphone with likes and love icons popping up

Here Are The Tactics To Boost Your B2B Lead Generation With Instagram Stories

Make It A Thought Leadership Platform

Because Instagram Stories are so fleeting, they are ideal for thought leadershipmaterial. Why is this the case? Because it won't be around forever, viewers believe they're receiving a one-of-a-kind experience — and the more of an expert you are, the greater that sensation of exclusivity.

What thought leadershipcontent do you have access to on this platform? Share films that demonstrate your expertise and advise on current industry challenges. Showcase your products or services – explain how they operate, offer demonstrations, and share customer experiences.

There are several chances for thought leadership on Instagram, some of which may be unique to your company. The only constraint on this platform is your own creativity.

We, humans, are creatures of habit. We want to see something again if we enjoy it. If we see anything we enjoy on a frequent basis, we will keep an eye out for it. Years of TV programming and magazine subscriptions demonstrate this.

The same logic applies to your Instagram Stories. Find a type of content that works and look for ways to incorporate it into your Instagram Stories strategy on a regular basis.

If you discover that interviews with other team members are popular, make one a weekly feature. If your audience is particularly interested in product demos, look for methods to develop a weekly special around it.

Using material in this manner will result in a frequent and devoted following. The more consumers interact with your brand, the more at ease they will be with you. And the more at ease they feel with you, the more probable it is that they will convert into B2B leads.

Organize An Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Session

B2B buyers like brands that are open and honest with them.

You may expect people to listen if you are prepared to share your knowledge and give them with direction. You may organize an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session to try to create an honest relationship with your prospects.

It can aid in the development of brand awareness and the production of leads. Furthermore, it may promote your brand as a leader in your field.

You may invite an influencer or an expert to generate the most leads. When they hold an AMA on your Instagram Stories, you will be able to attract their followers as well. This will increase your reach and lead generation. You don't have the funds? There is still an option. Take a cue from HubSpot's Instagram Stories.

They held AMAs with their workers, who included a social media video editor, a blogging manager, an email and growth manager, and others. Each of them talked about what they do and gave advice to others.

This is also an excellent approach for increasing engagement. And anybody who understands the B2B marketing funnelunderstands that it prepares the path for conversion.

Mouse pointer pointing to URL
Mouse pointer pointing to URL

You don't want your audience to go on and forget about your material once they've liked it. Instagram is aware of this.

As a result, Instagram allows you to direct your audience to the next step. You want visitors to take the next step, whether it's checking out your website, downloading an ebook, or learning more about your items.

As a result, Instagram allows you to include links in any piece of content you produce within your story. It's worth noting that this is a feature available just in Instagram Stories; you won't be able to do this with ordinary Instagram posts.

Don't squander this opportunity. Ensure that each piece of content in your Stories contains a properly placed link that can convert prospects into leads.

Infuse Personality Into Your Stories

The sheer structure of Instagram, with its customized stories, necessitates that companies showcase their unique personalities. Audiences are interested in seeing your human side.

Forget everything you believe you know about social media. Instagram's model differs from what you may be used to, mainly LinkedIn and Twitter.

To be sure, LinkedIn and Twitter have important roles to play in your social media strategy. However, keep in mind that Instagram users want an experience, not simply facts.

Don't be scared to take advantage of Instagram's capabilities. Stick the stickers on. Include music in your tale. This is not a platform for professionally shot and edited films; rather, it is a place for short movies that showcase your brand's uniqueness.

Take your audience behind the scenesat your firm to learn about your staff and how you work. Involve everyone, even C-level executives, so that your fans feel like they know your brand.

Create Your Own Instagram Sales Funnel

On Instagram, you will come across people at all phases of the buyer's journey. From interested company owners researching numerous companies and their products to those ready to buy. Don't allow any of them to slip through the cracks because of a leaking sales funnel.

Instead, include content that addresses each stage of your sales funnel.

Make a plan for each level of your sales funnel. Top-of-the-funnel material might address fundamental issues in your sector or provide an introduction to your firm and how it operates.

Create more in-depth content that illustrates your products and services and how they function for middle and bottom-funnel followers.

Display Customer Feedback

One of the most common worries among B2B buyers is whether their investment will be worthwhile. It's a legitimate issue.

Because they are investing a large sum of money, it is reasonable that they want to be certain. It is your responsibility as a B2B marketer to gain their trust and demonstrate the value you can give. What role do Instagram Stories play in all of this?

It's simple: They provide you a fantastic platform to present social proof to your audience. On Instagram Stories, you may display testimonials.

Positive feedback or words of encouragement from previous customers may go a long way toward increasing leads and conversions.

GetResponse, an email marketingsoftware company, included testimonials on its Stories. They saved it as a "Highlight" to ensure that it remained on their profile.

In the long run, this technique might assist you in increasing your credibility and gaining more clients. The nice thing is that sharing testimonials via Stories doesn't need much work.

They utilized text in the getResponse example above. However, you may experiment with audio and video testimonies as well. Don't be scared to try new things.

Slack, a businesscommunication tool, takes this a step further. In their profile's Highlight, "Slack Stories," they provide testimonials as well as links to case studiesto demonstrate how their platform is helping businesses.

Hand holding smartphone showing Instagram stats
Hand holding smartphone showing Instagram stats

How Can I Increase My Lead Generation On Instagram?

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC – Pay-Per-Click
  • Get More Social Shares
  • Turning “Out of Stock” Into an Opportunity
  • Use the Godfather-Strategy to Build Your Email List
  • Using FOMO to Increase Your Conversion Rate
  • Make the Most of Your Instagram Bio Link
  • Add Various Contact Options
  • Tell Followers About Your B2B Business
  • Build Authentic Relationships with Followers
  • Team Up with Brand Ambassadors
  • Use Instagram Stories
  • Run Instagram Lead Generation Ads


Instagram Stories provide several chances for B2B marketers to raise brand awareness and create leads. Not all of the techniques described above will help you obtain leads directly, but they will help you move prospective leads along the funnel.

You should utilize a combination of these methods for the greatest outcomes. Also, keep in mind that social media marketing necessitates perseverance. As a result, don't anticipate rapid results! It's one of the B2B trends to keep an eye on.

Do you have any queries regarding using Instagram Stories to generate B2B leads? Please leave your questions in the comments area.

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