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4 Reasons Why Google Reviews Matter More Than Other Review Sites

As a webmaster or online marketer, you should know why Google Reviews matter more than other review sites and how to get more Online Reviews. Google reviews help people decide if they want to do business with you and build trust. Taking care of your online reputation means getting a lot of good reviews from your best customers on all of the most popular sites in your industry.

Oct 22, 202226 Shares660 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Why Google Reviews Matter More Than Other Review Sites?
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If you own a business, you probably know how good it feels when a customer gives you a good review online. What you might not know is how important those reviews are, not just for bringing in new customers but also for your search engineranking. Especially you should knowwhy Google reviews matter more than other review sitesand something that your businesscan't ignore.

Customers will look for you online before they decide to buy something from you. Google is the review site that is growing the fastest right now, so reviews on Google are more important than ever.

Reviews have a direct effect on the local SEOranking and are an important part of a strategy for local search marketing. At the same time, it is a very effective way to persuade a customer to buy your product or service.

Customers today expect to see reviews when they search for something on Google. Customer reviews are like recommendations for your business, and they build trust and credibility.

Why Google Reviews Matter More Than Other Review Sites?

6 Reasons Why Google Reviews Matter

How high you rank on Google depends directly on how well you handle reviews. The more reviews you have on Google, the higher you will rank among your competitors. Your local search rankings will go up if you get reviews and respond to them. Google will reward you more the more reviews you have. ‍

A Successful Feedback Loop

Reviews are a good way to improve how your customers feel about your business. If you get and read the reviews Google users leave on Google, you'll know what your business is doing right and where it could be better.

Make sure that you can turn negative reviews into positive ones. It's important to respond to bad reviews in a polite way, saying you're sorry and doing your best to fix the problem. This is your chance to show how good you are at customer service.

When you respond to negative reviews, you can also let the customer know that you've heard what they have to say and that you're sorry for the mistake.

Trust And Credibility

As was already said, good reviews make customers more likely to trust your business. Reviews about your business help potential customers trust and believe in you. They are empowering and have a direct effect on your business's bottom line.

Bright Local did a study that showed that about 82% of customers read reviews before making a purchase decision and that 52% of people between the ages of 18 and 54 always read reviews.

When a customer reads a good review, they go back to the website, look for more reviews, call the business, or go to the actual location. 76% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends, which is a good thing because it helps people decide what to buy.

They Influence Purchase Decisions

Online Google reviews can be just what a buyer needs to move from thinking about buying to actually buying. When people read them, they are often looking for reassurance that they are making the right choice.

When people are making a choice, positive online reviews can give them the reassurance they need. But it can also be the other way around. If your business has a low number of stars or a lot of recent bad reviews on Google, customers might choose to go to a competitor instead.

What’s The Importance Of Google Reviews?

Why Google Reviews Are Important

Google reviews increase a company's credibility without cost. Google reviews improve local SEO, level the playing field, boost online reputation, and support mom-and-pop businesses.

Google reviews let good businesses show off to future clients. People can leave corporate reviews online without downloading an app. Reviews make marketing hype, pricey campaigns, and slick text irrelevant.

Yes, those adsand the attractive copy can have a big influence. Since Google company reviews provide transparency and social verification rather than beautiful marketing, they become less relevant.

Any searcher may type in a query and see businesses with customer reviews and make an informed decision on whether to connect with that business with favorable reviews driving them toward conversion.

Reviews also help businesses compete in local SEO. Google reviews can boost local search rankings for any business. Google may rank a local running shoe store higher in local search results if it feels it offers a better experience than a retail giant. Retail behemoth follows suit.

People Also Ask

Do Google Reviews Even Matter?

They are important because they are linked to your business and can be seen by anyone who searches for your business on Google, no matter how many clicks it takes. It is important for business owners to know how people feel about their company. Always respond to reviews that aren't good.

Why Are Google Reviews Better?

Businesses can get a big boost in credibility from Google reviews without spending a dime. Getting Google reviews has many benefits, such as helping with local SEO, leveling the playing field, improving your online reputation, and helping small businesses.

Why Are Google Reviews More Positive Than Yelp?

Even though a lot of people use Yelp, you'll do better if you focus on your Google reviews. Yelp doesn't get nearly as much traffic as Google does, and Google's reputation among local businesses is much better.


Google business reviews can help your business in three main ways: brand trust, local SEO, and customer feedback. If you aren't already using Google reviews, you may be missing out on benefits that your competitors are taking advantage of.

Google business reviews don't take much time or money, but they can give you great results in a short amount of time. In short, if you're not already doing so, use Google business reviews matter that to other sites because it build trust in your brand, improve your local SEO, and get feedback and insights.

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