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What Asset Is Used To Build A Remarketing List For Great Campaigns?

When a Google Ads campaign uses remarketing lists, it can open up a lot of new and interesting consumer opportunities. If you want to know what asset is used to build a remarketing list, you are in the right place.

Jan 20, 20239 Shares855 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  4. How To Create A Remarketing List In Google Ads?
  5. What Asset Is Used To Build A Remarketing List?
  6. 3 Reasons Custom Segment Is Important
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If you want to know what asset is used to build a remarketing list, you are in the right place.

Remarketing or retargeting is a great feature that both Google Adsand Facebook Ads have. It focuses on getting in touch with people who have already used your website or app and might have bought something. Putting your ads in front of these users might make them more likely to convert.

When a Google Ads campaign uses remarketing lists, it can open up a lot of new and interesting consumer opportunities. Some marketers get so excited about getting these new prospects that they forget about their current leads and past clients.

On the other hand, Google Ads has a lot of great targeting options and audience segmentation tools that can be used to make great remarketing campaigns that shouldn't be missed.

What Is Remarketing List For Search Ads?

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads - Google Best Practices for AdWords

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a feature of Google Ads that let advertisers customize their search campaigns based on whether a user has been to their website (or app) before and what pages they looked at. There are two ways to use RLSAs:

  • Changing the bids on your ad groups for people (remarketing lists) who use the keywords you are bidding on to search on Google.
  • Set up your search ad groups so that they only show ads when a user on your Remarketing list searches for the keywords you are bidding on.

The name "Remarketing Lists for Search Ads" can be a little confusing because it sounds like it's the same thing as "display remarketing," but on the search network. But this isn't the case!

The only thing that RLSAs and display remarketing have in common is that they both track users by using cookies and add them to lists that advertisers can use. RLSAs use these lists in a way that is very different from how traditional display remarketing works.

Standard remarketing shows ads to users when they browse the Google Display Network, but RLSAs don't just show text ads to users who are on your remarketing list because they are on your list. Users still have to be using the keywords you are bidding on in your search campaigns to search on Google.

Why Is Remarketing Important?

Most people who visit your website won't do anything after they get there. Some of these people just weren't interested in your businessor what it had to offer. But Google Ads remarketing tries to get customers who were interested but didn't buy back on your site.

Remember that you don't have to buy something to convert. Converting a lead can also mean getting them to sign up for a newsletter, ask for more information, download a demo, or do something else. There are many reasons why a customer might be interested in converting but not take the next step.

  • They still weren't ready.
  • They didn't have time and planned to come back later.
  • They were still deciding between different options or shopping around.
  • They got sidetracked (it is the Internet, after all).
  • They didn't like the price or the features.

The goal of remarketing is to find these customers and get them to come back to your website and finish their conversion.

Remarketing Your Business For Search Ads Benefits

A man in white long sleeves looking at the remarketing graphs
A man in white long sleeves looking at the remarketing graphs

With RLSAs, you can target people who already know about your website and are more qualified and valuable in your search campaigns. When done right, RLSAs can lead to better use of advertising dollars, higher conversion rates, and a higher return on investment.

Still, this method has a number of other important benefits that are worthless.

Ensures Relevant Ad Messages

Relevance is one of the most important things in a good Google Ads campaign. If your ads aren't relevant, prospects won't pay attention to them. So, if your ad contentis relevant, your Quality Score goes up.

Google uses Quality Score to decide where your ad ranks and how much it costs. Remarketing ads are sure to be relevant because they only go to Internet users who have already shown interest in or engaged with your brand.

Boosts Brand Recognition And Recall

As was already said, one reason an interesting lead might leave your site without converting is that they are still doing research and are not ready to make a final decision. They might remember you or they might not. In some cases, a customer might not be ready to make that choice for weeks or even months.

By re-marketing, you make sure that your company and brand stay in people's minds during that time. Because they've seen your ads more than once, your company will be one of the first to come to mind when they're ready to make a decision and convert.

Behavior And Page Visits Are Kept Track Of

Data for remarketing is not just about who has been to your website. It also tells you where on your site they went and what content interested them.

This information can help you figure out which features or pieces of information lead to more conversions, which you can then use to improve your ads, landing pages, and content strategy.

How To Create A Remarketing List In Google Ads?

How to Set Up Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) Campaigns

Follow these steps after logging into your Ads account to set up the remarketing campaign.

  • Choose a library that is shared so you can see the audience manager.
  • Now pick someone from the list of past visitors.
  • Choose the plus sign (+) to add the site's users as well.
  • Visited pages could use some work. Cookies can help you choose which visitors to talk to.
  • Choose how many visits you want to add. It's best to start with the visitors from the month before.
  • You can choose how long you want customers to stay on your list for retargeting. It can be changed at any time.
  • To finish making the remarketing list, click "Create the audience." You can now bid based on how much moneyyou have.

What Asset Is Used To Build A Remarketing List?

Google Ads Custom Segments Explained For Beginners 2022

Custom Segment

This is the best thing a businessowner can do to get the most out of their business and the remarketing plans they have made to boost sales and make customers loyal.

A custom segment is, as you might expect, a customized group of specific data from the larger collection that you can use to narrow down the people who see your campaigns.

One example is the time range you want to search in. You could set your custom segment to show users who have been to a certain part of your website in the last, say, 30 days.

This could be combined with users who have put items in their shopping carts but haven't yet paid for them. This way, you can play off of what they already think about the item and maybe get them to buy it after all.

This might sound sneaky, but it's a common part of online shopping, and every day we all see ads that are tailored to us based on what we've searched for and what we like.

Why Are They Important?

Custom segments are important because they let business owners target specific parts of their customer base to boost sales and customer engagement in a certain area of their business.

It also lets business owners see where their company may be falling short when it comes to making sales and getting new customers on their books.

3 Reasons Custom Segment Is Important

Google Ads Custom Segments - How to Create Custom Audience Segments - Marketing10

Talk To Your Customers The Way They Want To Be Talked To

If you treat all of your customers the same, you'll miss out on chances to get a bigger share of your target audience. Most business people eat lunch at restaurants, and they like to be served quickly. Families out in the evening want something to keep their children busy. Two very different types of people.

In the retail world, a customer who shops at your outlet stores, online, and regular stores would like to be recognized and given personal recommendations on your website because they know they are a loyal core customer.

When you match how you sell and deliver your products to how your customers buy and use them, it's easy for them to choose you when they're ready to buy.

Custom segmentation gives you information about your customers' needs and preferences across a wide range of dimensions. This lets you see if the way you serve your customers matches up with the way they want to be served.

Well-executed Custom Segmentmakes Effectiveness Measurements Easy

2Metrics show that custom segments stay mostly the same over time. Since they don't change, it's easy to measure things like sales per customer, profit per customer, and cost to acquire.

Why is it easier to track ROI when ROI is based on custom segmentation? Customers can move from one segment to another when transaction-based segmentation is used.

If you sell hardware, buying a new home puts you in a growing market segment. Then, when you're done with everything, you're in the last part, which is going down. The base changes all the time.

It’s The Basis For Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Custom segmentation is hard to use because it is based on people's attitudes. Senior Executives seem to think that it is interesting but not useful.

If you can implement and keep up a strategy that takes into account attitudes, demos, life stages, and financial indicators, you're likely to do better than competitors who don't have these insights.

People Also Ask

What Two Types Of Remarketing Can Be Used?

There are two different kinds of remarketing: standard and dynamic. Both are based on the idea that you should show ads to people who have been to your site before, but dynamic remarketing takes personalization a step further.

Why Do We Do Remarketing?

Marketing is important for your business because it lets customers know about your products or services, gets them interested, and helps them decide whether or not to buy from you. Also, a marketing plan, which is part of your business plan, helps you come up with and carry out

When Should You Use Remarketing Lists For?

One of the best ways to reach new customers with advertising campaigns is to use remarketing lists for search ads. This is because you can target people who have already been to your site and show them relevant ads through Google Ads campaigns when they search for other terms related to your business.


And that's all you need to know about building remarketing lists and which asset is the best tool for the job.

Remarketing lists are an important part of the marketing processas a whole, and they can make all the difference between a business's success or failure on the market. So, why not use this asset if you want to build your remarketing list the right way?

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