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Value Of Social Media - The True Value Of Social Media Presence For Your Business

The value of social media is important because it offers companies like yours a way to connect one-on-one with its target audience and nurture those audience members into customers.

May 28, 20231.4K Shares59.8K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  1. Why Is Social Media Important For Your Business?
  2. Benefits Of Social Media For Growth
  3. Benefits Of Social Media For Content Creation And Distribution
  4. Benefits Of Social Media For Communication
  5. Benefits Of Social Media For Gaining Insights
  6. People Also Ask
  7. Conclusion

How does using social mediafor businesshelp?

Think about the fact that there are now more than 4,2 billion people who use social media.

If you don't use social media as part of your digital marketing strategy, you're missing out on a quick, cheap, and effective way to reach almost half of the world's people.

Let's look at all the value of social mediathat can help you reach your target audience, interact with customers, and grow your business.

What is Social Media and why does your business need Social Media?

Why Is Social Media Important For Your Business?

Social media logo, linkedin highlighted
Social media logo, linkedin highlighted

Build Brand Awareness

Companies can tell their story and explain why they offer the services they do on different platforms. They can also share customer and employee stories with their audiences.

If B2B leaders can use what their employees have to say, they can make their brand reach even more people.

Every worker has their own network, and each network could have hundreds of contacts.

In turn, each of these people has hundreds of other connections.

Humanize Your Brand

One of the best things about social media for business is that it lets you make real human connections, also known as "meaningful relationship moments."

Show your followers who works for your company and how current customers are using and benefiting from your products.

Being real builds trust.

In turn, trust makes people more open to marketing and brings in new business.

And the best place to be real is on social media.

Show how you're living up to your brand's values, how your product works in the real world, and how you're putting your employees' and customers' needs first.

Drive Thought Leadership

Social media is a great way to find out what people are worried about and what they are interested in.

On the other hand, being on social media gives brands the chance to be thought leaders by solving problems.

Make how-to guides, webinars, and other contentthat helps people, and they'll see your brand as a source of advice they can trust.

Stay Top Of Mind With Key People

The best way to get the attention of decision-makers and other top stakeholders is to share your thought leadershipon social media.

Use webinars, ebooks, one-pagers, podcasts, and other types of content to help other people solve problems.

You have to be where your future customers are if you want to connect with them and talk to them.

And most of that is because of social media.

Benefits Of Social Media For Growth

Plants on top of coins
Plants on top of coins

Increase Website Traffic

Posts and adson social media are two of the best ways to get people to visit your website.

Sharing great contentfrom your blog or website on your social channels is a great way to get readers as soon as you publish a new post.

(You can even use UTM tracking tags to track your click-throughs and get information about them!)

Participating in social chats is also a great way to get noticed by new people, show off your skills, and get people to visit your website.

(But don't just talk about yourself; offer something of real value!)

Include your website address in all of your social media profiles so that people can learn more about you with just one click.

Generate Leads

Social media gives potential customers an easy and low-risk way to show interest in your business and products.

Lead generation is such an important business benefit of social media that many social networks have advertising formats that are made to gather leads.

Boost Sales

Your social media accounts are an important part of your sales funnel, which is the process that a new contact goes through to become a customer.

This is called social selling!

As the number of people who use social media keeps growing and social sales tools get better, social networks will become more and more important for searching for products and doing business online.

Now is a good time to make sure your social marketing goalsmatch your sales goals.

Partner With Influencers

Recommendations from friends and family and reviews play a big part in how people choose what to buy.

When people talk about your product or company on social media, you build brand awareness and credibility, which can lead to more sales.

One important way to get people talking about your brand on social media is to work with "influencers." These are people who have a lot of followers on social media and can bring those followers' attention to your brand.

Benefits Of Social Media For Content Creation And Distribution

Laptop, camera with mic, tablet, papers with one 'storyboard' written on it
Laptop, camera with mic, tablet, papers with one 'storyboard' written on it

Promote Content

Promoting your content on social media is a great way to get your smart, well-researched content in front of new people, show off your expertise, and grow your audience.

To get the most out of social media for your business, you should also have a plan for content marketing.

Go Viral

Your social posts reach new audiences when people like, comment, and share them.

Going viral expands this idea.

Your content spreads across the internet as people share it with their networks and their networks do the same.

In a world with more content than anyone can consume, a friend's social share acts as pre-screening.

Without social media, going viral would be difficult.

Social media fans can help you achieve this goal.

One TikTok user created choreography for Grammarly's Youtube ad audio, inspiring 100,000+ others to do the same.

Benefits Of Social Media For Communication

5 people using laptops and tablets
5 people using laptops and tablets

Reputation Management

Even if you're not on social media, your customers are already talking about you.

If you and your team are on the ball, you can find important social posts about your brand and use them to highlight the good and fix the bad before they become a big problem.

For example, if people are posting about how upset they are about bad customer service, this could be a red flag.

Is someone saying something that isn't true about your business?

Make sure to tell your side of the story in a professional and polite way.

Someone telling you how great you are?

Send them a lot of thanks and bring their kind words to people's attention.

Crisis Communication

Does your business have a plan for how tohandle a crisis?

Even if a problem with a small business doesn't get as big as, say, a problem with Starbucks, a smaller number of shares can have a huge effect on a tight-knit community or niche.

When it comes to responding to crises on social media, you can't just stay quiet.

Having well-run and managed social media accounts and a plan can help you be present and ready to interact if something bad happens.

Benefits Of Social Media For Gaining Insights


Learn More About Your Customers

Social media gives you a lot of information in real time about your customers.

With that information, you can make better business choices.

All of the big social networks have analytics that tell you about the age, gender, and location of the people who use your account.

This can help you make changes to your social media marketingplan so you can better reach your real audience.

Stay On Top Of Industry News

Things move quickly online, and you can't afford to fall behind.

Social listeningis a way to keep a "ear to the ground" and find out about changes coming to your industry that could affect how you do business.

People Also Ask

Why Is Social Media Presence So Important?

Social media makes you and your business more visible to potential customers and clients who might not know who you are or what you do.

Having a social media presence lets you reach more people quickly and for less money.

This brings more attention to you and your business, which will lead to more sales.

How Effective Is Social Media Presence?

It means making content that fits the needs and interests of the people you want to reach.

This builds trust, and once you have that, you're one step closer to getting the business of your audience.

You can also learn more about your audience if you have a strong social media presence.

Why Is Social Media The Best Way To Advertise?

Social media advertisingis important because it lets you target very specific users, build a database of your audience, and track your return on investment directly.

The only way to join the Forbes Agency Council is to be invited by a successful public relations, media strategy, creative, or advertising agency executive.


In the end, business goals determine value.

Your company's overall goals, not its social goals, must be prioritized.

Growing likes and followers is important, but your social efforts should have a bigger purpose (like getting more customers).

When you track social ROI, you can show your leaders what content is working and what isn't and fine-tune your key messages.

When social media grows your business, it's valuable.

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