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Top 10 Useful Business Tools For IPhone And IPad In 2023

There are countless top great business tools available for iPads today. From email, messaging, and administrative programs to iPhone VR apps, everyone is looking to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Apple devices in managing the everyday running of businesses.

Mar 09, 202317 Shares351 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. PDF Scanner
  3. Microsoft Office
  4. Slack
  5. Spark
  6. Nextiva App
  7. 1Password
  8. Smartsheet
  9. Google Calendar
  10. Zoho – CRM
  11. Conclusion

There are countless top great businesstools available for iPads today. From email, messaging, and administrative programs to iPhone VR apps, everyone is looking to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Apple devices in managing the everyday running of businesses. Doing so makes an iPad become a powerhouse of tools that can boost individual and team productivity significantly. To aid you in your quest to make these useful businessapps available easily, we've compiled an extensive list of 10 top business applications specially designed for Apple devices.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft's PowerPoint is a go-to choice for making presentations across all its platforms. Not only is the interface familiar and user-friendly, but the range of tools available makes creating and editing your project a breeze. From customizing it to create an impression to working collaboratively with your team, this app allows you to do it effortlessly. Added to that, files are securely saved in OneDrive for added accessibility and safety. Apart from English, you can use PowerPoint in many languages; including Czech, Danish, French, German, and Japanese. Therefore, it manages to be the leading presentation app out there!

PDF Scanner

Finding the best scanner that suits your needs can be hard. But, if you want a fast and reliable scanning tool to enhance productivity, we have the solution for you! PDF Scanner Appdocument scanner app allows you to make your phone a small office anytime and anywhere. Scanning DOCS, IDs, passports, bills, and receipts in multiple formats like TXT, PDF, or JPEG from any source is effortless with the DOC scanner technology of our app. Not just scanning but the best quality images with color and perspective correction are ensured instantly to best meet customer satisfaction. So why not get quality results with PDF Scanner App quickly?

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Officegets our top billing when talking about best business apps, and with good reason. Not only is the platform incredibly user-friendly, with a breadth of functionality that easily surpasses that of any alternative office software suite, but it’s also an incredibly versatile cloud-based system. That means all your documents--from Word to Excel to PowerPoint--are stored in the cloud, so you can access them from any device running MacOS or iOS as long as you have an internet connection and are logged into your Microsoft account.


Slackhas revolutionized the way many small businesses communicate. Its simple yet powerful design allows users to chat one to one, in groups, and through channels dedicated to topics or interests. It offers a smooth experience with its responsive interface and many helpful integrations like plug-ins and shortcuts. Instead of having conversations turn into workflows, workflow requests can be made directly within messages using buttons and forms so that feedback can be quickly outlined in familiar threads.


Speaking the truth, Spark is without a doubt the smartest email app I’ve ever tried. It doesn't take long to learn the ropes once you start using it, thanks to its highly intuitive interface. I can easily manage my emails with a few simple taps and swipes. Its inbox allows me to quickly access important messages as well as discard unnecessary ones in no time. To give me more control over my emails, it even categorizes them into Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters.

Nextiva App

Nextiva App is the perfect unified communications solution for busy business people. By utilizing apps for both iPhone and iPad, you will have complete control over your company's phone system anytime, anywhere. You can send an instant message, or even do a voice or video call with your customers - all from one easy-to-navigate app. With its smart user interface and neat features, you'll be able to effortlessly update your business phone account information in no time flat.


1Password is the perfect app for iPhone and iPad users who want to manage all their access credentials without having to worry about remembering multiple logins and passwords. It integrates with Touch ID and a master password so only you can gain access to your password vault. In addition, 1Password even automatically updates your accounts with new information, avoiding duplicates or insecure logins. Plus, it uses end-to-end encryption to give you total security.


Project management is no easy job and requires a great deal of dedication for stakeholders to obtain the desired result. With an abundance of workers individually managing varying tasks, having a platform that allows you to monitor the progress of everyone's efforts at once is essential. The Smartsheet app can provide precisely this; it offers remote tracking abilities where users can view the most recent updates on every project from virtually any location. In addition, one can easily attach files, set alerts, view Gantt charts, or use templates such as project plans, sales pipelines, and project budgets.

Google Calendar

When it comes to managing meetings and events, no one does it better than Google Calendar. This app is jam-packed with features that make keeping track of everything a breeze. It automatically syncs events from Gmail and updates them in real time, as well as syncs all of your schedules across the platforms so that you never miss anything. You can also set goals and set reminders to keep yourself on track to achieving them.

Managing Meetings
Managing Meetings

Zoho – CRM

Managing customers perfectly and keeping them satisfied is essential for any business. This can be a daunting task as customer interests tend to evolve over time, but luckily there are tools to help make managing clients easy. Zoho provides an effective way to manage customers right from your iOS device. Not only can you access in-depth information about your contacts, like call logs and product preferences, but you also have the benefit of offline access when you're out of coverage range. You can even use Zoho to quickly add, edit or delete records with ease! With Zoho on your side, taking care of customers is more convenient than ever.


There is a huge selection of apps available for iOS that can help you become more productive and efficient in your day-to-day tasks. From email management to project management, customer relationship management, and calendar organization, all these apps are designed to make life easier and help you work smarter rather than harder.

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