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Sales Collateral - What Is It And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Sales collateral is stuff that has been planned and created to supplement your sales process. Sales teams collaborate to exchange sales collateral in order to move prospects through the buyer's journey and convert them to customers.

Oct 15, 202212.5K Shares267.5K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. The Benefits Of Sales Collateral To Your Business
  2. 10 Types Of Sale Collateral
  3. What Is Sales Collateral?
  4. What Is Sales And Marketing Collateral?
  5. How Do You Use Sales Collateral?
  6. Final Thoughts

Sales collateralis stuff that has been planned and created to supplement your sales process. Sales teams collaborate to exchange sales collateral in order to move prospects through the buyer's journey and convert them to customers.

Sales collateral is part of the process of giving your sales team the tools they need to close deals, which is known as sales enablement. As a result, sales collateral is also sales enablement information.

The bottom line is that sales collateral material is crucial when it comes to providing your sales staff with the tools they need to establish connections, convert clients, and produce money.

Sales Collateral

The Benefits Of Sales Collateral To Your Business

Generate Leads

Sales entail both outgoing and inbound activity; you are either reaching out to new clients or they have contacted your organization.

Creating and disseminating sales material is an important technique to generate inbound inquiries. Begin with your consumer and ask why they require your product or service. Creating materials to assist them with that difficulty is a wonderful method to detect intent and gather the information needed to begin a dialogue.

Remember that in order to justify someone providing their data, you usually need to supply a large quantity of insight. They're unlikely to provide you their personal information if it's information they can simply discover elsewhere.

Give People A Reason To Contact You

During the sales process, salespeople must maintain contact with clients.

Often, delays occur while stakeholders are being engaged or budgets are being acquired. There are only so many times you can inquire whether they've had a chance to evaluate a proposal, but sales collateral gives you a good reason to contact them.

Consider what insights might assist your prospect or are especially relevant to where they are in the sales process.

Most forms of sales collateral provide a reason to contact the company, but case studiesare especially effective in the final stages of the sales process since they illustrate the impact of a service.

Showcase Your Expertise

It is critical to establish confidence with new clients, and sales collateral is an excellent method to do so.

A software translation businessmight offer a guide to starting in a certain market. An accounting company that serves as a part-time financial director may publish blog pieces that teach the importance of forecasting or how toqualify for a loan.

Empower Your Contact

The individual you're selling to frequently has to persuade their boss that the investment is justified. Ideally, you'll be able to get the person in charge of the budget on the phone, but this isn't always possible.

Sales collateral provides your contact with the information they need to persuade the person signing off on the budget. Handing their boss a brochure or sharing a whitepaper is far more effective than depending on your presentation to them, delivered secondhand, to persuade a stakeholder.

Perhaps it's a case study demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of work you performed with a comparable organization, or a whitepaper outlining why they need to stay ahead of an emerging trend.

Man and woman measuring data
Man and woman measuring data

10 Types Of Sale Collateral

Product Documents

Salespeople should know exactly what they are selling as well as the additional benefits for the buyer that address their individual pain points and issues. A naïve salesman conversing with a decision-maker with extensive industry expertise would be immediately "outed," and recovery would be difficult.

White Papers

This form of sales collateral contentallows sales representatives to delve deep and address particular pain issues while focusing on the technological advantages, value, and investment by removing those obstacles.

Case Studies

To identify customer testimonials, sales enablement teams will collaborate with customer-facing teams. These assist businesses in impressing and gaining the trust of potential purchasers by the job they have previously completed.

Internal Success Videos

Internal success stories, as opposed to case studies, are short, funny films filmed by your best salespeople that describe how they won certain transactions so that new employees can see what smart selling looks like.


Traditional kinds of sales collateral include printed items such as brochures, booklets, manuals, and flyers.

Despite the automation of the majority of the sales process, conventional pamphlets and brochures continue to do a good job of disseminating marketing messages!

Data Sheets

These assist a corporation in dealing with any issues that consumers may have about the more technical specs or documentation of its goods/services.

Buyers Guide

Buyers' guides are an essential component of the sales process. They are ideal for the middle of the funnel, where they may assist move prospective consumers closer to your product or service while also giving important information. Buyer's guides assist your seller is acting as a trusted counsel rather than a typical salesperson.


These are critical components of an internet marketing plan, particularly for demand development. Newsletters, on the other hand, can help to create relationships with future clients.

Sales Script

When speaking with a prospect, it's critical for salespeople to have a reference point to keep the conversation on track and ensure that all of the product's value propositions are covered.

Giving the sales team a simple set of talking topics may go a long way toward having a meaningful conversation with prospects. However, the length of information might vary depending on the salesperson's experience.

Email Templates And Call Scripts

Email templates are standard tools that assist sellers to create trust with prospects and may be tailored to the prospect's pain points and industry. Buyers are more ready to engage with a salesperson when they regard them as trusted counsel.

The objective here is to make it as simple as possible for your vendor to fill in the blanks on the template. Highlight or utilize colors to make it easier for them so they can return their attention to main selling activities.

What Is Sales Collateral?

Sales collateral is stuff that has been planned and created to supplement your sales process. Sales teams collaborate to exchange sales collateral in order to move prospects through the buyer's journey and convert them to customers.

What Is Sales And Marketing Collateral?

Marketing collateral is sometimes defined as a collection of material used to assist the selling of a product or service in marketing and sales. Historically, the term "collateral" referred particularly to brochures or sell sheets created as sales assistance materials.

How Do You Use Sales Collateral?

Salespeople utilize sales material to persuade customers of the value of their solutions. The goal of sales collateral is to deliver the necessary information to the target audience to assist them to analyze, deciding, and purchasing.

A man sitting beside a laptop, a phone, and a tablet
A man sitting beside a laptop, a phone, and a tablet

Final Thoughts

The finest sales collateral moves prospects closer to a transaction, but it can only do so if it is designed with your buyer's journey and your customer in mind.

Examine your sales team's present resources and tools, and think about adding some new sales material – it might be just what you need to attract new clients and increase sales.

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