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Promoted Posts - Promote Your Brand And Achieve Marketing Goal

A promoted post is a type of ad that is used to increase the number of people who see your content who are already fans of your brand. You'll get a lot more views on these posts than you would have otherwise, but this may not affect the number of unique page views you get.

Oct 20, 202223 Shares871 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  4. What Is The Difference Between A Promoted Post And A Sponsored Story?
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Producing contentisn't enough to get people to look at it. To reach the right audience, you must promote branded content. Is this also true for influencer content? It certainly does! Hello and welcome to the world of promoted posts.

The influencersyou work with should ideally have built-in audiences who follow their every post and word. But what if you want a specific post to go viral beyond an influencer's existing audience? Usingpromoted posts pays off. Promoting posts allows you to expand the reach of content that is already performing well.

What Are Promoted Posts?

Consider promoted posts to be the social mediaequivalent of native adsor sponsored content. According to the Native Advertising Institute, native advertising is advertising that matches the form or function of the content on the site or media on which it appears. For example, sponsored content on the "NY Times" website appears similarly to other articles or blog posts on the "Times'" site.

A promoted post on Facebook appears in the same way as any other post in a user's newsfeed. According to the FTC's guidelines, a promoted post should be labeled as "sponsored" so that people can tell it's an ad even if it looks like other posts in their newsfeed.

Whose Posts Are Being Promoted?

When it comes to promoting posts, brands have two options. To begin, you can promote the posts that your brand creates for Facebook or Instagram. This allows your branded content to reach new audiences, increasing the chances that your post will increase brand awareness and recognition.

Second, you can work to promote the posts created by your influencers. Influencer-promoted posts tend to generate higher rates of engagement than your brand's own posts.

Previously, brands that wanted to promote the posts of influencers had to do so by sharing the posts and paying to promote them. Because the brand's information appeared above the promoted post, the resulting posts appeared clunky. Facebook recently introduced a new way for brands to promote the posts of influencers, which simplifies the process.

Benefits Of Promoted Posts

A lady smiling using her laptop
A lady smiling using her laptop

In two ways, brands can incorporate promoted posts into their digital marketing strategies.

First, they can promote the brand's Facebook and Instagram posts. This allows branded content to reach new audiences, experiment with different content ideas for different target audiences, generate leads, and even increase the likelihood of achieving brand awareness and recognition.

Second, they can use user-generated content to promote their posts by sharing it on their social media platforms. When compared to promoting your own brand's posts, user-generated content tends to generate higher engagement rates.

Brands can easily optimize their content and use social media marketingto increase their organic reach with promoted posts. It is a workaround for the decline in organic reach on Facebook and Instagram. They also make it more convenient for brands to reach the size of their target audience without having to pay a lot of moneyfor advertising.

High Intent

Words website traffic being written by hand
Words website traffic being written by hand

You've probably heard the expression "Any traffic is good traffic!", but nothing could be farther from the truth.

People only buy when they are truly interested in something. In fact, "number of impressions" is a bogus metric that marketers frequently employ to save face. What matters is the level of intent and the quality of these leads.

Almost every brand today invests in digital marketing. Not only is this causing a bidding war, which raises the cost of acquisition, but the constant interruptions are annoying to potential customers. Getting people's attention on the internet has become a difficult task.

Even after capturing eyeballs, the average e-commerce conversion rate via outbound ads is about 2%. That means that out of 100 people who see your ad, only two are likely to convert.

Communities, on the other hand, are a group of users who have a specific goal in mind. Even if you only drive 30 people to your website, but 15 of them convert, your overall conversion rate is 50%.

Online communities are an excellent way for businesses to find relevant, targeted traffic. It's similar to what Reddit, Google Search, and Quora do, but better. Running a no-code tool ad on a no-code community will have a much higher ROI than running the same ad on Google search or Facebook ads.


Two men wearing suit shaking hands with words win-win at their back
Two men wearing suit shaking hands with words win-win at their back

Sponsored content is a win-win situation as long as advertisements are clearly differentiated and useful to your audience. You are compensated for posting it, and you receive more valuable content to share with your community.

However, make your sales posts as natural and consistent as possible with your other posts. You want them to complement everything else you do without coming across as ostentatious.

Without actively promoting the product, you can even include an advertisement in your display banner at the top of your community feed. The company will be remembered simply by association.

Engagement For Content Marketers

You've probably seen thousands of brands that post on social media on a regular basis. Double-clicking on the majority of their posts reveals that the brand receives little or no engagement.

Brands can benefit from communities. It increases engagement rates because a targeted community generates both conversions and conversations.It's exactly what you need to stay ahead of the competition.

What Is The Difference Between A Promoted Post And A Sponsored Story?

While both terms will appear as sponsored, they are distinct pieces of advertised content. They differ in terms of where they are placed, who they target, and how you are charged for them. The most significant distinction between the two is that you pay a flat rate for a promoted post, whereas you pay per clickor impression for a sponsored story.

Promoted posts appear in the news feeds of people who are already fans of your page but haven't interacted with your posts or other forms of content.

Meanwhile, sponsored stories appear in places where Facebook displays other advertisements on their website. It appears differently than it would if it had appeared in your news feed. It also does not always target people who already follow your page. Sponsored stories, on the other hand, do not specifically account for users who are already fans, but rather only those who meet the criteria you set up in your Ad Manager.

People Also Ask

How Do Promoted Posts Work?

A Facebook boosted post is the same as any other Facebook post. Except you paid to promote it to people who would not have seen your organic post. It's the most basic type of Facebook ad, and you can make one with just a few clicks.

What Is The Difference Between A Boosted Post And A Promoted Post?

The main difference is that boosting a post is quick and easy, whereas promoting a post or creating an ad from an existing post takes much longer and requires Ads Manager knowledge. How Do Promoted Posts Work On Facebook?

A Promoted Post Starts As A Regular Post On Your Business Page.

You select a Post, set a budget, and the Post is shared with a specified number of Facebook members.Depending on how you've set up your budget, your story may be seen by your Fans or even friends of your Fans.

Final Words

Because a promoted post must be purchased, making the most of the post is critical. It is also necessary to examine the statistics of the promoted post. Investigating the activities of users who are viewing the post can reveal information about how well the post is performing. This can assist a company in determining which types of posts are most effective when promoted, as well as whether a post is popular enough to be promoted again.

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