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Powerful Marketing Words - Connect With Your Target Market To Boost Your Sale

Every business owner is seeking for those magic bullet strategies and powerful marketing words that will make the copy in your email newsletters, website pages, and other materials profitable. Actually, it doesn't operate that way. To create a marketing material bridge from consumer to customer, certain tenets—like quality and trust—must be woven through the heart of all your content.

Oct 19, 20222 Shares173 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  1. What Are Power Words?
  2. Word Choice And Impact
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  4. Marketing Words & Phrases That Reduce Risk
  5. Marketing Words & Phrases That Build Trust
  6. People Also Ask
  7. Conclusion

Every businessowner is seeking for those magic bullet strategies and powerful marketing wordsthat will make the copy in your email newsletters, website pages, and other materials profitable.

Actually, it doesn't operate that way. To create a marketing material bridge from consumer to customer, certain tenets - like quality and trust - must be woven through the heart of all your content.

The good news is that while establishing trust through branded content, SEOstrategies, online personas, social mediapostings, website and landing page copy, and other methods, your word choice will serve as your first line of defense.

Copywritingis all about using words to motivate readers to take action. Despite the fact that the dictionary contains a large number of words, it can be difficult to come up with genuine, potent, non-repetitive words and phrases that will resonate with your audience.

This article provides you with a list of powerful marketing wordsto use as a basis for creating reliable text that will:

  • minimize risk
  • minimize uncertainty
  • create trust
  • encourage purchases
  • create a sense of urgency
  • stir curiosity
  • Engage your audience
  • communicate value
  • impose authority
  • infer development or gain

While the history of copywriting dates back to the days when billboards, newspapers, magazine advertisements, and direct sales publications were the norm, it has since developed into both an art and a science.

Copywriting has been able to penetrate practically all areas of the digital world because of its branching out. There are many copywriting programs available that can assist you in writing effective copy.

However, in this article, you won't need any copywriting software because we will help you create powerful marketing words that can make you land your client and customers.

What Are Power Words?

Power words are words that smart marketers and copywriters use to make people feel something or think something.

Words with power make people feel, act, or have an opinion. They make you want a product, make you click "buy now," or remind you of something.

A strong power word can make the difference between a reader signing up for your email list, downloading that guide you worked hard on, or sharing your well-written content on social media.

Using the right words at the right time, depending on your goals, is the key to using smart marketing words. One of the most important ideas in marketing psychology is this.

Simply put, you want to use one set of power words when you want to emphasize exclusivity and a different set when you want to stress urgency.

Even adding one word (if it's the right word) can make a big difference in how well something works out.

Ellen Langer, a social psychologist, did an experiment to see what would happen if she added just one word to a sentence. She asked to cut in line at a copy machine.

Seems pretty easy, doesn't it? The results say everything you need to know.

"Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine?"- 60% said OK.

“Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I’m in a rush?”- 94% said OK.

“Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I have to make some copies?”- 93% said OK

Adding just one word that answers the question "why" made a big difference. Even though the reason for the third example was pretty obvious, the results are still clear.

Word Choice And Impact

A marketing campaign's success or failure can often be determined by only one word.

Of course, you want to be on the winning team as a marketer. You have even more motivation to work on honing your skills because credible data indicates that adding certain terms to your headlines can increase share-ability levels by as much as 500%.

Even if we regard ourselves as experts in the marketing field, it would be negligent of us not to thank those who went before us.

One of the most bright and innovative minds in the advertising world is David Ogilvy. Given his standing in the field, it is only fitting that some of his wise statements and powerful marketing words are included in our compilation.

These can be used on any type of website, including eCommercesites, informational websites, and even advertisements or digital ads. So let's get started!

List of the eight most powerful marketing words
List of the eight most powerful marketing words


We only have so much time. As a marketer, you can use this information to make a lot of moneyin your field.

Importantly, your work shouldn't stop when you share time-limited deals. If you give your clients two weeks to decide whether to take you up on an offer or not, it wouldn't hurt to remind them that time is running out.

Soon- does two things: it promises good returns and urges people to act quickly.

Bargain- this is one of Ogilvy's best works. It works because it makes people interested in buying. At the end of the day, you're telling everyone how reasonable the product or service is.

Going-fast- This makes people want to get on the train before it leaves the station.

Last- this makes it clear to prospects that they need to take the final step to get the products or services they want.

Minute- you can use the sands of time to great effect if you have an e-commerce platform. They can be persuaded to buy because of these regular updates.

Hurry- with a deadline to meet, this message tells prospects to get quality products while they're still available.

Immediately- this lets them know that they will get their products right away if they buy them.

Instantaneously- the message hits home with customers who don't want to wait to get a product or service they've been wanting.

Instantly- it works out well for both sides. You're promising to act right away if clients are ready to buy right away.

Second- this shows how good the services and products that are being offered.

Keeping Promises

Making promises can really help your business. Most people are willing to take your word for it, so it brings potential customers closer to the table. When you stand up for something, people will do what they can to help you.

Here's a quick list of some of the most powerful words in marketing that make a promise:

Guarantee- the word tells customers that they can trust the product or service you're selling.

Risk-free- this gives your clients peace of mind since they know nothing bad can happen after the transaction.

Expires- tells your audience that they should act quickly because the offer is only good for a short time.

Promise- serves as proof that people are responsible. Anything that happens after you make a promise can be used against you.

Quick- taking a cue from Ogilvy, this makes prospects search for products to buy more quickly.

Pledge- goes a long way to show how honest you are and how much you care about helping your customers.

Now- this makes it easier for customers to decide to buy right away.

Unconditional- this helps you win over fans because it shows you care about their success.

Sale- people love a good deal, so if you use this powerful marketing word, it's likely that lots of people will soon come to see what you have to offer.

Take A Chill Pill

There is some risk involved in every purchase. Since your customers are willing to spend their own moneyand a lot of time on your services, it's best to give them a sense of security.

By using these reassuring yet powerful marketing words, you show them that their investment is safe and that they don't need to worry:

Money-back- ensures that nothing bad will happen after the purchase. This can be used a lot in online stores and can really boost your sales.

Tested- if something has been tried and tested, it must be good, right? This powerful marketing word makes prospects like you.

Straight-forward- being honest is a good trait that can help you get closer to your market.

Painless- with nothing to lose or fear, prospects will probably be eager to see what you have to offer.

Privacy- customers can trust a brand with their money when they know that personal information about them is kept private. This word works very well because it guarantees privacy.

Best-seller- people love to be around successful people. When you put this label on your products, you show fans that you're proud of what you've done. Also, this is more about an online shop.

Success- everyone loves people who win. If your product has reached important milestones, don't be afraid to talk about it.

Smooth- customers who are ready to use your products right away will be interested in a smooth process.

Safe- this builds confidence. When customers know they can count on you and that nothing will go wrong, they are more likely to try out your products.

That Premium Connection

If you know who your audience is, you can connect with them better. If you want your brand to be associated with a high level of quality, it's best to use a few buzzwords.

This will make it easier for you to connect with certain groups. Importantly, the quality of the product needs to be top-notch, and the copy needs to reflect and emphasize the elegance of the whole thing.

Here's how toget people to feel something:

Invite-only- there's a sense of being special about this deal.

Luxurious - nothing says deluxe class quite like luxurious. If your audience cares about style and comfort, this is a good angle to look at.

Definitive- this works well to make your prospects feel like they are special. As a statement of intent, your audience may be willing to associate with your brand if it exudes prestige.

Powerful- this can work well for you because it gives your clients a sense of power and control. This usually leaves an impression that makes them want to come back for more.

Pristine- this gives off a lush feeling that's good for people who want to feel like they're up in the clouds.

Authentic- with original products in your line, it's easy to get people to trust you.

Ultimate- this wording appeals to people who want to believe that unique offerings are best for them.

Secret- this makes your product seem like it has that elusive feeling of being hidden. In a world where everything seems to be out in the open, there's a good chance you can make good sales if you can guarantee stealth in service delivery.

New- best if you are putting out a new product on the market.

Limited- this makes customers want to act quickly and buy a unique product you're selling.

Rare- this makes people think of your brand as something hard to find but admired by everyone. As a prized possession, these words can lead to more sales.

Fresh- this makes people want to buy the products you're putting on the market as soon as possible.

Revealed- the best time to use it is when you want to make a big announcement about something rare and valuable.

Model- shows that the products you're selling are good enough for an exhibition

Perfect- does your product live up to the claims you make in your ads? Then persuade your customers that it is. People love the idea of perfection, so this is a great way to sell more.

Genuine- authenticity is a great selling point that can bring a lot of customers to your store.

Premium - this says a lot about the quality of the items you carry.

Dice with the phrase 'Words Have Power' on a wooden table
Dice with the phrase 'Words Have Power' on a wooden table


It's hard to stop clients from scrolling in the world of digital media. It's not easy to do this because there is so much on the Internet.

Still, it's very possible if you write a great copy. Here are some powerful marketing words that can stop your customers in their tracks:

Announcing- goes a long way toward making a big splash about how elegant your services are.

Introducing- this will make people stop and wonder what kind of product you're putting on the market and how it will make their lives better.

Offer- if you can guarantee quality without making your customers spend a lot of money, they will be quick to take your word for it. Many online shopping sites do this because it can help them make sales quickly.

Challenge- most people want to prove their worth, so it's likely that a lot of your potential customers will want to see if they can compete with the innovative product you have on the market.

Discover- here, you're promising to open up your customers' minds. Given that there's a lot of noise on the internet that doesn't really help prospects, there's a good chance they'll stop, think, and decide to give your brand a try.

Marketing Words & Phrases That Reduce Risk

Getting a customer to see less risk in doing business with you will make them feel more at ease with their decision. Try to use words in your marketing copy that reassure people that they won't lose money or have to commit to something for a long time.

The goal here is to create a sense of predictability or a set of expectations. Some powerful marketing words and phrases related to them are:

Talk to [representative] to see if [business name or product] is right for you

  • Book a demo
  • Try it first
  • Free returns/full refund, no questions asked
  • Cancel at any time
  • No purchase necessary
  • No obligation
  • We won’t flood your inbox
  • You can unsubscribe at any time
  • Guaranteed your money back

Notice that this isn't written in fancy jargon. Instead, it's written in everyday language that customers can understand.

Most of the time, you should have a page that explains your return and guarantee policies, as well as how and why they work, so that customers can see for themselves that there are no tricks. Of course, don't offer anything you can't promise or can't describe in detail.

Marketing Words & Phrases That Build Trust

When it comes to writing good marketing copy, reducing uncertainty is only the first step. You also have to earn people's trust. Here are some phrases to include in your assets to give your customers more reasons to keep working with you:

  • Check out our page of customer reviews.
  • Check out our reviews.
  • Check out our resource library.
  • Check out our FAQs section.
  • Live chat with an expert.
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People Also Ask

What Words Attract Customers?

Here are 10 words that customers love to hear when they are making a choice:

  • Free.
  • Exclusive.
  • Easy.
  • Limited.
  • Get.
  • Guaranteed.
  • You.
  • Because.
  • Best.
  • Compare.

The 5 Most Powerful Words In Sales

  • Focus on you, not I.
  • Focus on emotions, not reasons.
  • Focus on show, not learn.
  • Focus on value, not price.
  • Focus on benefits, not specifications.

What Is The Most Important Word In Marketing?

The most important word in marketing is "relationship." The only thing that truly sets you apart from your competitors is the relationships you build with current and potential customers. Marketing's goal is to help businesses do business with the right kinds of people.


Language is powerful, and using the right words will make the difference between powerful marketing words that work and those that don't. The key is to figure out which ones you can use to your advantage.

Be creative with the words you use, and don't be afraid to use a simile or two or some clever wordplay if you think it will help.

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