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Personal Branding Services - Brand Agencies You Can Count On

Establishing your public persona and communicating your values, beliefs, ambitions, and purpose are the key areas of personal branding. When you build your brand, you invest in a digital asset that will follow you throughout your life and outlive any one job or career. So, in this article, we will lead you to the best brand agencies and tell you the best personal branding services they can offer.

Oct 22, 202263 Shares1.2K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Establishing your public persona and communicating your values, beliefs, ambitions, and purpose are the key areas of personal branding. When you build your brand, you invest in a digital asset that will follow you throughout your life and outlive any one job or career.

So, in this article, we will lead you to the best brand agencies and tell you the best personal branding servicesthey can offer.

Best Personal Branding Agency

SimplyBe. Agency

A personal brandingfirm called SimplyBe. was established in Chicago, Illinois, in 2014. Since then, they have developed over 250 individual brands, assisted over 100,000 people through workshops, and produced an estimated 1 million impressions per customer each month. The data speaks for itself!

At SimpleBe., they have exclusive processes designed to support particular clientele. They provide solutions based on the knowledge that not everyone has the same needs and/or resources while searching for a personal brand.

Additionally, SimplyBe. is aware that traditional and corporate branding do not enough, not even for large corporations. Every business's face and future are its people, its employees.

They identified numerous areas where personal branding could have a positive return on investment. They provide services that bring out the best in people.

Services offered

  • And the branding curious solution.
  • The entrepreneur solution.
  • The corporate enterprise solution.

Personal Brand Agency

A personal brand agency with a focus on "observantly uncovering and expertly showcasing the distinctive value our clients have to offer" is called Personal Brand Agency and is situated in Boston. They can accept clients from all over the world because they also have offices in Auckland, New Zealand.

They are aware that the marketing sector is much too broad and that they must focus more specifically on their own search for the greatest prospects.

They do this by providing a single comprehensive package and being extremely explicit about what they do and, more crucially, don't do on their service page. At Personal Brand Agency, they additionally invest the time to really comprehend your current brand in order to advance it.

In 2017, Aenslee Tanner established Personal Brand Agency. She is a leadershipcoach who also works on various other projects outside of her firm, including vertical growth.

She has worked with customers that compete in sports, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and many more, and she has been highlighted in The Huffington Post. You may learn more about her background and the services she provides on her website.

Sadly, not much is known about the personnel at Personal Brand Agency. However, their website reveals that they are a compromised team that takes their work extremely seriously and believes in the power of personal branding through storytelling.

Services offered

  • Brand strategy and positioning.
  • Brand blueprint and style guide.
  • Copywriting.
  • Photoshoot.
  • Website design and development.
  • Teaching you to manage your website.
Build Your Personal Brand on bricks with coffee
Build Your Personal Brand on bricks with coffee

Prestidge Group

A personal brand and PR company called Prestidge Group with offices in New York City, London, Dubai, and Riyadh. They assist individuals in becoming thought leaders in their fields by working with CEOs, leaders, celebrities, and investors.

Prestidge Group has worked with numerous industries as well as numerous locales. Due to their extensive experience, they are able to recognize and pursue the greatest chances.

They are currently working on MetaversePR because they are aware of how quickly things may change. Through physical and virtual places, they work to support businesses in connecting with their audiences.

The Prestidge Group has been highlighted in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, NBC, Arabian Business, Vice, Forbes, and TIME.

The team at Prestidge Group includes writers, photographers, social mediaspecialists, producers, and many other skilled communicators.

Although they don't have a page for getting to know their team, you can find a number of employees on their LinkedIn profiles who are frequently sharing information.

Services offered

Personal branding, which includes a personal brand assessment, brand creation, social media management, and outreach, is their primary service. But they also provide:

  • Press coverage & media relations.
  • Government and HNW introductions.
  • Speaker outreach.
  • Podcast & Docuseries production.
  • And much more!

Brand Of A Leader

A Canadian personal brand firm called Brand of a Leader works with business owners to develop and grow their brands so they can have an effect. To do this, they design your brand, develop a scaling plan, and co-create and co-execute content.

The founders of Brand of a Leader have been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo! Finance, and many others.

As you just read, they offer services to suit a variety of budgets and objectives, demonstrating that they are aware that not all potential clients for personal branding consultants have the same characteristics.

Additionally, they have their own LIVE Show called Voice of a Leader where they interview a variety of thought leaders from various businesses and industries. They are aware that each person's unique story is what personal branding is all about. It encourages others to do the same by being shared.

Stefano Faustini and Marina Byezhanova founded Brand of a Leader.

Byezhanova is a personal branding expert who immigrated from Ukraine. Her major objective is to create a community of more than 1 million individuals and encourage them to speak up and create genuine personal brands.

On the other side, Faustini admits on the company website that he grew up in a setting that didn't appreciate ambitious goals and hard labor in the workplace. He became an expert in personal branding since he could never fit in.

Both of them have a great deal of passion for what they do and a strong belief in the strength that comes from being oneself.

Services offered

They divided their personal branding process into two steps. The first one includes what they refer to as "Personal Brand Architecture," which provides brand definition, positioning, content pillars, and numerous other deliverables.

The second procedure is monthly co-creation, which enables you to maintain an active presence on your website and social media.

  • They also provide more limited services, like
  • LinkedIn profile rebrand.
  • Personal branding course.
  • Personal website development.
  • And more!

Brandall Agency

Brandall Agency is a brand design agency that focuses on brand identity and online promotion. They are driven by a desire to create positive connections between brands and people's emotions. Their main offices are in London and Barcelona.

Brandall Agency offers individually specialized services or marketing campaigns that are integrated smoothly across multiple disciplines and multiple channels, tying everything together with a clear set of messages.

Brandall Agency knows what it takes to build brands that do well, whether it's through brand image, website design, and development, or media management. They use strategic thinking and the latest technologies to make digital experiences that are new and exciting for you and your customers.

By learning everything they can about your customer's journey, these people make sure that your brand is in the best possible place at the most influential times. This way, you can reach your customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

They do this by delivering targeted marketing campaigns that are driven by a well-thought-out digital strategy that creates high-value brand loyalty and affinity between your brand and your customers. They came up with their 360 brand management process to help them do this.

Brandall's services are broken up into two main groups: Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing.

Inside their Brand Strategy, they give you:

  • Brand Design.
  • Personal Branding.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Website Design and E-commerce.

For Digital Marketing they have:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Paid Advertising.
  • SEOOptimization.
  • E-mail Marketing.
  • Social Media Management.

Delightful Communications

Delightful Communications calls itself an "award-winning B2B Technology MarketingAgency on a mission to build brilliant brands that stand out in today’s digital world, by helping them be more discoverable, shareable, and memorable."

They help businesses and CEOs keep growing their digital audiences through strategic planning, creative campaigns, and content that keeps people interested.

Delightful Communications helps you find, share, and remember your message and purpose by putting people—customers, partners, executives, and employees—at the center of everything you do. They do this by building brilliant brands through people.

Services offered

Delightful Communications line of services is wide, including the following:

Funky Marketing

Funky Marketing is a demand generation company based in Serbia. They help fast-growing B2B techcompanies stand out and grow their revenue in a steady way.

Aside from building their own personal brands, B2B executives help companies increase sales, shorten sales cycles, and lower the cost of getting new customers. They help them do everything from setting up a marketing foundation to capturing existing demand to making new demand and winning on brand.

Since they started in January 2020 and have worked with more than 35 clients in 7 countries, they definitely deserve to be here. In one year, they closed 33 deals.

The Funky team likes to talk about the latest trends in marketing, personal branding, and sales on a podcast called Funky Marketing Live. It's awesome.

They have another podcast called B2B Weekly, where Marti Sanchez and their CEO Nemanja Zivkovic talk about building B2B marketing agencies and anything else related to B2B.

This agency knows that the marketing business and new technologies change every day, so they have a series called "Top Voices" where they talk to well-known local marketing experts to find out what works and what doesn't in their marketing plans. In this episode, for instance, they talk about how important personal brands are for employers.

They also write for a blog, post regularly on social networks (they focus on LinkedIn and Facebook, where they have a group of 2,500 people), and have a great website. Very Funky indeed.

Services offered

As was already said, Funky Marketing doesn't just work on the personal brands of executives; they also help companies increase sales, shorten sales cycles, and lower the cost of getting new customers.

They help them do everything from setting up a marketing foundation and capturing existing demand to making new demand and winning on brand. So, this agency is a good choice if you want to come up with a big plan.

Top 5 Best Personal Brand Agencies in 2022

How Do You Build A Strong Personal Brand?

You can start to build a strong personal brand by following these seven steps.

Make A Plan For Your Brand

A brand vision is written in the present tense, as if the goal has already been reached, just like a mission statement. It's easy to understand and paints a clear picture. A well-written vision for your brand helps you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

This is a classic formula for a brand statement: "I help ____ do ." For example, “I help manufacturing organizations improve their processes to reduce waste and grow profits.”

Leadership starts with being able to explain your "why." As author Simon Sinek says, "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it."

Decide What You Want To Be Known For

What would you be known as the world's go-to expert on if you were to become one? The only way to create a compelling personal brand is by becoming the recognized authority in a particular area.

Find out who else is in that market and figure out how you will be different. What makes you unique? By using your special skills, you'll be more likely to stand out from the crowd. Your personal brand should show what you care about, what you're good at, what you value, and what you believe.

Define Your Audience

When building a personal brand, one of the worst things you can do is try to please everyone. That's why it's so important to figure out what your niche is. Who would you like to help?

Re Perez, a brand strategist, says,

A great brand starts with understanding who you are, what you stand for, understanding your marketplace, and understanding your positioning. What is the perception that you need to create in order to appeal to the target audience that you’re trying to appeal to.

Creating a profile of your ideal customer is a useful exercise (or avatar). The more you understand your audience, the better prepared you will be to develop products and services that they want and need. Think about things like their age, gender, income, pain points, and challenges. How can you help them? What are they having trouble with?

Come Up With A Clear Message

What message do you want your content and marketing to send over and over again? Once you know what it is, use the same message in all the ways you talk to people. Your audience will trust and believe you more if you are consistent.

In addition to keeping the same tone and personality, use design elements (like your logo) in the same way every time. One of the keys to building a strong personal brand is to find your own voice and stay true to it.

Be Yourself

A persona shouldn't be your personal brand. It's not something new. It should be true to who you are. Find out what sets you apart. Then, learn to be proud of what makes you different and use it to get people to notice you and look for your content instead of everyone else's.

People want to talk to real people, which means that you have to be real. Figure out what you want the personality of your brand to be. Is it more laid-back or formal? Funny or important? The more real your personal brand is, the more likely it is that people who visit your site will connect with what you have to say. "Be yourself because everyone else is taken.," Oscar Wilde once said.

Make A Website For Yourself

If you don't already have your own domain name, like carolinecastrillon.com, go to GoDaddy right now and see if it's available. If not, look for a different name that sounds like it and buy it.

No matter who you are or what you do, you need your own domain these days. With easy-to-use website builders like Wix and Squarespace, you have no reason not to make your own website. And it can be a fun project as well! This is your chance to make something that shows who you are and what you believe in.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Having a strong personal brand without an online presence is hard to do these days. Once you have your domain name, check to see if it is available on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.

You can use tools like knowem and NameChk to verify if your desired username is available on hundreds of social media sites. Then, take control of your social media accounts and share content often.

At first, it's best to focus on just one or two social networks. It's better to post consistently on one or two carefully chosen social networks than to post here and there on half a dozen.

Don't use social media as a bully pulpit. Instead, try to get people to talk back and forth. So, you'll be more likely to build a long-term relationship with your audience based on trust.

People Also Ask

What Does Personal Branding Do?

Personal branding is the process of making a name for yourself or your business. This means coming up with a clear and consistent look, message, and online and offline presence. You might want to work on your personal brand for many psychological reasons.

Which Platform Is Best For Personal Branding?

The five best places to build your own brand:

  • LinkedIn.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • YouTube.
  • Twitter.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Personal Brand?

On average, it will cost you between $5,000 and $50,000 to build your personal brand as a leader. A personal brand identity is usually made up of your logo, color scheme, and typeface at its most basic level.


Personal branding is the way of the future. Over time, corporate brands have lost some of their credibility, while personal brands have grown. Because of this, marketing companies have started to offer this service, and new agencies that only work with personal brands have been set up.

So, which one should you pick? It will depend on what you want to do and what resources you have.

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