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6 Personal Branding Tips That Will Grow Your Social Media Audience

Social media has an enormous capacity to fuel your personal branding approach, with billions of active users. However, the size of your social media audience determines a large portion of your power.

May 28, 202337.3K Shares565.6K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is Personal Branding?
  2. Why Personal Branding Is Important?
  3. Here Are The Personal Branding Tips That Will Grow Your Social Media Audience
  4. Conclusion
  5. How Does Social Media Affect Your Personal Brand?
  6. What Is Self Branding Through Social Media?
  7. Is It Safe To Brand Yourself?

Social mediahas an enormous capacity to fuel your personal brandingapproach, with billions of active users. However, the size of your social media audience determines a large portion of your power.

Let's have a look at how you may successfully increase your audience and make the most of social media for branding.

You may have already started a social media and branding plan. Perhaps, like many others, you jumped into social media with zeal, only to abandon it after a few months because the reaction was not what you had hoped for.

But don't be disheartened. It is not impossible to expand your social media presence. And you don't have to spend a lot of moneyto get recognized. You just need to know the correct strategies when it comes to leveraging social media for branding.

Finally, the majority of social media users want high-quality contentand interaction from the companies they follow.

What Is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the process of building a brand around an individual rather than a company. Personal branding is used to further people's careers by portraying them as industry experts.

A person may improve their social following and so obtain a better job, sell more items in their business, and expand their careerpossibilities by creating a personal brand.

Building a personal brand does not happen quickly; it might take months of preparation and hard effort to see results, and you may need to improve your personal brand after getting feedback.

This is also known as self-branding, and the terms will be used interchangeably in this article to indicate the same thing.

You may create a personal brand statement to help you develop your own personal brand. A personal brand statement defines your target audience, the value you intend to provide to them, and why they should follow you (your USP).

While developing your personal brand, you should use this 1-2 phrase statement to guarantee that you stay true to it.

Personal Branding - why is it important?

Why Personal Branding Is Important?

Personal branding is essential because it lends credibility to a person. It has never been more difficult to get a new work or earn a paycheck.

With more people developing personal brands, you must put yourself out there in order to get recognized. Personal branding may make it easier for employers to locate specialists like you, especially if you've been blogging for a while.

If you're applying for a higher-level position at a new business, you may highlight essential statistics such as the number of followers you have, the amount of traffic your website receives, or other important metrics that will offer you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Consider it something like an online portfolio about yourself. Branding yourself allows more people to learn about who you are and what you offer to the table.

It can also help you land new chances, like commercial agreements or marketing collaborations, that you would not have otherwise, particularly if you are a person of influence.

Self-branding builds trust and confidence in your expertise and talents, so businesses know that collaborating with you will increase brand recognition.

Authentically branding yourself by displaying your personality is a fantastic approach to differentiate yourself from others in your profession and create your personal brand. We'll go through this further later.

Here Are The Personal Branding Tips That Will Grow Your Social Media Audience
Here Are The Personal Branding Tips That Will Grow Your Social Media Audience

Here Are The Personal Branding Tips That Will Grow Your Social Media Audience

Stay tuned if you're interested in developing a personal brand to help you grow in your profession. Today, my goal is to show you several steps you can take to build your personal brand and position yourself more favorably as a professional.

Let's get this started!

Improve Your Profile

While a piece of content may draw someone to your business, it is the contents of your social media profile that will keep them there.

Make sure your profile is friendly and communicates the essence of your brand. Fill in all of your information, including contact and website links, so that others can reach you outside of social media. Upload a profile photo that clearly and professionally depicts you without being excessively rigid.

Many social networking networks allow you to include a brief bio. Make the most of this chance by telling us a little bit about yourself and your area of expertise.

Consider your social network's banner or header picture to be a personal billboard for your company. Showcase your best work, latest activities, and the personality of your brand.

Have you won an award? Make a banner to display it. To keep things interesting, change this image once a month.

Learn About Your Target Audience

The first step is to choose who you want to be as a brand. Do you want to be known as an email marketingexpert, for example? Before getting to know your target audience, figure out what you want to do with your personal brand.

Personal brands, like companies, have distinct target audiences. If individuals come to you for email marketing guidance, you may presume that your target audience is made up of new business owners searching for their first leads.

When you take the time to learn about the individuals you want to reach out to, it will be a lot easier to create appealing content and offers.

Building rapport with your visitors is the most effective approach to promote your personal brand. This stage is considerably easier to complete if you understand your audience's goals and pain areas.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence
Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Social networking is an important tool for getting to know your target audience. However, building an effective social media marketingplan for your company entails much more than just conducting customer research.

If you want to demonstrate to the community that you are an expert, you must be available to answer inquiries. Live video eventsare one method to increase your visibility. Every couple of weeks, you can hold a live stream in which you chat to your followers and answer their questions.

These events will inspire potential consumers and clients to interact with your material. You'll soon begin to make contacts with other high-profile industry professionals. You may anticipate your own brand to explode if you have the chance to collaborate with other famous brands.

Social media is also a great location to expand your following by offering contests and giveaways.

Make A Website

You must create a website as you are expanding your social media platforms. Eventually, your fans will want to understand more about your own brand. You may miss out on possible business prospects if they do not have a website to which you can refer.

You don't even have to create a complicated website. With only a few basic pages, you can start building your personal brand. You should include a contact page so that consumers may contact you if they have any queries regarding your brand or the services you conduct.

You must also start a blog to start generating leads and providing useful community material. Create highly engaging blog entries that address the pain areas and goals you learnt about your audience to develop your reputation. You may share your published posts on social media to increase interaction.

Increase The Number Of Marketing Channels You Use

Finally, if you want to develop your personal brand, you need diversify your marketing outlets. Social media platforms and your website will help you get traction, but you'll need a means to contact with prospects on a regular basis.

Email marketing is one of the most traditional and effective methods of digital marketing. You may quickly design segmented campaigns to gain the confidence of your audience. This technique might assist you in locating customers who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Push notifications have also proven to be quite effective. Visitors who wish to be notified when you publish new content will eagerly sign up for notifications. As a consequence, you are able to interact with people who would not have engaged with your personal brand otherwise.

Focus On Consistency

Your personal branding approach will be mostly ineffective if you are not consistent with it, regardless of how amazing your personality is or how awesome your material is.

People are unlikely to trust a brand that does not communicate with them on a frequent basis. Furthermore, an uneven social media presence might be detrimental to the exposure of your personal brand.

As a result, while creating a content strategyfor your brand, consider how frequently you want to post. The analytics tab is the easiest approach to determine the best time for your content to go live.

For example, if you go to Facebook Insights, you can discover audience activity statistics under the Posts tab:

Focus On Consistency
Focus On Consistency

As you can see, this graph displays the precise time as well as the amount of followers that are active at that time. This information is really useful since you can use it to create a content calendar and schedule your posts.

Why should you focus on audience activity while developing a personal brand?

One of the most important aspects of developing your personal brand is to concentrate your efforts on increasing awareness. In this respect, audience participation is crucial, and if you use it to your advantage, you will be able to greatly enhance the exposure of your articles.

Furthermore, as a personal brand, you will need to cultivate a strong relationship with your target audience. By tracking your audience's behavior, you will be able to determine the best moment to connect with your followers.


It's great to have a personal brand. You get to be yourself, cover things you're interested in, and have millions of fans that love you for who you are.

Building and sustaining a personal brand, on the other hand, involves a significant amount of effort. Even though you have the capacity to cover any topic of your choosing, you will need a defined niche to begin with and to establish your initial following. Later on, you can cover a larger range of topics, but you must start modest.

Furthermore, you must have a thorough grasp of your target audience's demographics and psychographics. You will also need to extensively research their content preferences in order to increase their engagement and raise awareness of your own brand.

As a brand, you will need to establish authority in your area by connecting with other influencers. This will allow you to gain greater exposure and demonstrate your expertise and experience in the area.

Finally, consistency is essential if you want your personal brand to have a significant presence on social media. Monitor your target audience's activity on social media sites to determine the optimum time to connect with them. It will assist you in increasing engagement and developing a stronger relationship with your fans.

Google Questions
Google Questions

How Does Social Media Affect Your Personal Brand?

The material you publish changes when you know who you are at your core and approach social media understanding why you do what you do every day. It takes on the flavor of your genuine brand. You become more aware of how people see you, which increases your worth in social and sales interactions.

What Is Self Branding Through Social Media?

Personal branding on social mediaentails ensuring that your audience considers you relevant. Updating any profile links can assist showcase your latest work while also driving more traffic to your networks.

Is It Safe To Brand Yourself?

The burn, unlike a tattoo or piercing, is permanent, so be sure it's something you want. Make sure the operation is done in a secure, professional location. If done incorrectly, it might result in severe infection, a disfiguring scar, or both.

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