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12 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens - Make Money Tutoring Online

Explore opportunities for teens in the realm of online tutoring jobs. Discover how teens can leverage their skills, knowledge, and expertise to embark on a rewarding journey in online tutoring for various subjects. Uncover the benefits and steps to dive into the world of online tutoring jobs for teens.

Nov 15, 20237.5K Shares102.7K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Do You Need To Become A Teenage Tutor?
  2. The 12 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens
  3. Benefits Of Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens
  4. How To Get Tutoring Jobs For Teens?
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12 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens - Make Money Tutoring Online

In today's digital era, the realm of education has transcended traditional boundaries, paving the way for new avenues of learning and teaching. Online tutoring has emerged as a powerful platform, not only for students seeking academic support but also for teenagers eager to share their knowledge. The rise of online tutoring jobs for teensrepresents not just an opportunity for financial gain but a gateway to personal growth, skill development, and a chance to contribute positively to the learning community.

As the digital landscape continues to expand, the possibilities for teens to engage in online tutoring are abundant. This article delves into the world of online tutoring jobs for teens, exploring the multifaceted benefits, challenges, and steps involved in this empowering journey.

What Do You Need To Become A Teenage Tutor?

To become a teenage tutor, there are several key elements and steps that can help you embark on this rewarding journey:

Strong Command Of A Subject

You should have a solid understanding and proficiency in a specific subject or subject. This could be anything from mathematics, science, languages, history, or any other subject in which you excel academically.

Effective Communication Skills

Being able to convey complex ideas or concepts in an understandable and engaging manner is crucial. Good communication skills are essential for teaching and interacting with students effectively.

Patience And Empathy

Patience and empathy are vital qualities in a tutor, especially when working with students who might be struggling. Being able to understand their challenges and adapt your teaching style to meet their needs is essential.

Reliable Internet Connection And Technology

Access to a stable internet connection, a computer or device, and familiarity with online platforms or tools used for tutoring are important for conducting online tutoring sessions.

Preparation And Lesson Planning

Develop a structured approach to your tutoring sessions. Plan lessons, and prepare materials, and exercises tailored to the student's needs and the subject matter.

Understanding Of Teaching Methods

Familiarize yourself with various teaching methods and approaches to cater to different learning styles. Being versatile in your teaching approach can help ensure better comprehension by your students.

Establishing Credibility And Trust

Building a good reputation as a tutor involves showcasing your expertise, receiving positive feedback from students, and ensuring a reliable and professional approach.

Adhere to legal and ethical guidelines related to tutoring, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for both you and your students.

Steps To Begin As A Teenage Tutor

  • Identify your strengths and the subjects you excel in.
  • Research and select online tutoring platforms or opportunities suitable for your expertise and age group.
  • Create a compelling profile highlighting your skills, experiences, and teaching style.
  • Gain initial experience by offering tutoring services to friends, family, or within your local community.

The 12 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens


Tutor.com logo
Tutor.com logo

Tutor.com is an online tutoring service that provides academic assistance to students of all ages, from elementary school to college level. It offers personalized, one-to-one tutoring in a variety of subjects, including math, science, English, social studies, and more.

Founded in 1998, Tutor.com has established itself as a prominent online tutoring platform, offering on-demand tutoring services 24/7. The platform is accessible and user-friendly, allowing students to connect with tutors whenever they need help with their coursework.

Tutor.com’s tutors are experts in their respective fields and go through a rigorous selection process to ensure they can effectively assist students. The service covers various subjects, standardized test preparations, and writing help. Students can connect with tutors in real-time via an interactive online classroom that includes a chat box, a shared whiteboard, and file-sharing capabilities, facilitating a conducive learning environment.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors logo
Chegg Tutors logo

Chegg Tutors is an online platform that offers educational assistance through personalized tutoring services to students of all ages. It connects students with expert tutors in various subjects to help them with homework, test preparation, and understanding complex topics.

The platform allows students to access academic support in real-time, providing instant help whenever they need it. Chegg Tutors covers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, languages, history, and more. Tutors on the platform are carefully vetted, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise in their respective subjects.

Chegg Tutors' interface is user-friendly, making it easy for students to connect with a suitable tutor based on their specific needs. The service allows students to seek assistance on an as-needed basis or establish regular sessions for ongoing academic support.


VIPKid logo
VIPKid logo

VIPKid is a prominent online platform that specializes in teaching English to children in China. It provides an innovative approach to language education by connecting North American teachers—often from the United States and Canada - with Chinese students, enabling interactive and engaging English language lessons through its online platform.

Founded in 2013, VIPKid has gained significant recognition for its unique teaching model, catering primarily to children aged 4 to 12 in China. The platform offers an immersive learning experience through live, one-on-one lessons taught by qualified English-speaking instructors.

VIPKid offers a rewarding opportunity for educators seeking to teach English as a second language, particularly to Chinese students. The platform not only provides a means for teachers to make a positive impact on children's education but also offers a flexible and convenient work-from-home opportunity.


StudyGate is an online platform that provides academic support and tutoring services for students in various subjects and educational levels. It's designed to connect students seeking help with academic assignments or understanding specific topics with tutors who can provide assistance.

StudyGate aims to provide a supportive environment for students seeking academic assistance while ensuring quality tutoring and reliable guidance. The platform caters to a diverse range of subjects and academic levels, offering a broad spectrum of educational support.

Students looking for help in their studies can utilize StudyGate's services to clarify doubts, complete assignments, or improve their understanding of various subjects. For individuals interested in becoming tutors, StudyGate offers an opportunity to share their expertise and assist students while earning income.


Skooli logo
Skooli logo

Skooli is an online tutoring platform designed to provide personalized, one-on-one academic support for students of all ages. It offers a wide array of subjects, allowing students to receive assistance in areas they may be struggling with or seeking to improve.

Skooli aims to create a supportive and conducive learning environment, offering academic assistance that caters to the specific needs of each student. The platform's commitment to personalized tutoring, diverse subject coverage, and qualified educators ensures students have access to quality educational support.

Students seeking help with understanding challenging concepts, preparing for exams, or improving their academic performance can utilize Skooli's services to benefit from expert guidance and individualized attention. For individuals interested in becoming tutors, Skooli provides an opportunity to share their expertise and assist students while earning income.

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep logo
Revolution Prep logo

Revolution Prep is an education technology company that specializes in providing academic tutoring and test preparation services for students preparing for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and others. Founded in 2002, Revolution Prep has established itself as a leader in the field of test preparation and academic tutoring.

Revolution Prep is particularly known for its comprehensive test preparation services, helping students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in standardized exams. The platform’s commitment to providing tailored and expert guidance has garnered a reputation for high-quality educational support.

Students preparing for standardized tests and seeking to improve their test scores often find Revolution Prep’s services beneficial for achieving their academic goals. The platform's approach of personalized tutoring and comprehensive programs helps students maximize their potential and readiness for college entrance exams.


Cambly logo
Cambly logo

Cambly is an online platform that offers language learning services, primarily focusing on English language practice through one-on-one video chat sessions. Unlike traditional tutoring platforms, Cambly provides a more casual and conversational approach to language learning, connecting students with native English speakers from around the world.

Cambly's unique approach to language learning allows individuals to practice speaking and listening skills in a relaxed and conversational setting. It's ideal for those looking to improve their conversational English skills, gain confidence in speaking, and interact with native speakers in real-time.

Users seeking casual conversations and a more flexible approach to language learning can benefit from Cambly's services, helping them enhance their English language proficiency in an informal and enjoyable manner.


Preply logo
Preply logo

Preply is an online platform that connects students with private tutors for one-on-one learning sessions. It offers a wide range of subjects and languages, enabling students to find tutors who specialize in their specific learning needs.

Preply's platform serves as a marketplace for students seeking private tutors, providing them with the opportunity to choose tutors who align with their learning goals, availability, and preferred teaching style. This personalized approach to tutoring allows for tailored learning experiences and the opportunity for students to progress at their own pace.

Students looking for specialized assistance in academic subjects, language learning, exam preparation, or any other specific areas can benefit from Preply's services, gaining access to quality instruction and guidance from experienced tutors. For individuals interested in teaching, Preply offers an opportunity to share their expertise and assist students while earning income.


Brainfuse is an online tutoring and e-learning platform that offers a comprehensive range of educational services, including live tutoring, writing assistance, test preparation, and study tools. It caters to students of all ages, from kindergarten through adult learners.

Brainfuse aims to support students' learning needs by providing a wide array of educational resources and tutoring services. Its live tutoring, homework help, writing assistance, and test preparation tools cater to various learning styles and academic levels, promoting an environment that fosters academic growth and success.

Students seeking assistance with homework, essaywriting, test preparation, or skill improvement across various subjects and levels can benefit from Brainfuse's services. The platform's comprehensive resources and expert guidance support students in their academic journey.


Wyzant logo
Wyzant logo

Wyzant is an online platform that connects students with independent tutors for personalized, one-on-one learning sessions. The platform covers a broad range of subjects, from academic tutoring in math, science, languages, and humanities to test preparation and professional skill development.

Wyzant’s platform serves as a marketplace for students seeking private tutors, offering the flexibility to choose tutors who align with their learning goals, availability, and preferred teaching style. This personalized approach to tutoring allows for tailored learning experiences and the opportunity for students to progress at their own pace.

Students seeking specialized assistance in academic subjects, test preparation, professional skill development, or any other specific areas can benefit from Wyzant's services, gaining access to quality instruction and guidance from experienced tutors. For individuals interested in teaching, Wyzant offers an opportunity to share their expertise and assist students while earning income.


GoPeer logo
GoPeer logo

GoPeer was an online tutoring platform that connected K-12 students with undergraduate and graduate student tutors. The platform aimed to provide accessible, affordable, and personalized tutoring services.

GoPeer focused on peer-to-peer tutoring, where undergraduate and graduate students served as tutors for K-12 students. This approach aimed to offer relatable and effective tutoring. The platform covered a variety of subjects, including math, science, languages, and other academic areas typically taught in K-12 education. Students could connect with tutors based on their specific needs, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

Tutors provided individualized attention to students during online sessions, tailoring their approach to suit the student's learning styles and needs. GoPeer offered flexibility in scheduling sessions, accommodating students' schedules for learning at their own pace and convenience.

The platform aimed to provide affordable tutoring options by leveraging student tutors, making it more accessible to a wider range of students. GoPeer likely upheld standards for safety and security to ensure a conducive learning environment for students and tutors.


HomeworkMarket is an online platform that provides assistance with homework, assignments, essays, and academic tasks for students seeking help in various subjects and fields of study. The platform functions as a marketplace where students can post specific academic questions or assignments, and freelance tutors or experts can bid to provide solutions or assistance. Students can seek help with specific homework problems, assignments, essays, or other academic tasks by posting their questions or requirements on the platform.

HomeworkMarket operates on a bid-based system where tutors or experts bid to assist students with their posted tasks. Students can review the bids and select the tutor they prefer. The platform covers a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, science, languages, humanities, and more.

Students can review the profiles, ratings, and reviews of tutors before selecting a bidder, ensuring a level of quality and credibility. Tutors or experts who bid on assignments provide tailored solutions or assistance based on the specific requirements posted by the student. HomeworkMarket offers flexibility in terms of the type of assistance a student may seek, whether it's for solving a math problem, editing an essay, or providing explanations for specific academic concepts.

The platform likely operates on a payment system where students pay tutors or experts for their services based on the agreed-upon price or bid. It's important for students to review the terms, guidelines, and ethical considerations of using platforms like HomeworkMarket to ensure that the assistance they receive aligns with academic honesty and the requirements of their educational institution.

Benefits Of Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens

Online tutoring jobs for teens offer a multitude of advantages that extend beyond financial compensation. Here are several benefits for teens engaging in online tutoring:

  • Flexible Work Hours- Online tutoring allows teens to manage their schedules effectively. They can work during flexible hours, making it easier to balance their academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and personal life.
  • Personal and Professional Development- Teens can enhance various skills such as communication, teaching, problem-solving, and time management. Engaging in tutoring helps them become more responsible, confident, and organized.
  • Reinforced Learning- Teaching others solidifies a teen’s own understanding of the subject matter. Explaining concepts to students can deepen their own knowledge and comprehension.
  • Improved Communication Skills- Teaching demands effective communication, which in turn enhances a teen's ability to express ideas clearly and adapt communication to suit the needs of different learners.
  • Mentorship and Leadership- Teens in tutoring roles often act as mentors and leaders for younger students, influencing them positively and serving as academic role models.
  • Contribution to Education- Tutoring allows teens to make a meaningful contribution to the education and academic success of their peers or younger students.
  • Financial Independence and Responsibility- Earning income through tutoring allows teens to become financially responsible, teaching them about savings, budgeting, and the value of hard work.
  • Exposure to Diversity- Online tutoring often connects individuals from different geographical locations and cultural backgrounds, providing exposure to diverse perspectives and teaching methods.
  • Preparation for Future Careers - The skills acquired through tutoring - such as teaching, communication, and adaptability - are valuable and transferable, laying a strong foundation for potential future careers.
  • Sense of Achievement- Seeing the positive impact of their tutoring efforts on students’ academic progress and confidence can be incredibly rewarding for teens.

How To Get Tutoring Jobs For Teens?

A woman in black top smiling in front of a laptop
A woman in black top smiling in front of a laptop

Getting tutoring jobs as a teenager involves several steps to establish yourself as a capable and reliable tutor. Here's a guide to help teens secure tutoring positions:

Identify Your Strengths

Determine the subjects or areas in which you excel and feel confident tutoring. Assess your knowledge and expertise in these subjects.

Prepare A Resume Or Profile

Create a professional resume or profile showcasing your academic achievements, relevant skills, and any prior tutoring experience, if applicable. Highlight your strengths and why you'd be a great tutor.

Choose A Platform

Research and select online tutoring platforms or local community centers that facilitate tutoring services for students. There are various websites and apps specifically designed for tutors of different ages.

Create A Compelling Profile

Register or sign up on the chosen platform. Develop a strong and compelling profile showcasing your skills, academic achievements, tutoring approach, and any relevant certifications or awards.

Set Your Rates

Decide on an appropriate hourly rate for your tutoring services. Consider your experience level, the subject's complexity, and the rates prevailing in the market.

Complete Any Necessary Requirements

Some platforms may have specific requirements or qualifications. Ensure that you meet these criteria, whether it’s a minimum age requirement, certifications, or background checks.

Apply For Jobs

Once your profile is set up, actively apply for tutoring positions that match your skills and expertise. Some platforms might require you to go through an application process or conduct demo sessions.

Market Yourself

Spread the word among your network - friends, family, schoolmates, and teachers - that you are available for tutoring. Utilize social media, community bulletin boards, and local advertising avenues.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

During interviews or application processes, showcase your knowledge, teaching style, and ability to communicate effectively. Offer trial sessions or mock tutoring to exhibit your teaching skills.

Seek Recommendations And Reviews

As you begin tutoring, encourage your students to leave reviews or provide testimonials. Positive feedback can enhance your credibility and attract more clients.

Be Professional And Reliable

Maintain professionalism, punctuality, and reliability in your tutoring sessions. Establishing a good reputation will help in securing future jobs.

Continuous Improvement

Seek feedback and continuously improve your teaching methods. Adapt to different learning styles and be open to enhancing your tutoring skills.

People Also Ask

How Can I Tutor Online With No Experience?

Choose subjects you excel in and feel confident teaching. Consider volunteering or offering free tutoring sessions initially on platforms that allow it. Start by helping friends or family with their studies to gain some experience. Study teaching methods, online tools, and resources to enhance your skills.

How Do I Become A Tutor At 15 In The UK?

In the UK, there might be restrictions or legal guidelines for working at 15. Ensure you comply with labor laws. Research platforms that allow tutors under 18, and confirm if they accept tutors of your age. Explore local community centers, schools, or tutoring programs that may hire young tutors.

How Do I Start Online Tutoring?

Identify subjects you're strong in and passionate about teaching. Create a conducive environment for teaching with a stable internet connection and necessary tools. Select an online tutoring platform that fits your age and expertise level. Develop a compelling profile highlighting your skills and academic achievements. Spread the word among your network and actively seek tutoring opportunities.

Is Tutorpeers Free?

Tutorpeers was a platform that connected students with tutors for online tutoring services. The platform offered both free and paid options. Free options might include certain introductory sessions or trial periods, but the standard tutoring sessions were typically paid.


The realm of online tutoring jobs for teens represents a paradigm shift in how education is delivered and received. Beyond serving as a means of earning income, these roles offer invaluable experiences and opportunities for personal and professional development.

By empowering teens to become educators themselves, online tutoring fosters a sense of responsibility, enhances their understanding of subjects, and refines their communication and leadership skills. This unique avenue not only helps peers and younger students but also equips teen tutors with a toolkit of skills crucial for their future endeavors.

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, online tutoring for teens stands as a beacon of learning, growth, and the embodiment of the adage: "Teaching is the best way to learn." Embracing this journey not only benefits the students but also sets the stage for a future generation of adept, knowledgeable, and skillful individuals ready to navigate the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.

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