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Launch A New Product On Amazon - Grow Millions In Sale In Just 10 Minutes

With sponsored reviews now prohibited, it is more difficult to launch a new product on Amazon. Amazon, like other conventional brick and mortar stores throughout the world, rewards companies with aggressive marketing efforts that result in better in-store sales, typically via more prominent shelf space. Except that Amazon promotes merchants who bring in outside traffic and sales by increasing the prominence of their organic search rankings.

May 22, 202229 Shares1K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  1. A Successful Launch Starts With Keywords
  2. Launch A New Product On Amazon: 3-Step Strategy
  3. How To Launch A New Product On Amazon: Mistakes To Avoid
  4. People Also Ask
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Launch A New Product On Amazon- When people talk about Amazon FBA, they frequently mention product research, and it's true that product research is vital.

You can spend weeks looking for outstanding items, but if your product launch flops, you will be unable to develop a successful Amazon business.

It is difficult to launch a new product on the Amazon marketplace.

To ensure a successful product launch, you must invest extensively in Amazon promotion.

So, if you want to learn how toeffectively launch a new product on Amazon, you've come to the perfect spot.

This article will teach you all you need to know about launching a new product on Amazon, improving your product rating, and becoming a successful Amazon seller.

A Successful Launch Starts With Keywords

Amazon and Google are two of the world's major search engines.

There is, however, one significant distinction.

Searchers on Amazon are almost certainly looking to buy something.

If you want to launch (and sell) a product on Amazon, you must first ensure that there is a demand for your product.

Searching for keywords is the quickest method to accomplish this.

Once you've identified the perfect product, the only way to link customers with it is if it's searchable for the same keywords that those buyers are using in their searches.

Launch A New Product On Amazon: 3-Step Strategy

Amazon logo on a box
Amazon logo on a box

Let us tell you right away: During the launch period of a new product, you will frequently be forced to operate at break-even point (BEP) or even tolerate losses.

Rather than profit, the purpose is to enhance ranking.

Be prepared to spend some money.

It is not a game for children.

However, it is not impossible.

Here's how it's done:

Get The Ball Rolling: Develop An Offer Customers Cannot Refuse

The simplest strategy to stimulate early demand is to lower the price of your goods – especially if you make consumers feel like they are receiving a great bargain.

As a result, each of our offered sales techniques involves a product discount. Similar to Amazon Giveaway (US only).

You may promote your new product as part of an Amazon giveaway.

While the winner receives your goods for free, other contenders can buy them at a reduced price.

The strategy is to force participants to watch a product video before entering the promotion in the hope that it will entice them to make the reduced buy even if they do not win.

What is the disadvantage?

You must have an excellent product video at hand, which is often quite expensive to produce.

Amazon Product Launch: Create Social Proof And Get Reviews

The issue with the first few purchases is encouraging clients to submit a review. Customer feedback is significant for two reasons:

Conversion: a product with no reviews appears dubious.

For many shoppers, social proof and the opinions of customers who have already tried and evaluated the product are crucial considerations in making purchasing decisions.

Marketing with PPC Ads: recently discovered that PPC campaigns for items that don't have at least a few reviews frequently fail.

As a result, you should only begin PPC advertisements (and hence generate more critical purchases) when a product has gotten at least 3-5 reviews.

Amazon Product Launch: Start A PPC Campaign For More Traction

We've arrived at the final stage of our launch strategy: getting your product out there and increasing its visibility using PPC marketing.

And when we say 'push,' we really mean it!

PPC campaigns can assist you in overcoming the challenge of not ranking early on in the life of a freshly launched product.

Your first PPC attempts should be aggressive.

They are critical to your launch and assist potential buyers to find your goods.

Just make sure your campaigns are constantly adjusted and cared for to prevent wasting money.

How To Launch A New Product On Amazon: Mistakes To Avoid

A rocket launched on a phone
A rocket launched on a phone

Not Having A Marketing Plan In Place

Sellers frequently lack a clear handle on planning beyond the first product launch.

After all, many businesses are so focused on establishing, branding, and executing the details of Seller Central's new-item setup on Amazon that they may believe it's time to kick back and relax.

Whether you manage your account on your own or with the help of an Amazon-focused firm like eCommerceNurse, we recommend that you have a strategy and marketing planin place to guarantee you don't miss anything.

Because hardly many people will notice your listing when you initially start on Amazon, it is critical to attracting traffic through Amazon promotions and external sources.

Just keep in mind that you can't always account for everything.

For example, you can come across extraordinary deals or overstocks.

However, a sound marketing plan and paying attention to the calendar will greatly aid in the direction of your Amazon marketing approach.

Failing To Invest In Amazon Advertising

Your product is not going to sell itself.

Sellers that debut a product on Amazon should plan to invest in advertising once the product is retail-ready.

Failure to do so will jeopardize the brand's ability to flourish on Amazon.

The Amazon Advertising platform provides a variety of ad kinds.

Seller Central provides access to the self-service tool.

You can simply control and monitor your expenditure since Amazon allows you to establish bid and spend limitations on all ad categories.

To begin, run some automated advertising (targeted by category or keywords) to determine what performs best for your product.

Allow these to run for a few weeks and monitor your Return on Ad Spend (find out how to calculate RoAS).

Ignoring Customer Engagement

Two people talking and other customers and reviews
Two people talking and other customers and reviews

Amazon, once again, needs merchants to keep their hands on the steering wheel.

You must monitor client involvement and account data or your performance may deteriorate, affecting your rankings and seller status.

Customers are inquisitive beings.

Each detail page includes a section for customer inquiries that is available to all visitors to the listing.

As a seller or manufacturer, you will be alerted of these inquiries in Seller Central and will be able to react as the seller with authority.

Update Your Listing To Optimize It Further

Amazon detail pages are dynamic and should be updated to fit your consumers' and brand's changing demands.

Update your material with information from client inquiries and product reviews.

For instance, if a buyer is unclear about how to utilize a product, publish an image that illustrates how to do so.

To respond to sales data, update your title, bullets, and description once your listings are online.

Perhaps you see what a new rival is doing or decide to change your title to incorporate a particularly profitable word in your Amazon Ads.

Remove Unsellable Inventory To Keep Your IPI Score High

After a few weeks of selling, you're certain to realize some profits.

Inventory difficulties, such as having too much product or not having enough buyable items, can afflict new sellers and reduce your profits.

The IPI score in Seller Central is a quick-glance tool that gauges how effectively and productively you manage your FBA inventory.

If you don't keep this measure in the green, Amazon will limit your storage capacity.

Expect The Unexpected

Prepare to be reactive to your customers and Amazon account, and make sure you are filing and responding to tickets proactively.

Tickets will be closed automatically if you do not answer, and you should provide Amazon with any information needed to address account issues as soon as possible.

Brand Registry difficulties, listing issues (such as edits you made not displaying on the site), Amazon requiring evidence for missing inventory, and policy breaches are all common grounds for complaints.

People Also Ask

How Do I Start My Product On Amazon?

To begin selling on Amazon, you must first create a product listing in Seller Central (or via API).

A product identification, such as GTIN, UPC, ISBN, or EAN, to define the specific item you're selling, is included in a product listing.

You can obtain a UPC code directly from GS1 or apply for an exception.

What Is Product Launch On Amazon?

A product launch occurs when a seller posts their product listing on Amazon for the first time.

A successful product launch necessitates the implementation of an effective Amazon product launch plan that will increase sales.

Is Selling On Amazon Is Profitable?

It's an excellent idea since the answer to the headline question is simple: selling on Amazon is still lucrative.


In conclusion, while launching a product on Amazon may appear overwhelming, there are several techniques, as discussed in this post, to promote your new product to the top pages of Amazon.

Never stop striving for betterment.

Your competitors will not relent, and neither should you.

Amazon's marketplace, and e-commerce in general, are always evolving.

Make the most of the possibilities to continue your education, such as meetings and this article on how to launch a new product on Amazon.

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