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Best Lakes In Ontario For Swimming And Cottage Living

You can just pass away time lounging at the shoreline of some of the finest lakes in Ontario. But, of course, who wouldn’t be tempted to swim, or, if you’ve got the funds, buy a cottage nearby?

Feb 12, 2024279 Shares13.9K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Best Lakes In Ontario For Swimming And Cottage Living

Among the delightful gifts to mankind of the Great White North is its lakes in Ontario.

Great White what?

Well, think of - and not exactly in this order - Niagara Falls; ice hockey; Celine Dion; maple syrup; Tim Hortons; Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds; and, as mentioned, those still and landlocked bodies of water called lakes.

Lots and lots of lakes!

Still can’t figure it out (though we doubt you haven’t heard yet of that falls and that Titanicsinger and those two Ryans)?

Canada! It’s the Great White North!

Although the individuals and the things we mentioned each make up for an interesting discussion, we’ll focus on the lakes in Ontario.

Where Is Ontario?

Looking at a map of North America, you’ll notice how Canada occupies most of the continent’s upper half, with a part of its territory near the North Pole already.

Hence, the “Great White North.”

Among its ten provinces, Ontario is the second biggest, with its capital, Toronto, being Canada’s largest and most populous city.

It’s in Central Canada (together with Quebec, the biggest province).

Along with the country’s numerous attractions are the magnificent and mesmerizing lakes in Ontario.

Best Lakes In Ontario For Swimming

According to SwimOntario.com, from the middle of May through September, can be the ideal months to swim outdoors.

The water temperatures during those months range from 10 to 24 degrees Celsius (50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit).

Take a dip into the pristine aquamarine waters of some of the best lakes in Ontario for swimming:

Blue Lake

Location:Blue Lake Provincial Park, Sunset Country, Northwestern Ontario

Blue Lake is a glacial lake - one that comes from glaciers (massive mass of ice) that melted - so, swimming here will refresh you at summertime!

It has an 800-meter stretch of fine sandy beach.

Toronto-based writer Miriam Porter recommends this lake in her 2023 Forbes article:

Blue Lake has water so clear you can see the bottom at six meters. It’s an exceptional destination for all types of water activities and has tropical vibes to remind you of the Caribbean.- Miriam Porter

Porter added that its location offers the perfect venue for birdwatching, another reason that makes it one of the best lakes in Ontario.

Small currents at Burditt Lake in Ontario, Canada, with tall green trees and a white rock on its edge
Small currents at Burditt Lake in Ontario, Canada, with tall green trees and a white rock on its edge

Clearwater Lake, AKA Burditt Lake

Location:in Morrison in the Town of Gravenhurst in Muskoka District

Its crystal-clear water validates its name. Enjoy swimming in its placid waters, and if you’re lucky, you might even see a spotted turtle (yellow spots on its shell) swimming, too.

This lake’s depth can go from 25 up to 30 feet, but there’s a part in it that goes more than 100 feet deep and where you can catch a lake trout.

Another reason why Clearwater Lake is one of the most visited lakes in Ontario is because it’s also a popular fishing spot.

According to the website of Kenora-based marketing agency Ontario’s Sunset Country Travel Association, these fishes can be caught there:

  • muskellunge, aka muskie
  • northern pike
  • smallmouth bass lake
  • walleye

Lake Huron

Another glacial lake, you’ll find the clear turquoise water of Lake Huron inviting, with the waters near its shore even clearer.

This lake is also a great place for canoeing.

When you go swimming here, you might as well go snorkeling or scuba diving because it’s the location of several shipwrecks, with some you can already see from the surface.

Only a few lakes in Ontario have shipwrecks.

Mazinaw Lake

Location:in Bon Echo Provincial Park, north of Cloyne, in southeastern Ontario

The park stated above includes the lake’s central section.

Mazinawcomes from the Algonquin word Mazinaabikinigan-zaaga’igan(“painted-image lake”), according to LakeLubbers.com, as pictographs (rock/stone paintings) can be seen from a cliff called Mazinaw Rock.

Tribes who settled there before regarded Mazinaw Lake sacred.

Topaz Lake

Location:in Killarney Provincial Park on Georgian Bay (north shore) in northern Ontario

Enjoy swimming in the lucid blue waters of Topaz Lake amidst a breathtaking landscape, including quartzite cliffs.

It’s a splendid lake for snorkeling, according to Canadian blogger Hiker at Heart. She also noted how it’s one of those lakes in Ontario that becomes even more stunning during sunset.

Best Lakes In Ontario For Cottage

Living in a cottage located away from a noisy and chaotic city can be a dream for many.

Now a cottage with a view of a peaceful lake (or near one) isn’t a far-fetched dream at all, too.

Below are some of best lakes in Ontario for cottage living:

Balsam Lake

Location:near Coboconk, a town in Kawartha Lakes in south-central Ontario

The City of Kawartha Lakes has several lakes to offer, and Kawartha Waterfront Realty, a real estate brokerage firm, describes the waters of Balsam Lake Clean as “clean and clear” and its water levels as “very stable.”

Residents don’t worry about flooding in this area, and during summer, Balsam Lake gets warm fast.

On its website, the firm confirms that the area projects a “‘suburban cottage’ vibe.” However, in relation to living here, it listed this piece of information under “Cons.”

Of course, if you’re looking for the best lakes in Ontario for cottage living, then, take their word for it and go check out Balsam Lake!

Big Rideau Lake

Location:in Lanark County, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in eastern Ontario

You’ll never run out of pleasing cottages in the mighty 32-kilometer long Big Rideau Lake, with the first family cottage constructed right across it in 1915, according to Big Rideau Lake Association (BRLA).

BRLA guarantees anyone wishing to reside here will enjoy the gorgeous lake as well as marvel at its “glorious sunsets.”

Lake Joseph

Location:in the Sequin Township of Muskoka (to the south of Ontario)

“Calm Blues” is what online travel guide Cityseeker calls Lake Joseph (average depth: 25 meters; deepest: 93 m.), with marvelous mountains sheltering it.

One of the best lakes in Ontario for cottage living, its 91-kilometer shoreline of pure beauty and the rows of charming cottages prove so.

Towering pine trees and rocky cliffs enhance the area’s overall appeal.

Not only that, among Lake Joseph, Lake Muskoka, and Lake Rosseau - Muskoka District’s three major lakes - a 2015 article from the magazineToronto Life proclaims Lake Joseph as the “cottage country’s most star-studded.”

Several celebritiesown a cottage here, including supermodel Cindy Crawford and actor Harry Hamlin.

Lake Rosseau

Location:approximately 200 kilometers north of Toronto at the center of Muskoka region

Though not as many as the fishes - big bass, catfish, spotted sunfish, and more - you can catch in the lovely Lake Rosseau, the number of pleasant cottages here can serve as a testament that this is one of the popular lakes in Ontario to build a home.

For sure, one will find an ideal area in its 151-kilometer shoreline.

The interesting shopsand lively farmers’ markets add vibrant to the whole place.

The dark blue waters of Lake Simcoe, with a narrow strip of land in the middle and a lighthouse at the strip’s end
The dark blue waters of Lake Simcoe, with a narrow strip of land in the middle and a lighthouse at the strip’s end

Lake Simcoe

Location:in southern Ontario

Per Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA), more than 50 species of fish live in this lake. It could be one reason that contributes to making this place one of the sought-after lakes in Ontario for cottage living.

Fishing will make for a superb pastime here!

The indigenous peoples called the Wendat, aka Huron-Wendat, according to LSRCA, named Lake Simcoe as Ouentironk(“beautiful water”) - and it deserves so.

From its scenic 240-kilometer shoreline, fine cottages bask in the area’s tranquility.

Lakes In Ontario - People Also Ask

What Are The 5 Largest Lakes In Ontario?

The top five biggest lakes in Ontario, Canada are:

NameArea & Maximum Depth
Lake Superior31,700 square miles / 1,332 feet (406 meters)
Lake Huron23,000 sq. mi. / 751 ft. (229 m.)
Lake Erie9,900 sq. mi. / 210 ft. (64 m.)
Lake Ontario7,340 sq. mi. / 802 ft. (244 m.)
Lake Nipigon1,872 sq. mi. / 541 ft. (165 m.)

How Many Lakes Are In Ontario?

According to Ontario.ca, a website run by the Government of Ontario, the province is home to over 250,000 lakes!

Why Does Ontario Have So Many Lakes?

The Canadian Encyclopedia explains that it’s due to the movement and melting of glaciers and ice sheets. That’s why majority of the lakes in Canadaare glacial lakes.

Trees reflected on the calm waters of Lake Ontario in Canada, with an early morning fog hanging above them
Trees reflected on the calm waters of Lake Ontario in Canada, with an early morning fog hanging above them

Final Thoughts

How fascinating are these facts about lakes in Ontario - and we barely covered them!

Per A-Z-Animals.com, there are 1.42 million lakes in the world, and 62 percent of them are in Canada, the second biggest country next to Russia.

In 2022, Ontario became the destination of approximately 5.85 trips taken by international tourists, according to Statista.

The incredible lakes in Ontario are among the province’s attractions that lure people across the world to come and visit.

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