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Best Places To DoorDash – Top 10 Cities & 10 States For Dashers

Discover the best places to DoorDash for maximum earnings. Explore high-demand cities and tips for successful deliveries.

Oct 13, 20231.5K Shares117.8K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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Whether you are looking for a way to make extra moneywith a side hustle or you are a restaurant looking for ways to boost your sales using a third-party delivery app, there are some key factors to consider. One of them is the popularity of the delivery service in your area. It's no surprise that popularity is such an important factor to take into account when choosing the delivery app you want to use or partner with.

While I do not think you will consider a move to a different state where DoorDash is popular, the advice from experts can for sure help workers and businessowners make the right decision. Check out our list of the best places to DoorDashto get the most out of your partnership with one of the biggest delivery platforms.

Who's Delivering Food

Before starting our rankings, we want to start with a little reminder of delivery food companies. Indeed, during the past two years, the meal delivery industry changed a lot.

Fueled by the COVID pandemic and the change in customer behaviors, there was a mass consolidation, and food delivery services started acquiring each other. There are now just three big players in the game.

  • "Doordash is the fastest grooving delivery businessin the United States."
  • "They offer delivery and gig opportunities in big cities like New York, Chicago, but they also expanded their business to rural areas."
  • "The number of small businesses on DoorDash located in rural communities increased by 15 percent from January to September of 2021."
  • "Doordash partners with big fast-food chains, such as Chick-Fil-A, Panera Bread, and Little Caesars, but it also helps local businesses, including small businesses, in rural communities to serve more customers."
  • "The number of DoorDash consumers living in low-income communities increased by around 50 percent in 2021."
  • "In these low-income communities, it is possible to rely on the delivery app."
  • "The on-demand logistical platform facilitates the delivery of any item, including alcohol delivery, food delivery, and grocery delivery, and also last-minute household delivery from a Dashmart store."
  • "Furthermore, with the DashPass subscription, members can get unlimited free delivery on their orders from eligible merchants avoiding delivery costs."
  • "This is one of the big differences between the San Francisco headquartered company and its main competitors that are most focused on operating in big cities."
  • "Another reason for DoorDash’s growth was its purchase of Caviar, which focused on higher-end restaurants."

The 10 Best States To DoorDash

The users have the option to choose from a wide variety of restaurants and the option to choose different services such as delivery or pickup services based on their needs. According to Second Measure, DoorDashstill dominates the market share of the food delivery market.

DoorDash claimed a 58% market share of US food delivery services in February 2022.

Map showing the best states to DoorDash.
Map showing the best states to DoorDash.

1. Texas

Overall, Texas came out on top as the best state for DoorDash. Doordash has grown into Texas' most-used food delivery app. Doordash is most popular in Houston and Dallas.

  • "In Houston, DoorDash provides contactless delivery from more than 3,000 businesses."
  • "In Texas, Doordash faces competition from the Favor app that promises to deliver anything from any local store or restaurant — for a $6 delivery fee, plus 5 percent of the total cost."

2. California

Home to Silicon Valley tops the list of the best states for DoorDash and ranked number two. DoorDash has a 74% of market share in San Francisco where the delivery platform is always busy offering delivery services during breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.

  • "Postmates was especially strong in Los Angeles, however, Doordash was able to increase its leads and currently has 41% of market share in LA."
  • "From a Dasher point of view, California is one of the states with the highest statewide sales tax rate, at 7.25 percent, and is ranked ninth by the Tax Foundation in combined state and local sales tax rates."
  • "When comparing Doordash earnings, California is also one of the states where people tip better."

3. Arizona

Phoenix and the whole state of Arizona is one of the biggest markets for DoorDash. The San Francisco headquartered company recently opened a Dashmart store in Tucson.

"Sandra Watson, president & CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority said: 'We’re pleased that DoorDash is expanding its southern Arizona presence and creating new jobs. Tucson continues to be an attractive location for growing companies, and we thank DoorDash for its investment in our state.'"

4. Pennsylvania

Doordash has 52% of market share in Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia. The food delivery app was able to offer services more efficiently than its rival Grubhub, which currently ranks second most popular food delivery app in Philadelphia.

  • "The Chicago headquartered company’s sales came under Doordash’s sales."
  • "Comparing the data from the last few years, we can see that in 2018, Grubhub had 74% of market share in Philadelphia."

5. Washington DC

As of April 2021, DoorDash accounted for 45 percent of the food delivery market in Washington D.C, the highest of any other delivery company.

  • DoorDash – 45%
  • UberEats – 36%
  • Grubhub – 21%
  • Postmates – 17%
  • "Find below the rank of the most popular delivery apps and their market share in Washington DC:"

6. Georgia

In Atlanta, very similarly to other states, spending through food delivery service platforms is increasing by more than 200 percent year-over-year.

  • "As of 2018, Atlanta residents had a clear preference for one third-party company over others. At this time Uber Eats had nearly 55 percent market share."
  • "As of April 2021, Doordash caught up and had 45% of market share in Atlanta, and has the same market sales as its competitor Uber Eats."

7. Indiana

Indiana is one of the states where DoorDash is more popular. If you are a DoorDash user, you will find a wide choice of dishes. DoorDash lists almost 30% more merchants in Indianapolis compared to its competitors.

  • "In Indiana, Doordash also offers faster delivery and provides better pays for delivery drivers."
  • "According to our experience, working with DoorDash in Indianapolis during the peak pay, you can make on average $16 per hour. You make on average $15 per hour working with Uber Eats."

8. New York (State)

The Big Apple is a technology and trend epicenter. Following the coronavirus pandemic which forced a nationwide shutdown of restaurants and many other services, New Yorkers began searching for “delivery apps NYC” which led to restaurants rushing to adopt the latest online ordering system in order to keep providing to their customers.

  • Grubhub – 52%
  • UberEats – 25%
  • DoorDash – 21%
  • Other – 2%
  • "In 2021, the New York City Council on Thursday passed a permanent commission fee cap on third-party deliveries."
  • "Companies like ChowNow are trying to take advantage of this situation."
  • "With many options to choose from, as a restaurant, you may find one or two of these delivery companies that will provide the right restaurant delivery service for your restaurant or for your next gig."
  • "Keep in mind that Doordash already offers plans well below the commission cap that is proposed."
  • "Find below the rank of the most popular delivery apps and their market share in NYC:"
  • "New York is a popular city for bike couriers."

9. Illinois

Illinois is one of the states at the bottom of the 10 most popular states for DoorDash. Keep in mind that very similar to New York City, the City Council in Chicago unanimously approved an ordinance setting a 15% cap on the various service fees of third-party delivery companies. DoorDash says those caps force it to charge consumers more.

10. Florida

Florida is probably one of the worst states for DoorDash, as it is ranked 9th out of 10 on the list of top states for DoorDash. In the city of Miami, Doordash has 31% of market share. Miami is one of the historically most popular cities for Uber Eats and Postmates.

When deciding whether to DoorDash in a particular state, it's essential to consider factors like market share, competition, and local preferences. Each state offers a unique landscape for food delivery services, and DoorDash's popularity can vary significantly from one region to another. Whether you're a delivery driver or a restaurant owner, understanding the dynamics of the food delivery market in your area can help you make informed decisions to maximize your earnings or sales.

The 10 Best Cities To DoorDash

Now, let's delve into the 10 best cities where DoorDash drivers can thrive based on market share and opportunity:

1. San Francisco

With a commanding 74% market share, San Francisco is a lucrative city for DoorDash drivers. The bustling city offers a high demand for food delivery services, making it an ideal location to maximize earnings.

2. Houston

Houston boasts a substantial 63% market share for DoorDash. The city's vast size and population create a consistent demand for delivery services, ensuring a steady flow of orders for drivers.

3. Dallas-Fort Worth

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, DoorDash holds a significant 56% market share. This metropolitan region provides ample opportunities for drivers to secure orders and boost their income.

4. Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona, offers a promising market for DoorDash with a 52% market share. While the highest earnings are concentrated in Phoenix, DoorDash is expanding into markets like Tucson, providing more earning potential for drivers across the state.

5. Washington DC

DoorDash dominates the food delivery scene in Washington DC, with a whopping 45% market share. This popularity makes DoorDash the go-to food delivery app for couriers in the capital, ensuring a steady stream of orders.

6. Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, is another prime location for DoorDash drivers, boasting a 45% market share. The city's population and bustling food delivery market offer ample opportunities for earning.

7. Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, DoorDash commands a 41% market share. While competition is fierce in this major city, the sheer volume of orders ensures drivers can secure deliveries regularly.

8. Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, is known for its capped third-party delivery fees, making DoorDash a popular choice with a 37% market share. These caps can lead to increased tips, making it a profitable option for drivers.

9. New York City

Unsurprisingly, New York City is a bustling market for DoorDash with a 34% market share. The city's dense population and high demand for delivery services create numerous earning opportunities for drivers.

10. Boston

With a 33% market share, Boston, Massachusetts, is a solid choice for DoorDash drivers. The city's vibrant food scene and urban population ensure a steady flow of delivery requests.

DoorDash Mobile App
DoorDash Mobile App

These 10 cities offer DoorDash drivers a fertile ground for earning income through food delivery services. Factors like population density, market share, and local regulations can significantly impact a driver's success in each city. Choosing the right location can make a substantial difference in a DoorDash driver's earnings and overall experience.

Best Places To Doordash FAQs

What Area Pays The Most In DoorDash?

The areas that pay the most on DoorDash typically include major cities, affluent neighborhoods, business districts, and regions with high demand. These areas often result in larger orders, more substantial tips, and steady earnings for drivers.

How Do I Find Busy Areas On DoorDash?

To find busy areas on DoorDash:

  • Use the DoorDash app and check the heat map, which highlights busy areas in red or orange.
  • Review your earnings history for insights on peak times and locations.
  • Experiment with different shifts to discover optimal earning windows.
  • Network with other Dashers for local insights.
  • Pay attention to promotions and incentivesoffered by DoorDash.

What Is The Best DoorDash Order?

The best DoorDash order depends on your preferences and goals. Factors to consider include the distance vs. earnings, tip amount, busy locations, peak hours, special promotions, and customer rating. Choose orders that align with your strategy and priorities.

What Is The Most Door Dashed Food?

Popular DoorDash orders include pizza, burgers, and Chinese food. These items are consistently among the most frequently ordered foods on the platform, but preferences can vary by region and customer taste.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best places to DoorDash, it's essential to consider a variety of factors, from population size and cost of living to local regulations and customer preferences. California stands out for its robust DoorDash market, propelled by Proposition 22, ensuring fair compensation for drivers. Texas offers ample opportunities, thanks to its population and lower gas prices.

Illinois, with its capped delivery fees, creates a favorable environment for drivers in Chicago. Arizona's expanding market and Washington DC's DoorDash dominance make them promising choices. Georgia's populous cities and New York's high demand contribute to their appeal. Florida offers a mixed market, with South Florida cities like Miami showing growth. Pennsylvania, particularly Philadelphia, is a hotspot for DoorDash. Michigan benefits from its high population.

Ultimately, the best places to DoorDash depend on your goals and strategy. Whether you prioritize short distances, high-paying orders, or specific time frames, understanding your local market dynamics and leveraging the DoorDash app's features can help you maximize your earnings in the ever-evolving world of food delivery.

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