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Inverted Pyramid Press Release - The Basics Of Attracting Attention

Writing a press release for a newspaper is not the same as writing a product brochure. Here you will know the inverted pyramid press release.

Nov 20, 2022127.2K Shares1.7M ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is The Purpose Of Writing A Press Release?
  2. Basic Structure Of Inverted Pyramid Press Release
  3. The Benefits Of The Inverted Pyramid Writing Style
  4. How To Use The Inverted Pyramid Structure?
  5. People Also Ask
  6. Conclusion

Writing a press release for a newspaper is not the same as writing a product brochure. The inverted pyramid press releasedesign places important information on top and provides supporting features below.

As a result, readers receive the gist quickly and can choose to take in particular but secondary information as the story develops. It is intended to capture the attention of the audience and also stimulate their curiosity about specific topics.

The inverted pyramid's origins may be traced back to the invention of the telegraph. They have to be delivered in the first sentence by news outlets. This guarantees that vital information is delivered first.

Today, journalists and other media writers commonly employ this form of news writing. In reality, the inverted pyramid is a widely utilized industrial standard among prestigious organizations. This includes publications such as The New York Times and The Associated Press.

What Is The Purpose Of Writing A Press Release?

UNDERSTANDING PRESS RELEASES | How to Write a Clickworthy News Story Using the Inverted Pyramid

So, the first goal of a press release is to make people aware of a company, a product, a service, or a person, depending on the situation. Still, they can try to bring up other issues that are important to stakeholders, such as where they stand on certain political, economic, or social changes.

With the help of press releases, companies can then build, change, or improve their reputation and public image. They help companies build trust with their customers, service providers, partners, and other important people.

Press releases can also send a "signal" to competitors and make a company more visible in the eyes of its rivals. In the same way, they can help the company's expertise in a certain area. Lastly, a press release is an important tool for communicating during a crisis.

Basic Structure Of Inverted Pyramid Press Release

A typewriter with paper and megaphone
A typewriter with paper and megaphone

The first and second paragraphs of the inverted pyramid will contain all of the data and maybe some supporting information, such as an image of the new product you are releasing, a video clip, or both.

To assist offer context for your content, the third paragraph will normally feature a quote from someone in the know in your industry.

The fourth paragraph is generally your boilerplate, or conventional corporation information and contact information. The boilerplate also gives context, telling journalists reading your press release who you are and why you are important. If any media representatives wish to follow up on your press release, they will need your contact information.

The Benefits Of The Inverted Pyramid Writing Style

Yes, depending on the topic and intended audience, there are numerous methods to organize material. You may also pique a reader's interest with a catchy title. So, what are the advantages of writing in an inverted pyramid structure?

Blue inverted pyramid
Blue inverted pyramid
  • An inverted pyramid news writing style is concise and direct. It's worth repeating because it's the main advantage of the inverted pyramid form. Readers will appreciate not having to seek crucial information if it is at the top of the page. They won't have to stop reading halfway through to look up another article.
  • It entices you to continue reading. Despite the fact that the most important information is at the top, it invites you to read more. By putting the most important information first, you increase your chances of capturing the reader's attention. They will want to know more and will read through the steps of the inverted pyramid for further information.
  • The Use of an Inverted Pyramid Structure Is Beneficial for SEO. Another advantage of this writing style is its SEOvalue. It is built into the structure of the inverted pyramid to aid with SEO.
  • Having your keywords in the first or second phrases boosts the importance of your keywords.Putting vital information first might get you a spot in Google's knowledge graph info box. Because you're engaging readers with material sooner, you're also lowering the cost of interaction.
  • It is accessible to those with disabilities. People with impairments benefit from the inverted pyramid style. It is designed for persons who have ADHD, ADD, or dyslexia. Using the inverted pyramid broadens your and your organization's appeal.

People who have these challenges have a more difficult time concentrating. Putting important information first involves less work for people who struggle to concentrate. It also benefits persons with dyslexia by minimizing the amount of time they must spend reading.

How To Use The Inverted Pyramid Structure?

Having stated the several advantages of the inverted pyramid, mastery is essential. This can boost the likelihood of your press releases being picked up by the media. A well-written press release is not only straightforward and interesting, but it also has the appearance of genuine news.

Press release on a laptop with megaphone, microphone, and dartboard
Press release on a laptop with megaphone, microphone, and dartboard

Create A Headline

This is the first thing that readers will notice. The title itself must be eye-catching and include a keyword. It should inform readers about the topic.

You may also provide a sub-headline. This can include extra keywords and provide further information about the title and content.

Create The Lead

The lead or lede should respond to the 5Ws. The who, what, where, when, and why is as follows. Journalists must include these in the opening paragraph or, if possible, the first 30 words.

In any event, the lead should get to these areas as quickly as possible since they are the heart of the tale. The lead can also serve as a tailhook. This might be a controversial fact or an unusual remark that will pique readers' interest.

The 5Ws form the foundation of the inverted pyramid, putting all of the vital information at the top.

Build The Body

In the body, you expand on the information provided by the 5Ws. You can provide supporting facts, quotes from your sources, and other information.

The inverted pyramid construction is still in place. This implies that you must also organize the material in terms of relevance. The most important supporting details should be included earlier in the body.

Finish With Relevant Contextual Data

Non-essential information appears at the bottom of the inverted pyramid. However, this does not exclude it from being useful. It aids readers in understanding the framework of the tale without revealing the lead or the body.

The closing sentences might provide further reading lists or connections to earlier reports. A kicker may also be used to conclude your post on an exciting or hilarious note.

People Also Ask

How Do You Make An Inverted Pyramid Title?

Make sure that the longest line of your thesis title comes first, and that the lines get shorter from there (an inverted pyramid). On these two pages, the title should say the same thing and have the same line breaks. You should also have the same name.

Why Is The Inverted Pyramid Structure Used In News Releases?

In general, news stories are set up in the style of an "inverted pyramid," where information is given in order of decreasing importance. This lets people quickly read the most important parts of the story so they can decide whether or not to keep reading.

Do Broadcast Journalists Use The Inverted Pyramid?

Yes, stories for broadcast are written in the shape of an upside-down pyramid in case the last sentence or paragraph is cut out at the last minute. Because people only hear the first two or three words of a story, most broadcast leads leave out a lot of important information.


Because we are accustomed to narrating tales in a different way, the inverted pyramid may appear unusual at first. For example, in a fairy tale, the most essential aspects are near the conclusion, with a surprise or twist and, presumably, a happy ending.

News stories, on the other hand, are more concerned with facts than with creativity or ideas. If you master the inverted pyramid press release, you should begin to receive more media pickups from pleased journalists who can see you know how to create an excellent press release.

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