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How To Write Outstanding Headlines - Catch More Readers With Great Headlines

Never undervalue the significance of headlines; a little time spent selecting the ideal headline can have a big impact. Thats why all writers should know how to write outstanding headlines.

Nov 11, 202238 Shares935 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. How To Write Outstanding Headlines
  2. You Should Use Descriptive Headlines
  3. Stay Away From Clickbait Headlines
  4. Headlines Must Function Independently
  5. Consider The Length Of The Headline
  6. Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep
  7. Be Brief
  8. Examine What Works And Take Note Of It
  9. Enhance Headlines Using Keywords
  10. Do Not Be Intimidated By Lists
  11. Share Ideas For Headlines
  12. People Also Ask
  13. Conclusion

Never undervalue the significance of headlines; a little time spent selecting the ideal headline can have a big impact. That's why all writers should know how to write outstanding headlines.

How To Write Outstanding Headlines

More people will click on your post wherever they see t thanks to a strong headline, which also increases the likelihood that the time you spent writing it will be read by search engines in the days and months that follow its publication.

Here are some things to consider while creating headlines. It should be highlighted, however, that the goal is to make sure that, if you publish a quality post, the headline helps to sell it rather than producing sensational headlines for quick traffic increases.

You Should Use Descriptive Headlines

Some have bemoaned the passing of the pun headline with the advent of the web, as I stated in a previous essayon journalism and SEO.

Although they were amusing and could still be used in print, web headlines must be detailed. Who knows, you might be able to fit both in one headline.

Non-descriptive headlines have the drawback of being less effective when taken out of context. They don't work for SEObecause the headline has a significant impact on rankings as well. It must be brief and describe what readers can anticipate from the article.

Stay Away From Clickbait Headlines

Although there are many different definitions of clickbait, I believe most people will agree that it is bad.

Headlines that fall short of their promises can also be referred to as clickbait. Too much exaggeration, SEOadvice that claims to revolutionize your marketing approach, etc.

Yes, headlines must be intriguing, but there must also be a delicate balance. Don't go overboard. Long-term success will not be achieved by using headlines that make grand promises, draw traffic, and then let readers down.

Headlines Must Function Independently

It's simple to forget that they're frequently viewed outside of this context when we write articles and imagine them put on top of the article.

They can be found on search results pages, newsfeeds, newsletters, tweets, and more.

Your potential readers will scan them and decide whether to click in a reasonably short period of time because they frequently compete for readers' attention with other publications.

Consider The Length Of The Headline

The length of your headlines is constrained by the web in a number of ways:

Keep in mind that Google will only display the first 55–60 characters of a page title when writing headlines. Keep it below 55 or think about what would occur if it stopped at that point.

With our internal linking post, we've just about reached the limit, although Moz and SEO marks are well within it. We'll have to click to learn what these commandments do for the KISS metrics post.

Think about the social mediapost character restrictions. For instance, the headline shouldn't be too long if you want to tweet an article along with the URL and image.

email bulletins. Shorter headlines are more likely to be read in full, though this varies depending on the device or email client your users are using.

Readability. I'm sorry to express the obvious, but a shorter headline is simpler to read and immediately comprehend. People are less inclined to read it if it is too long.

Overall, if you can, keep headlines around 60 characters, especially if you want to produce evergreen contentthat performs well in search engineresults.

Man holding a newspaper
Man holding a newspaper

Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

This somewhat relates to the clickbait issue; however, you may make a strong title without providing solid content.

Now, a portion of this depends on quality. People will feel duped if you deliver what you advertise as "killer tips", yet they are simply a compilation of many online pieces with little unique thought or depth.

Adjectives have the propensity to oversell information in headline writing, such as "great tips that can supercharge your content marketing," etc.

If you're going to use bold, you should be certain that the content corresponds to the title. In a recent Hook piece, I read "Breast Implants Rumor Revealed" They pretty much got so far away.

Be Brief

There are other reasons to keep headlines brief, as we can see from point four. Look at your headlines carefully. Is each word necessary? If not, take it out.

Examine What Works And Take Note Of It

Look at your stats and the articles that are getting the most social media shares. Can you identify a few commonalities?

For instance, according to Buzzsumo, these are the five SEW articles that have received the most shares over the last six months.

I'd say that in every situation, the headline explains what the user can expect if they click on it. We have a few listings in there, and they are all rather brief as well.

To get the best idea, it helps to look at a variety of tools. What generates traffic, leads, or conversions may not always be the same as what generates success on social media.

However, a few recurring elements ought to show up, which will assist you in writing superior headlines.

Enhance Headlines Using Keywords

Although front-loading keywords used to be the standard, Google is reportedly giving this less weight now. However, I would still want to include my keywords in the title.

These keywords can draw in your target audience on social media platforms, in newsletters, or in search results. They will aid in ranking and are more likely to be utilized as anchor text if people link back to your site.

Do Not Be Intimidated By Lists

Although listicles are amusing to parody, they actually function well online.

People enjoy lists because they can see that an item has a clear structure and will be simple to read and understand.

These are SEW's top 10 pages from the previous calendar year. Six are lists, and five are numbers. There would be more if the homepage and category pages were removed.

For us, the phrase "how to" also works well; four of the top 20 follow this pattern. Then there are the questions and answers that play on readers' inherent curiosities and, when phrased effectively, are beneficial to them.

Share Ideas For Headlines

Even though I occasionally create headlines on my own, I find that talking with coworkers and bouncing ideas off of them is quite helpful.

Even though you may believe your headline is strong, another person may have a superior suggestion.

People Also Ask

How Do You Write A Good Headline?

  • Summarize the subject matter.
  • Find the hook without spoiling the ending.
  • Be straightforward.
  • Make an emotional appeal.
  • Proofread and fact-check.

What Are The 5 Characteristics Of A Good Headline?

  • Simple to understand.
  • The right length.
  • Emotionally compelling.
  • Targeted.
  • Vetted.

How Headlines Are Written?

Today, browsing a list of search engine results is just as likely to lead a reader to an article as quickly skimming a newspaper page. The headline should make it clear what the article is about, and it should also be interesting enough to make people want to read it.


Although there are many headline generators and formulae available, producing headlines shouldn't be overly automated. Is always better to know how to write outstanding headlines by yourself.

Although there are important elements to take into account, guidelines that are generally worthwhile to follow, and certain things to categorically avoid, headlines also need to reflect the site's and its audience's personalities.

Additionally, you need to vary it. Even if it increases traffic, it won't look good if every headline is a numbered list.

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