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How To Leverage AI In PR?

The Artificial Intelligence tools that we use and encounter in our daily lives are only the tip of the iceberg. This technology is still primitive in comparison to what the future holds. Public Relations (PR) is about communication and brand strategy; hence, utilizing AI to deliver the relevant message to the audience provides chances for brand building.

Mar 17, 202321.4K Shares826.6K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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The Artificial Intelligence tools that we use and encounter in our daily lives are only the tip of the iceberg. This technology is still primitive in comparison to what the future holds. Public Relations (PR) is about communication and brand strategy; hence, utilizing AI to deliver the relevant message to the audience provides chances for brand building.

Artificial intelligence in public relationsis relatively new, yet its impact on simplifying and enhancing jobs is significant. AI is used in public relations to automate boring operations such as social mediaposting, email scheduling, calendar scheduling, and more.

Real-time data gives PR professionals an idea and specifics about the material that the audience prefers. There are several additional advantages of using AI, such as providing direct messaging to the target audience, real-time data analysis, and so on. AI has the capacity to monitor customer behavior and provide insights to brands in order for them to remain competitive in the market.

Understand how to leverage Artificial Intelligence for your business

How To Embrace AI?

AI can help public relations businesses, especially when it comes to the sheer volume of material they must go through.

Employees at public relations businesses must continually be on top of the newest trends and news, which may be a time-consuming process owing to information being overlooked due to the sheer volume of information accessible or being bogged down by irrelevant content.

By programming the bot to search for certain terms or phrases, companies may search through all of the material available across any digital platform at lightning speed and pull out any content that is relevant to their clients. This ensures that only vital material is forwarded to the PR agency.

AI may also be used to monitor media coverage of competing goods and clients' rivals in order to guarantee that their clients are reacting appropriately or receiving a fair amount of media attention with their own campaign. AI bots may be used to track media impressions for both a PR firm's own clients and their clients' competitors.

Artificial intelligence can not only be used to track media coverage for your customers by scanning news articles, but it can also track any trends in issues that the PR agency may wish to stay ahead of.

With its automated scanning process, artificial intelligence will be able to determine the best time of day for press releases, social media posts, and other avenues of engagement with their target audience, based on when people interact with the information and which platform or means of communication receives the most interaction.

This will offer data that the PR businesscan utilize in the future to guarantee that they are reaching their target consumer in the most effective way possible.

The data collected may assist public relations professionals in making suggestions about which channels to push their message via, how the material should be constructed, and even what sort of information to include.

What Is The Benefits Of AI In PR?
What Is The Benefits Of AI In PR?

What Is The Benefits Of AI In PR?

Other than information scanning and data sorting, artificial intelligence has many other applications in public relations. It may be used to generate preliminary press releases and even construct websites by programming the bot to gather and compile data using preset methods.

Based on audience engagement, AI can decide the most important material to include in a press release and adapt future press releases to grab and hold the audience's attention.

The benefits of AI in public relations are tremendous, with new applications being discovered all the time as the technology advances and evolves in response to businessdemands.

One of the most common concerns about automation and the application of artificial intelligence in any firm or industry is that it will result in job losses. While it may appear that artificial intelligence would remove jobs, this is not the case in the public relations sector.

This sector still heavily relies on the human touch for face-to-face client contacts, social networking, and offering insights and recommendations on how toleverage data gathered by AI to get the best possible outcome for the customer.

Indeed, artificial intelligence will allow public relations professionals to focus on tasks that cannot be automated, such as brainstorming creative ideas, deciding what steps to take for their clients, and working closely with the client, rather than performing repetitive tasks that currently take away from client interactions.

In public relations, artificial intelligence is not something to be afraid of. It is a tool to adopt in order to create efficiency in data collection, allowing staff to focus on their clients and the creativity of their sector.

Here Are The 6 Tips On How To Leverage AI In PR
Here Are The 6 Tips On How To Leverage AI In PR

Here Are The 6 Tips On How To Leverage AI In PR

Let's look at a few areas where AI is making a significant effect. And, towards the conclusion of the piece, you'll find several AI PR tools to assist your brand get started with artificial intelligence.

Automating Daily Tasks

Every brand has those mundane, day-to-day activities that must be completed (but that nobody likes to do). There are AI solutions that can automate such activities, allowing you and your team to concentrate on what is most important.

What sorts of work might AI systems automate? Calendar scheduling, note-taking, social media posting, and sending follow-up emails are just a few of the day-to-day, boring chores where artificial intelligence and public relations work together. This saves time and moneywhile allowing public relations specialists to focus on more essential responsibilities.

And keep in mind that AI's capabilities are always expanding. Artificial intelligence has been utilized to improve customer servicein recent years.

When a customer communicates a business via social media or a messaging interface on a corporate website, AI is frequently utilized to detect and respond to inquiries. It will either offer a brief answer (i.e., a brand's business hours) or forward more complex queries to a qualified person.


When it comes to customer relations and brand image, chatbots and real-time answer-generating bots may alleviate the load on public relations experts by providing customers with the quick satisfaction that they crave.

For example, using the machine learning technology Bloomsbury AI, Facebook enhanced its communication abilities with its audience and clients. The technology gives a humanized approach and translations to engage consumers rather than merely communicate to them.

Chatbots may be used to communicate with customers as a brand on websites or social media. Bots using learning systems gain experience by adjusting to human behavior while interacting with them.

Sentiment Analysis

The beautiful thing about AI and public relations is that it isn't just cold, hard statistics. AI is also capable of analyzing data to detect sentiment.

AI PR systems may scan through digital and traditional media, including social media, to locate brand mentions and assess the overall emotion of that mention – whether positive or negative. Some technologies are even capable of detecting sarcasm and irony.

With this information, companies can determine what the general public thinks about their brand. Knowing this allows public relations professionals to spot concerns and expertly lead the brand around them. They may also utilize positive emotion to identify and highlight a brand's strengths.

Data-Driven Public Relations Campaigns

Brands invest heavily in public relations efforts, so it's understandable that you'd want to guarantee that those campaigns are as successful as possible.

Each campaign a business produces generates mountains of data that would take human weeks to go through and extract useful insights from. AI, on the other hand, can accomplish this in seconds and produce important insights that can shape and alter future efforts.

What type of useful information are we discussing? Artificial intelligence can determine the best moments to send campaign emails and social media postings.

It can assist you in determining the ideal venues to advertise your campaigns, such as certain social media sites or trade magazines. It may also assist you in determining which influencersand blogs would be the most effective to collaborate with.

And, with such rapid data analysis, public relations professionals can confidently and swiftly make useful decisions for their public relations campaignon the go.

Use Influencer For Marketing

In recent years, influencer marketinghas become a hot public relations trend. If you're unfamiliar with the term, influencers are people with a huge social following who have clout with their audience and frequently use that clout when working with companies.

The problematic thing about influencers is that the validity of their power and influence has recently been put into doubt. Influencers have been scrutinized, whether for phony followers or a lack of significant social interaction – with some businesses quitting this tactic completely.

Influencers, on the other hand, are still valued. And you don't need a crystal ball to figure out which ones to employ. AI can tell the difference between who is a forgery and who is a genuine item.

PR professionals may evaluate influencers and anticipate who would be the greatest fit for their company using extensive data and content analysis. There are whole influencer marketingbusinesses dedicated to filtering out influencer prospects and providing evidence-based suggestions.

Crisis Management

Every brand, at some point, will confront a crisis. In today's digital era, a problem may quickly escalate from a single flame to a raging wildfire. However, artificial intelligence can assist public relations professionals in limiting these crisis scenarios. How?

AI can sift through masses of incoming data, including social media postings and emotion, to figure out what's going on and make accurate predictions about when a catastrophe is looming. Knowing this, public relations professionals can put a stop to it before it becomes a significant issue.

Top 5 AI Tools To Boost Your PR
Top 5 AI Tools To Boost Your PR

Top 5 AI Tools To Boost Your PR


Grammarly is a smart proofreading program. Grammarly, unlike your word processor's spell-checker, can be linked into your browser and flags mistakes in emails and blog postings. Their app experience may extend beyond basic edits by providing advice on engagement, delivery, and clarity. Simply said, this tool will help you become a better writer.

This AI tool may modify recommendations based on the aim of the article in addition to checking for grammar. This will assist to influence suggestions, which may be more lenient on an informal/friendly item but harsher on a formal/academic piece.


Conversica is your go-to AI software for qualifying and following up on sales leads. The AI begins discussions with your prospects, and when the program anticipates a potential sale, it alerts a salesperson so that they can step in and seal the deal.

The best part is that the human interactions created by the program do not reveal to the lead that they are conversing with a bot.

While you may try out a free monthly plan that allows you to message 25 prospects each month, a premium membership may be more beneficial if you want more support. A yearly membership to the Professional Edition plan costs about $3,000 USD.

Pricing is determined by the bundle you select. The total cost may appear high, but if qualifying leads consume a significant portion of your company's time, the investment may be worthwhile.


Exceed.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered sales assistant that automates email communication and personalizes conversation.

This marketing automation technology tries to replicate human conversations by giving a potential client a natural experience, chatting to prospects, and understanding their product needs before a real sales professional can continue the discussion.

An example of the Exceed interface is shown below. With so many inbound prospects, it might take a long time to qualify them, schedule meetings, and connect them with the relevant people at your organization.

Exceed streamlines this process by guiding prospects through the customer experience and ensuring that sales teams spend the most time with prospects who are most likely to convert.


For years, brands have used social media listening, but NetBase takes it a step further by augmenting it with machine intelligence and deep learning.

Its artificial intelligence-powered system monitors millions of social media discussions in real-time to give real-time insights about audience reactions to your newest brand news and updates. These insights may assist marketers in protecting brand health, improving crisis management, and increasing campaign success.

An example dashboard for a social media marketingteam is shown below. Teams may create dashboards that are tailored to the brands, platforms, and metrics that are most important to them.


This social listeningand analytics application track real-time discussions in 187 languages across social media, blogs, forums, and news sites. This tool may assist you in tracking the effects of campaigns, posts, goods, events, or anything else going on inside your brand.

It also includes tools tailored to your public relations strategy, such as crisis and risk management, influencer identification, and sentiment analysis.

How Can I Increase My Lead Generation On Instagram?

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  • Consistently share valuable content
  • Join your audience
  • Add your posts with a call to action
  • Use story and live videos from Instagram
  • Work with influencers
  • Use Instagram lead adsto generate
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC – Pay-Per-Click
  • Get More Social Shares
  • Turning “Out of Stock” Into an Opportunity
  • Use the Godfather-Strategy to Build Your Email List
  • Using FOMO to Increase Your Conversion Rate

How Do You Increase Lead Generation Of B2B?

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