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How To Be A Link Builder - Be The Exceptional Employee That Every Digital Market Needs

Link building is difficult labor that takes actual expertise and hands-on experience to be effective. However, every link building guru began somewhere. Case studies and success stories abound on industry blogs. We think it might be scary for novices. If you're a new recruit at an agency, a new freelancer, or someone seeking to increase traffic and search engine exposure for your company, you may feel as if it's all incomprehensible and hard to learn. Or, at the very least, catching up to the specialists is impossible. We will show you how to be a link builder in this article.

May 19, 202236 Shares1.2K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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How To Be A Link Builder- Link buildingis both an art and a science in many aspects.

While it may appear simple and technical, recognizing and soliciting possible link building opportunities as part of an overall digital marketing planrequires a surprising degree of creative expertise.

Given these considerations, it is clear that not everyone working in the field of SEO today is suited to link building.

If you want to get recruited as a link builder or learn how tobe a link builder, you need to match the following requirements, which we will go over later.

Link buildingis one of the areas of SEOoptimization that is focused on the development of the website's link mass.

Linkbuilders, or professionals in developing a link profile and purchasing links, have grown in great demand as Internet marketing has evolved.

Let's take a closer look at what they do, their key tasks, and their talents.

External linksare very significant in website ranking.

The connection from website A to website B is a suggestion prototype.

In search results, search engines want to present consumers the most popular and high-quality sites.

As a result, the presence of several external connections indicates that it is an authoritative website.

Link building is one aspect of SEOwebsite marketing that entails external optimization.

Link building is centered on increasing the resource's link mass by looking for donor sites, inserting backlinks, and measuring their performance.

A man holding chains and a girl holding a piece of a chain
A man holding chains and a girl holding a piece of a chain

As the number of websites on the Internet grows, so does the demand for promotion services.

SEOservices are typically used by online website owners who want to rank high in search results.

Previously, the tasks of an SEO professional comprised both internal and external optimization; however, not only has the number of online projects increased, but so has the amount of knowledge required in each of the areas of Internet marketing.

As a result, there was a demand for responsibility delegation.

A link builder is a highly skilled professional whose qualification is to create a website's link profile.

It is critical in the promotion process not only to obtain a big number of backlinks but also to impact their quality.

Backlinks from questionable or spammy websites might result in search enginepenalties.

Link builders achieve this through a variety of methods, including email campaigns, contacting article directories, posting on forums, and contacting blogs.

Google and other search engines prioritize particular websites based on the number of high-quality sites that link to them, and link builders drive these efforts.

A link builder must persuade another firm that a website is worthy of connecting to.

They must have a great businesssense, excellent communication skills, and maintain contact with multiple partners at once.

An arrow pointing to a chain or link and a webpage
An arrow pointing to a chain or link and a webpage

When done correctly, link building is beneficial. It not only creates links that lead to greater ranks in major search engines, but it also makes the internet more navigable.

However, as Google continues to evolve and improve, link building as an SEO technique is becoming more reliant on quality over quantity.

A link builder must be calculated as well as authentic.

Spray and pray approaches have given way to relevance-first strategies.

To obtain a connection that impresses Google's algorithms while also benefiting internet users, a link builder must possess and employ the following skills:

  • Skilled in HTML- Because links are simply pieces of code that connect two websites, link builders must have a solid grasp of HTML. Though the referring website will usually host the link, link builders may be asked to appraise the worth of previously placed links by identifying no-follow tags and other coded elements.
  • Curious – There are no "sure thing" SEO tactics that guarantee high search success. As a result, instead of accepting accepted best practices at face value, link builders must be interested enough to investigate what works (and what doesn't).
  • Organized– Due to the massive quantity of data involved in link building, link builders must be organized enough to keep track of things like links built, link requests, and any follow up that is required to get effective results.
  • Attentive to details- There are a lot of elements to examine when assessing whether or not a link prospect is a suitable fit for your company's marketing goals, ranging from the linking site's PageRank to its traffic to the amount of current links on the same page. As a result, inattentive link builders may waste time seeking links that a more comprehensive analysis of the data would have excluded.
  • Knowledgeable about SEO- Obviously, because link building is an SEO function, link builders must understand how their activity fits into a larger plan. For these technicians, ongoing SEO education is essential, since this expertise will enable them to become more active participants in tactical SEO planning.
A man holding a magnet attracting chains and links with webpage in front of him
A man holding a magnet attracting chains and links with webpage in front of him

To appreciate Google's goal for what constitutes a quality backlink, you must first comprehend the broader picture.

Backlinks play a crucial role in the global web's internal directory and navigation system.

To put it simply, each "link click" should direct the user to the most relevant website or resource.

As a result, useful links are prioritized above irrelevant connections.

As a result, as a link builder, you must ensure that you select relevant domains for yourself or your clients.

Brush Up On Your Outreaching Skills

Outreaching is a necessary ability for link building.

Even if you have some of the finest blog writers, you will not be able to secure those premium publication positions unless you have strong outreach skills.

Being an effective outreacher entails more than just sending nice emails.

You must cultivate relationships, manage your list of webmasters, and be a skilled negotiator.

Understand Different Market Verticals/Niches

If you're in the SEO and link building industry, you should be familiar with a variety of market verticals, or at the very least the market niches of your clients.

Various sectors have different approaches to link building.

What works in one market may not work in another.

People Also Ask

Although appropriate link building is not straightforward, there are numerous white hat SEO tactics you can start with today without a lot of effort or money.

  • Request backlinks
  • Create connections.
  • Provide a testimonial
  • Create a blog.
  • Include your website in reputable directories.
  • Create an excellent guest post

Link building may be tremendously entertaining at times and mind-numbingly boring at others.

You can't just sit around and wait for links to come to you.

You have to work hard, constantly brainstorming new ideas, study about industries and their niches, and keep coming up with fresh contentideas.

A link builder promotes their client's content and other pages to other related websites until they link back to you.

There are several ways to accomplish this, including blog outreach, forum participation, and social mediainvolvement, to mention a few.


The foundation of digital marketing is link building.

A link builder is simply a marketer whose duty it is to obtain citations/links and increase the brand's internet exposure.

A link builder is a sought-after professional in the field of Internet advertising whose job it is to create a website's link profile.

The link builder's primary tasks include developing an external marketing plan, searching for donor sites, agreeing on placement terms, and checking work quality.

You now understand how to be an outstanding link builder.

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