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Google Business Profile - Why You Need It And How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Today's businesses require a targeted Google presence. Most companies are aware that this necessitates optimizing their website and Google Ads, but many are unaware that there is a third entity that also requires optimization: their Google business listing. This powerful listing, officially known as your Google Business Profile, is a dynamic snapshot of your business that displays your greatest qualities and allows potential customers to rapidly locate, learn about, and connect with you.

May 05, 202274 Shares1.2K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  4. Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) Facts And Statistics
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Google Business Profile- Google BusinessProfile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their visibility across Google's many components, such as Maps and Search.

Whether you're a retailer or have an online business, it's a simple approach to convert individuals who find you on Google into consumers.

According to a study, 81 percent of US customers believe it is crucial to be able to readily identify a local store by searching online.

A Google Business Profile may make it simpler for customers to locate your company, discover your items, communicate business updates and information, and increase sales.

People Also Ask

What Is A Google My Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a simple tool for managing a company's or organization's online presence throughout Google, including Search and Maps.

You may authenticate your business and change your business information to help clients discover you and tell them your story.

Why Is Google My Business Important For SEO?

Google My Business has always been significant since it is frequently the first thing your clients discover when searching for your company.

The advantages of GMB are numerous. A full GMB listing can increase a business's local SEOranking on its own.

It creates a quick first impression for searchers who see your company's vital information shown on the right side of the interface.

Why You Need A Google Business Profile

Google My Business logo
Google My Business logo

Increased Visibility Across Google

You may have the finest retail store in the world, one that offers your consumers a one-of-a-kind experience.

However, if no one can discover you online, it will be difficult to grow your reach and gain new clients.

A Google Business Profile may assist clients in finding your company via Search, Maps, and Shopping.

Joy Hawkins, the owner of local SEOconsultancy Sterling Sky, believes that every local business should have a Google Business Profile in order to compete in search engines.

"Data suggests that between 30% and 40% of search results reveal local packs," Joy explained.

A local pack is a collection of three local company listings that display when someone searches for terms with a local purpose, such as "boutiques near me."

Control Your Business Information

Making a strong first impression is essential when beginning to create a relationship with clients online.

After you have verified your company, you may manage the information that searchers discover when looking for your company or its goods and services.

This allows you to emphasize vital information while also displaying your brand's individuality.

You may customize components like:

  • Phone number, business hours, and health and safety precautions
  • Cover images, logos, and services are all available.
  • Women-owned, Black-owned, and LGBTQ+ friendly are just a few examples.
  • Text or video posts highlighting special bargains and activities
  • Items for sale

Your Google Business Profile serves as the focal point of your local marketing plan.

You may also use the Google My Business app to help you change your company's profile, react to reviews, and manage your company from anywhere.

Get Customer Reviews

Before making a purchase, 93% of new buyers actively check for reviews.

Previous customers' feedback assists wary purchasers in making a selection.

While persuading individuals to post evaluations is difficult, it is necessary to establish credibility and boost consumer image.

In Search and Maps, reviews appear next to your Google Business Profile.

Customers might be asked to leave evaluations by providing a URL dedicated to your business or by reminding them in person at your store.

Another useful tool provided by Google is the option to reply to consumer feedback.

So, if a consumer writes a poor review, you may reply to it instantly and rectify the issue right away.

If someone leaves a nice review, you may publicly thank them.

How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google My Business logo on tablet and laptop with stores papers, and shopping carts
Google My Business logo on tablet and laptop with stores papers, and shopping carts

Google bases its local search ranking on three factors:

Relevance: The degree to which your Google My Business listing matches a search query.

Distance: The distance between your location and the search or searcher.

Prominence: How well-known is your company? (based on factors like links, number of reviews, review score, and SEO)

Here are some methods you may do to improve your overall score across all three areas.

Include Keywords In Your Profile

The use of relevant keywords will increase relevancy. Not sure where to begin? Consider using Google Trendsor Keyword Planner.

Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and social monitoring tools can also assist you in identifying phrases that consumers use to search for your company.

Incorporate them into your business description in a natural way.

Don't pack keywords into your contentor use irrelevant ones — this might harm your search ranking.

Encourage And Answer Reviews And Questions

People have a higher regard for other people than they do for corporations.

A positive review might be the determining factor for prospective clients.

Your Google ranking will also increase as a result of the reviews.

The greatest moment to request a review is after you have provided an excellent service.

Google gives a direct link to invite consumers to evaluate your business to make it easier.

Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) Facts And Statistics


Queries Including ‘Near Me’ Have Surged In Recent Years

When individuals move, go on vacation, or need a new service, it's normal for them to utilize Google to get a sense of where to eat, what to do, and what to purchase.

According to Google Consumer Insights, the number of searches involving "near me" has surged by more than 200 percent in the previous two years!

Optimize your Google Business Profile page listing so that it appears towards the top of local search engineresults pages to capitalize on this trend (SERPs).

Over Half Of Google Business Profile Interactions Produce Website Visits

If you can persuade potential consumers to connect with your Google Business Profile, there's a good chance they'll visit your website.

When people visit your website, you may persuade them to make a purchase, trial your items, sign up for a mailing list, and so on – either online or in person.

GBP’s Q&A Section Allows You To ‘Pin’ Frequently Asked Questions

The faster individuals have their queries addressed, the happier they will be.

You'll save a lot of time by answering typical questions in search results rather than answering the same question over and again over the phone!

You may 'pin' these FAQs to the top of your Google Business Profile.

When Writing A Review, 20% Of Consumers Expect A Timely Response

Many consumers just want to tell you about their experience with your company and go on with their life.

However, almost one-fifth of clients demand a prompt response from the business owner.

As a best practice, try not to leave any reviews unanswered - favorable or bad.

It may be tempting to disregard unfavorable feedback.

Customers, on the other hand, are interested in how your company handles criticism.

People are more likely to buy from you if you are actively correcting company mistakes.

Of course, you may be unable to help obstinate consumers.

In this scenario, be professional when discussing your company's policies.


Your Google My Business strategy, like any other Google SEO strategy, should focus on providing as much quality information about your company as possible, not only in your Business Profile but also in the sources that Google uses to populate it—your website, review site profiles, and even your social mediaaccounts.

We will never know every single ranking component, but we do know their ultimate goal: to link searchers to the best business for their requirements by providing thorough, trustworthy information.

So, focus on utilizing your Google My Business dashboard to get your Business Profile to reflect your company as properly and comprehensively as possible, and then make sure to keep it that way, and you will enjoy the advantages.

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