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Step-By-Step Guide To Earning Your Google Ads Certification

Gain recognized expertise in online advertising with our comprehensive Google Ads Certification Guide. Master the skills to excel in digital marketing and boost your career.

Nov 08, 20238.8K Shares252.2K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is Google Ads Certification?
  2. 11 Kinds Of Google Ads Certifications
  3. Why Google Ads Certification Matters
  4. The Certification Process: A Step-by-Step Guide
  5. Benefits Of Earning A Google Ads Certification
  6. Google Ads Certification Guide FAQs
  7. Conclusion

In the digital marketing landscape, distinguishing oneself is crucial, especially with many individuals and agencies offering SEOand Google Ads managementservices. This Google Ads Certification guideintroduces the Google AdsCertification as a beacon of expertise, providing both new professionals and industry veterans with a recognized credential that showcases proficiency in online advertising.

It's a mark of trust and a direct line to the most current training tied to the Google Ads platform, encapsulating a range of certifications that underscore a marketer's mastery in various aspects of the Google Ads suite. As such, it represents not just a certificate, but a comprehensive commitment to ongoing professional development and expertise in the dynamic world of online advertising.

What Is Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads Certification is a professional accreditation that Google grants to individuals who demonstrate mastery in both fundamental and advanced aspects of Google Ads. Upon passing the certification exams, marketers are not only acknowledged with a personalized certificate but can also bolster their company's credibility if it’s part of the Google Partners program.

Over time, the certification program has undergone several transformations. Initially a standalone program with associated costs, it has since been integrated into the Google Partners program, transitioned to the Google Academy for Ads, and rebranded as Skillshop. Despite these changes, the essence of individual certification, with its comprehensive training contentand exams, remains consistent.

11 Kinds Of Google Ads Certifications

Google Ads certifications are a suite of professional accreditations offered by Google to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in various aspects of Google Ads. These certifications are recognized by Google as a testament to one's expertise in online advertising and are accessible through the Skillshop Google Ads Certification page.

There are 11 distinct Google Ads certifications available, each focusing on a specific aspect of Google Ads, such as Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads, and more. These certifications not only allow individuals to prove their expertise but also help their companies achieve Google Partner or Premier Partner status, enhancing their credibility in the industry.

Google Ads Certifications
Google Ads Certifications

The certifications available are:

1. Google Ads Search Certification

This certification focuses on the mastery of creating and optimizing Google Search campaigns. Certified professionals are skilled in leveraging automated solutions like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions to enhance campaign performance aligned with specific marketing objectives.

2. Google Ads Display Certification

Professionals with this certification validate their expertise in using Google Display Network to create effective strategies and campaigns that maximize display advertising investment. They have the ability to develop campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals.

3. Google Ads Video Certification

This certification is for individuals who can demonstrate the ability to achieve results from YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions. It indicates proficiency in storytelling on YouTube and reaching potential customers throughout their purchase journey.

4. Shopping Ads Certification

The Shopping ads certification confirms a professional's proficiency in using and optimizing Shopping ads. It entails knowledge of creating and optimizing Shopping campaigns to maximize visibility and conversions.

5. Google Ads Apps Certification

Professionals with this certification have demonstrated their ability to create Google App campaigns that drive businessimpact. They understand the fundamentals of campaign creation and advanced optimization strategies.

6. Google Ads Measurement Certification

This certification shows that an individual can measure and optimize digital ad performance using Google’s measurement solutions. It signifies an understanding of vital metrics and the ability to turn insights into action to improve Google Ads performance.

7. Google Ads Search Professional

For individuals specialized in Google Search, this certification goes beyond basic certification to demonstrate advanced expertise in creating, managing, and optimizing Search campaigns for more complex functions and higher budgets.

8. Google Ads Display Professional

This advanced certification recognizes professionals who have in-depth expertise in Google Display Network, including the development of advanced strategies and the management of large-scale campaigns.

9. Google Ads Video Professional

This certification is for experts who have a deep understanding of video advertising on Google's platforms, especially those who manage large-scale video campaigns and strategies.

10. Google Ads Creative

Holders of this certification are acknowledged for their creative skills in crafting compelling ad content across Google's platforms, ensuring that creative elements are optimized for performance and engagement.

11. Grow Offline Sales

This certification is designed for professionals who use Google Ads to drive offline sales, demonstrating their ability to link online ad campaigns to tangible results in physical stores or locations.

Each of these certifications requires passing an assessment through Skillshop, showcasing the individual's dedication to their professional development and their company's standing in the digital advertising industry. It's important for professionals to choose certifications that align with their careergoals and the specific competencies they wish to develop or highlight.

To become certified, an individual must pass the respective assessment through Skillshop, requiring a score of 80% or higher within a 75-minute limit. Certifications are valid for one year, after which they must be renewed.

One of the significant features of the Google Ads certifications is their global accessibility, as they are available in 22 different languages, including but not limited to:

  • Czech
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (including Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish (including Latin America)
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

This extensive range of languages ensures that professionals from various regions can access and benefit from the certification programs, making it a truly global credential.

Upon achieving certification, professionals can communicate their certified status to potential and existing clients, reinforcing their position as skilled practitioners in online advertising. It's important to note that the certification is personal and cannot be attributed to others within a company or agency.

The Google Ads certifications are designed to validate the skills and expertise of individuals in online advertising. With the certifications available in a wide range of languages, they cater to a global audience, ensuring that certified professionals can serve clients from all over the world and maintain a competitive edge in the digital marketing landscape.

Why Google Ads Certification Matters

This certification has grown to become a baseline requirement for many entry-level marketing roles. It indicates that an individual is committed to professional development and has a foundational understanding of Google Ads that is more specific than general marketing education.

The Certification Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can get certified too!

Step 1 - Understanding The Google Ads Certification

The Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. It is a testament to your expertise in online advertising and can be a boost for your resume.

Step 2 - Creating A Skillshop Account

Before you begin, you need to create a Skillshop account. Skillshop is the official learning platform for Google Ads certifications.

  • Go to the Skillshop website.
  • Click on 'Register'.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Confirm your account via email.

Step 3 - Choose The Right Google Ads Certification

Google offers several Ads certifications including:

  • Google Ads Search
  • Google Ads Display
  • Google Ads Video
  • Shopping ads
  • Google Ads Apps

Choose the certification that aligns with your career goals or current job role.

Step 4 - Study The Google Ads Certification Learning Path

Each certification has a learning path with modules that cover various topics. These paths are tailored to help you understand how tomanage and optimize Google Ads campaigns effectively.

  • Navigate to the certification you chose.
  • Start with the first module.
  • Study at your own pace.

Step 5 - Review Study Guides And Materials

Besides the learning path, there are additional study guides and materials available. Utilize them to deepen your understanding.

  • Read through the Google Ads guide.
  • Use the additional resources provided.
  • Take notes on key concepts.

Step 6 - Gain Practical Experience

Theory is important, but practical experience is crucial.

  • Create a Google Ads account to practice.
  • Experiment with creating campaigns.
  • Apply the concepts you've learned.

Step 7 - Take Practice Exams

Before taking the actual exam, it's advisable to take practice exams to test your knowledge.

  • Find practice exams in the 'Resources' section.
  • Take multiple practice tests.
  • Review your answers and understand any mistakes.

Step 8 - Schedule And Take The Exam

Once you're confident in your preparation, schedule your exam.

  • Go to your Skillshop account.
  • Select the exam.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Take the exam.

Step 9 - Understand The Exam Format

The exam format usually includes:

  • Multiple-choice questions.
  • 75 minutes to complete the exam.
  • A passing score of 80% is required.

Step 10 - Follow The Exam Instructions

While taking the exam:

  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Read each question carefully.
  • Manage your time effectively.

Step 11 - Receive Your Google Ads Certification

After passing the exam:

  • You will receive a digital badge.
  • Download and add your certification to your LinkedIn profile or resume.

Step 12 - Keep Your Certification Current

Your certification is valid for one year. To maintain it:

  • Stay updated with the latest Google Ads features.
  • Retake the certification exam annually.

Step 13 - Apply Your Knowledge

With your certification, you can:

  • Manage Google Ads for your businessor employer.
  • Showcase your skills to potential clients.
  • Stay ahead in the digital marketing field.

Step 14 - Join Google's Partner Program

Consider joining Google's Partner program:

  • Gain access to additional resources.
  • Connect with a community of professionals.
  • Find opportunities to further your expertise.

Step 15 - Continuous Learning

The digital advertising landscape is always changing. Keep learning:

  • Attend webinars and workshops.
  • Stay engaged with the Skillshop.
  • Keep experimenting with new Google Ads features.

By following these steps, you can earn your Google Ads certification and open the door to advanced opportunities in the field of digital marketing. Remember, this certification not only validates your expertise but also equips you with the latest tools and best practices needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of online advertising.

Man holding a blank white paper.
Man holding a blank white paper.

Benefits Of Earning A Google Ads Certification

  • Enhanced Resume -It demonstrates to employers and clients that you possess expert knowledge in online advertising.
  • Contribution to Organizational Success -It's a step toward helping organizations become Google Partners, increasing their industry influence.
  • Professional Development - The certification is an opportunity for continuous learning and skill improvement.

The Google Ads Certification is not just about passing an exam; it’s about demonstrating your ability to implement and optimize Google Ads effectively. Whether you're aiming for your first industry role or seeking to uphold a Google Partners designation, this certification is a valuable asset for your professional journey.

How Can I Become Google Ads Certified?

To become certified, you must pass the Google Ads certification exams available through Google's Skillshop. This involves studying the relevant learning paths and scoring at least 80% on the assessments.

Is There A Cost Associated With Google Ads Certification?

No, obtaining Google Ads Certification through Google's Skillshop is free.

What Types Of Google Ads Certifications Are Available?

Several certifications are available, including Google Ads Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads, Apps, and various professional-level certifications.

How Long Does The Google Ads Certification Last?

The certification is valid for one year, after which you must retake and pass the certification assessment to maintain your certification.

Can Google Ads Certification Help Me In My Career?

Yes, certification can enhance your resume by demonstrating verified expertise in Google Ads to potential employers or clients and can contribute to your company's Google Partner status.

Are There Any Prerequisites For Taking The Google Ads Certification Exams?

No formal prerequisites are required, but practical experience with Google Ads and familiarity with online advertising concepts and best practices are recommended.

In What Languages Is Google Ads Certification Available?

The certifications are available in 22 languages, encompassing a wide range of linguistic diversity.

If I Fail An Assessment, Can I Retake It?

If you do not pass an assessment, you can retake it after one day.

How Do I Communicate My Google Ads Certification Status?

You can mention your certification on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social mediaprofiles, adhering to Google's guidelines for communicating your certified status.

Is The Google Ads Certification Recognized Globally?

Yes, the certification is internationally recognized and esteemed as a mark of expertise in online advertising.


In conclusion, this Google Ads Certification guide has walked you through the significant aspects of obtaining a Google Ads credential, highlighting its importance in the digital marketing industry. From understanding the range of certifications available to exploring the step-by-step process of acquiring one, we've underscored the value that such a certification can add to your professional stature.

Earning a Google Ads certification not only bolsters your resume but also enhances your understanding of online advertising, positioning you as a recognized expert in the field. Whether you are looking to advance in your career, contribute to your organization's success, or simply stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, a Google Ads Certification is a pivotal step in that journey.

As the digital landscape evolves, staying certified and up-to-date with Google's advertising platform will continue to be an indispensable asset for any marketing professional.

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