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An Entrepreneur's Greatest Fear Is Embodied In These Five Words Or Less

Losing important clients or running out of money are two of the most common causes of entrepreneur anxiety. The ability to persist in the face of fear is what defines courage for entrepreneurs, not the absence of it. Fears like these are based on solid facts— according to research, 75% of new businesses fail within ten years.

Feb 21, 202287.6K Shares1.4M ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. "Backup Restoration Has Failed"
  2. "Your Account Has Been Suspended"
  3. "Lawsuit"
  4. "Website Is Down"
  5. "Copyright Infringement"
  6. "Client Not Responding To Calls"
  7. "Your Funds Is On Hold"
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To be an entrepreneur, you must be driven to succeed, especially if you are a new one even though entrepreneur's greatest fears are always present.Entrepreneurs who are just starting out don't have the luxury of taking their time or moneyfor granted.When you feel like you must succeed at all costs, it can be a huge burden.

At first, you don't have the perks that long-established businesses enjoy.Every action you take has the potential to either propel you forward or drag you back.It's understandable that businessowners worry themselves sick because of the stakes.Selling, standing out from the crowd, and hiring the best people are the three main causes of this anxiety for me.Having an understanding of these scenarios and how todeal with them can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with running a business.

"Backup Restoration Has Failed"

It is impossible to overstate the importance of data recovery.If you think you don't have to worry about it, you need to change your mindset immediately.It doesn't matter if you're running a small business or a massive corporation.Most people associate "backup" with "the fluffy white cloud," but in reality, data restoration is often more critical than backup.

In order to replace lost or damaged data, data restoration ensures that the data backup is consistent with the state of the data at a specific point in time prior to the damage occurring, making it possible to restore the data.All of your important data should be able to be recovered in a matter of seconds.It's reassuring to know that, no matter what happens to your data, you can easily retrieve it with a few mouse clicks.

With a backup file browser, it's simple to get an older version of a file back from a previous date, or to download all of your files at once and restore them.

"Your Account Has Been Suspended"

There are many reasons why a website may be suspended by a web host. Among these are the presence of malware, spam content, payment failure, and other violations of policies.Everyone who visits your site will see this message, so the notice is intentionally vague about what happened and how to fix it.

This means that your website has been temporarily taken offline by your web host.There are a number of reasons why a website can be suspended by a hosting provider, including malware infection and excessive server resource use.

Anyone who tries to access your website will see a message stating that your account has been suspended.If you try to access your wp-admin or hosting provider account, you'll most likely be unable to.


A company's ability to stay in business relies heavily on its reputation.A company's bottom line can be directly and profoundly affected by the trust and confidence of its customers and partners.Firms with a strong positive reputation draw in better employees. "

For some reason, they are perceived as having a higher level of value than other options.They are more likely to stick around for long periods of time and purchase a wider range of products and services.Organizations are particularly vulnerable to reputational damage in an economy where 70 to 80 percent of market value is derived from hard-to-assess intangible assets like brand equity and goodwill.

Most businesses will have to deal with a legal dispute at some point or another.Legal action in the business world can take many forms, from contract disputes to misrepresentation and intellectual property (IPR) issues to premises liability and employment issues.All of these have the potential to have unintended consequences for businesses of all sizes, large and small.

Direct negotiations, arbitration, or mediation are often faster, more private, and less expensive ways to resolve business disputes than going to court.However, litigation may be unavoidable if the parties involved are unwilling to consider other options or have tried other means of resolving their dispute without success.

"Website Is Down"

Hosting outages are the most common cause of your website being unavailable.Common causes of outages include:

  • Even with proper maintenance, hardware failure still occurs.All hardware eventually fails, from hard drives to power supplies to motherboards.In the event of an outage, most hosting companies have contingency plans in place, but the recovery process can be lengthy.
  • An entire server can be rendered unusable if it is the victim of a cyberattack or security threat.Denial-of-service attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, drive-by attacks, and password attacks are the most common.Security measures such as Imunify AV are already in place at most hosting companies, but as the internet evolves, new server breaches are inevitable.
  • A server can become overloaded if it receives an excessive amount of traffic.If your website's traffic overwhelms your server, you're doing something right, but you'll need a larger server to handle the extra load.DDoS attacks are typically to blame for traffic spikes and overloads.

To put it simply, a DDoS attack is one where the hacker floods the server or network resource they're targeting with requests.

Lawsuits based on infringement of a company's copyright could be prohibitively expensive for a small business.If a small business uses a parody of a popular song in an advertisement, the song's author may sue the business.

Businesses waste time and moneydefending themselves in court even if a court agrees that the parody was fair use of the work—time and money that could be better spent growing the company.

"Client Not Responding To Calls"

Clients who fail to respond can leave you with a mountain of unanswered questions.So you need to keep in touch with them to find out what went wrong and help them get back on track with the original plan.It's difficult, however, to follow up without sounding like you're trying too hard.

Even if a client is ecstatic about working with you, keep in mind that they've got 1,001 other things on their plate as well.It's possible that your email was misplaced in their inbox, or that they are otherwise preoccupied.

Perhaps they've talked to their coworkers about your upcoming projects and identified a few potential stumbling blocks.It's possible they're waiting for approval from their boss.To proceed with you, perhaps they've been told by their accounts team that they must find cost-savings in other areas if they're going to do business with you.

There are a slew of possible explanations for a client's tardiness in responding.Get in touch with them so you can get the ball rolling, rather than letting your imagination run wild.

"Your Funds Is On Hold"

An account hold can occur for a variety of reasons.Check deposits from out-of-state or foreign institutions may result in a temporary hold on an account that is only good for the amount of the check.In order for the customer to get their money, they would have to wait for the check to clear first.It is important to keep in mind that initial deposits to new accounts are frequently subject to holds.There would be a hold if money was pledged as security for a loan.

A hold would also be imposed by a court order or by an order of the IRS or a state tax authority.To conduct an investigation into suspicious activity in an account, the bank has the right to temporarily block the customer's use of funds.If a customer reports that their identity has been stolen, the bank will put measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to their account.For example, a sudden and suspicious withdrawal or transfer to an overseas account may indicate a compromised account.


Let me tell you the real truth to help you get through this:The presence of fear is a sign that you are on the right path.Fear only surfaces when confronted with something new.How often do we have to face the unknown, the new?We evolve constantly.

Fear is a sign that you're trying something new; it's a sign that you're growing.Fear is a sign that you're doing what you set out to do if you're here for growth and transformation.This means you're heading in the right direction.As part of your overall guidance system, it's essential.

Entrepreneurship requires us to overcome our fear of rejection, which is one of the most amazing aspects of it.Without overcoming the fear that holds back the majority of people, it's impossible to go big, be successful in sales, and earn the money needed to build a long-term company.Say yes to everything, and accept the rejection as a necessary part of the learning process.

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