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Dominate Google Discover - Get Your Website Featured On Google's Top Search Results

While you cannot target consumers or hobbies, you can improve your position and dominate Google Discover. Google Discover is one of Google's newest services, but it depends on many of the tried-and-true optimization techniques marketers have employed for years.

May 24, 202212 Shares910 ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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  1. What Is Google Discover?
  2. Tactics To Rank Better In Google Discover
  3. Is Google Discover Important For SEO?
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Do you want more website traffic?

What more can you do to dominate Google Discover?

SEOand sponsored marketing are widely used by businesses to increase customer awareness of their online presence.

But have you considered another strategy to increase traffic—one that won't cost you an arm and a leg?

We are referring to Google Discover.

In the previous three months, my website received a 12% click-through rate from Google Discover.

The technique of optimizing sites to appear in Google News, Top Stories, and Google Discover differs from the process of obtaining rankings in the 10 blue organic links in many ways.

This is because Google employs a number of distinct organic SERPcharacteristics to highlight fresh or noteworthy material, each of which has its own set of ranking guidelines and reporting capabilities.

What Is Google Discover?

A hand holding a phone using a google discover and magnifying glass and arrows
A hand holding a phone using a google discover and magnifying glass and arrows

Google Discover, which replaced Google Feed in 2018, seeks to display users' hand-selected information according to their interests and previous behavior.

What distinguishes it from Google Search?

Users must enter a query into Search, and Google will return results in response.

However, with Discover, Google provides a highly tailored feed without the need to search, and because Google's algorithm is dynamic.

This feed is automatically renewed when new information is produced.

Some of the elements that influence the type of material Google displays in your Discover feed are as follows:

  • Google's search history
  • Your web browser's history
  • If you have granted permission, your location
  • Your usage of certain installed programs, based on your settings

Tactics To Rank Better In Google Discover

Google discover logo and updates
Google discover logo and updates

Publish High-Quality, Relevant, And Evergreen Content

News is a great example of the material that does really well on Google Discover.

And, unless you work for a huge media company, it's nearly hard to frequently publish articles on popular issues, depending on your specialization.

It is feasible, however, to curate material depending on what is hot in your business.

Even so, this is hardly a long-term approach.

That is why it is critical to concentrate on trendy and evergreen content.

Evergreen contentis material that remains fresh, relevant, and helpful for an extended period of time without the need for regular updates.

This is not to argue that evergreen material should not be refreshed.

Choose Eye-Catching Images

Images, like titles, are highly vital for engagement.

In certain circumstances, a nice image may entice a user to click even if the headline is not particularly appealing.

Images that are related to your content or are specifically developed for the purpose of the post are more likely to draw the user's attention than a random stock image.

Even if you can't afford to employ original images, make sure your cover picture is appealing, high-quality, and current.

Improve On E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

Your site/pages must have a high level of E-A-T in order for your content to appear and dominate Google Discoverstream.

That is expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

You may improve your site's E-A-T by doing the following, according to Discover guidelines:

  • When posting your article, include specific dates and bylines.
  • Provide specific information about the authors, the publisher, and the publication, if applicable.
  • Indicate the firm or network that is responsible for the material.
  • Indicate the writers' and company's contact details to foster confidence and openness with site visitors.

However, these are insufficient.

The content you publish should persuade Google that you are a true authority in your field.

That you are an expert in your field and that others are ready to read and receive knowledge/value from your content.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Because Discover is a mobile-only platform, it goes without saying that your website should be mobile-friendly.

Despite the fact that some websites are still trying to keep up with the changes.

It is vital to remember that information from websites without a mobile version or that are not responsive will not be displayed in Discover.

They will no longer appear in search results as a result of the Mobile-First Indexing change.

As a result, it is critical for every website owner to take safeguards and optimize in due time.

Frequently Update Your Content

If you want your complete evergreen content to appear on Google Discover, you must update and republish it.

However, upgrading material entails more than merely altering the dates and adding a few new headings and paragraphs.

Instead, conduct some research on the issue and check what your rivals have lately written.

A thorough SEOcompetitive study is the best approach to go.

Here, you go deeper into your competitor's top-ranking keywords and best-performing content to compare and contrast with what you currently have.

Track Your Traffic From Google Discover Feed Via Search Console

It is always important to understand which of your content is functioning well and which needs to be improved.

So, measuring your traffic from the Google Discover feed on GSC is extremely advantageous to the effectiveness of your content marketingand, in general, the profitability of your business.

Click on the Performance tab in the GSC for your website to check how well your web pages are performing in the Discover news stream.

Is Google Discover Important For SEO?

A hand holding a phone and pen in a google discover
A hand holding a phone and pen in a google discover

Although Google does not specifically state that Google Discover is an SEOcomponent, it does have advantages that might help you better your SEO approach and dominate Google discover.

It Helps In Driving Organic Web Traffic

One advantage is that Google Discover may be a fantastic source of organic traffic.

When consumers open their Google app and discover your material in the Discover stream, they are more likely to click through the link.

As a result, increasing traffic via Google Discover may be highly beneficial, as organic click-throughs are essential components in improving a web page's SEO rating.

Instead of making Google Discover a key priority, it is better to utilize it as a supplement to your content marketing and SEO plan.

It Helps You Gain More Insight

Google Search Consoleis now adding a "Discover" reporting function, which will allow you to view additional statistics about your Google Discover performance.

This allows you to see:

  • The frequency with which your content appears in Discover, as well as the overall traffic, gained
  • What kinds of content are doing well in Discover?
  • How does the performance of your content in Discover compare to its performance in Google Search?

This information assists you in determining which material performs best and how toimprove underperforming content.

It also gives you more information about the sorts of material your readers are interested in.

As of this writing, this function is still being rolled out gradually, but you can usually find it under the "Performance" page of the Search Console.

People Also Ask

How Do I Get Ranked On Google Discover?

Ranking in Google Discover necessitates the creation of user-friendly content (enough so that Google would determine the content worthy of being displayed in their Discover feed).

Who Is The Google Discover?

Google Discover is a Google-curated feed that delivers news and videos to mobile devices. Users' material is tailored by searches and linked stories.

Users may also further personalize what they see on their feed by following subjects that interest them.

Can I Customize Google Discover?

You may use Discover to obtain updates for your interests, such as your favorite sports team or news site, without having to hunt for them.

You may customize the sorts of updates that appear in Discover in the Google app or when surfing the web on your phone.


To summarize, Discover may be an excellent source of traffic.

Simultaneously, there is a lot of "big name" rivalry and a limited amount of room for specific sorts of material.

Understanding your target audience's feed is a terrific method to gain some information.

Google Discover is a live thing that evolves depending on what the user feeds it—what you see on Google Discover is not the same as what others view.

So follow the advice above, experiment with your brand's content, and dominate Google Discover.

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