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Opportunities On Digital Marketing In Africa

For all consumer-facing enterprises in Africa, digital sales represent the next frontier of business expansion, yet only a small portion of this potential has been realized. Digital marketing in Africa represents a great opportunity for all companies.

Dec 23, 202220 Shares369 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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For all consumer-facing enterprises in Africa, digital sales represent the next frontier of businessexpansion, yet only a small portion of this potential has been realized. Digital marketing in Africarepresents a great opportunity for all companies in the continent.

Whether they were born with technology or not, players who can strategically prioritize digital and methodically build digital function in their organizations are likely to do better than the competition.

The percentage of Africans who opt to purchase products and services online has more than doubled over the last five years, accounting for 10% of the continent's total population. Even if economies return to something resembling "normal," online sales will continue, even though the epidemic is largely to blame for this change.

Digital Marketing In Africa

There is a large market opportunity for African enterprises here. With more than 10 million individuals starting to shop online each year, internet sales in Africa are rising at one of the greatest rates in the world, or over 25% year over year. However, the majority of businesses are just beginning their growth trajectory with regard to internet sales.

Fewer businesses have scaled digital sales as of yet, despite larger organizations being largely ready to move their sales and activities online and having the essential infrastructure in place.

Due to the intense competition in Europe's digital sales market, banks often spend roughly 25% of their annual client earnings to acquire new customers. However, in Africa, the level of competition is still low enough for banks to draw customers while only devoting 10% of their profits to them. This won't likely last, though.

We may anticipate increased rivalry in the race to build digital businesses and move well-known services to the digital space as the window of opportunity for digital sales on the continent continues to widen. There are five fundamental ideas that African firms should keep in mind if they want to advance and establish themselves as leaders in the field of digital sales.

Most Used Platforms For Marketing In Africa

Given that global advertising and social mediaplatforms like Google, Bing, and WhatsApp are so popular in Africa, it will be important to use the knowledge of international experts who work with these channels.

For instance, in South Africa, 94% of search queriesare made on Google, with Bing coming in second at 5.12%. According to Global Web Index's (GWI) digital marketing research for African nations, Google holds a 98.6% and 97.7% share of the Nigerian and Kenyan search markets, respectively. You can consult in Urban Kenyans for more statistics about marketslike the Kenyan.

WhatsApp is the most widely used social media site for networking, with 93.2% of users in South Africa, 93% in Nigeria, 96.5% in Kenya, 83.9% in Ghana, and 73.7% in Morocco. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are often the next most popular social media platforms.

Developing in-house teams of digital client acquisition experts who are familiar with various channels will probably be a major competitive advantage.

Fortunately, the spread of remote working models has made it simpler for African organizations to find top personnel internationally. Because African countries might not have enough people with the right skills, this can be especially important.

Consider The Local Context When Developing A Marketing Plan

African firms neglect the local context at their own risk, even when they operate primarily through global channels, especially if they want to expand throughout the continent.

When preparing digital marketing efforts, it is important to take into account the small variations in channel behavior and consumption that exist among African markets. For instance, in South Africa, PCs and tablets are more popular than cellphones, and in 2021, the average daily time spent on desktops, laptops, and tablets was a staggering 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Compared to most other African nations, South Africa has a higher rate of laptop and desktop ownership (83.3% of the population).

It is crucial to use paid and organic search, social, and display advertising as efficient ways to reach customers given the increasing concentration of internet and social media users and the widespread use of devices.

Statistics By Country

In contrast, Nigeriahas the greatest percentage of smartphone users (99.2%) and the most internet users overall in Africa; 82.9% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 reported using social media as their primary source for brand research.

Therefore, Google search together with chat support call-to-action capability might be utilized by WhatsApp and Facebook to give instant and more customized messaging and one-to-one services to make an impact in that context.

Local businessgrowth is possible through communicating with customers on owned channels, even while global advertising platforms offer an unrivaled opportunity to increase the client base.

Businesses may, for instance, think about using social media groups, messengers, email, mobile apps, and websites to convey tailored information and increase conversion rates. Growing relevant client engagement could be the key to opening up these channels.

Business math is particularly involved in digital marketing, where it is important to determine the cost of each user activity, such as a click, an application, or a sale.

Once a company learns how tomeasure important parameters, it can use these precise analytics to manage channels and campaigns well.

In order to develop accurate analytics, organizations could think about developing efficient data monitoring and storage systems and guaranteeing regular reporting that can provide everyone with a clear image of the status of digital sales.

Building cross-functional teams with analysts on board is equally vital so that everyone has access to data at all times and can use it to effectively use customer insights to create additional sales.

Keep Experimenting

The basic tenet of digital marketing is the constant generation, testing, and evaluation of new concepts. These can involve experimenting with new audiences, launching novel forms of communication, and working with new channels.

The keys to success are putting together a well-coordinated team and putting in place reliable procedures that can be tested regularly.

While it's a common misconception that only digitally native businesses, like neobanks, fintechs, or other technology players, can succeed in this game, our experience working with more established banking, telecom, and retail organizations suggest that all businesses are capable of undergoing digital transformation. And given the enormous growth at stake, there is no time to hesitate on this.

Cape town in South Africa
Cape town in South Africa

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The most important thing is to prioritize digital for your company's strategy and to consistently establish a digital function within the organization that is characterized by cutting-edge market skills and adaptable working practices. This can make it possible for you to draw in the most clients while still getting a solid return on your marketing expenditures.

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