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Business Hierarchy - How Important Is It In The Workplace?

A business hierarchy is one of several ways a company can organize its employees. This framework is used by businesses to clearly define the management chain and improve communication.

May 23, 202240 Shares550 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. How Do Business Hierarchies Work?
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  3. A Flag To Fly
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Business hierarchyis a pyramid-like structure that divides employees into distinct levels. This is especially useful for large corporations with numerous departments, contributors, and employees. It is also a common businessstructure, and many people consider the businesshierarchy to be the traditional method of company organization.

A solid organizational structure is critical to the success of any business. To establish internal control, corporations require a structured hierarchy. The hierarchy of a company allows employees at various levels to identify the chain of command and serves as a reference point for decision making. Without a hierarchy, it is impossible to hold executives, managers, and employees accountable.

How hierarchies help & hamper us in creating great organizations | Markus Reitzig | TEDxFHKufstein

How Do Business Hierarchies Work?

A company creates a hierarchical structure by organizing its employees into a pyramid shape based on specific characteristics. Administrative, executive, supervisory, and entry-level employees make up the business hierarchy. The pyramid has more levels as the company grows in size.

Create an Indeed Resume to help employers find you. Each company member has a unique set of characteristics. Pay, responsibility, role, and power are a few examples. Most employees begin at the bottom of the pyramid and work their way up as they gain experience and knowledge.

Business hierarchies provide advantages such as streamlined training and communication. Supervisors who understand company processes can easily train entry-level employees, who can ask their supervisors questions and seek guidance from them. The hierarchy simplifies objectives and makes processes more efficient.

The Ringelmann Effect

Group of men pulling a tag
Group of men pulling a tag

Hierarchies are an excellent way to increase individual motivation.

Assume you publish a plan for a community initiative but do not specify who is in charge of what. Every individual member is likely to take a step back and adopt a relaxed attitude because they believe the rest of the community will do the work and their contribution will be insignificant anyway.

One thing to keep in mind here is that we need ladders to climb and goals to achieve to keep us motivated. Hierarchies provide clear indicators of how far and fast we are climbing the success ladder.

A Flag To Fly

While titles and badges may appear to be insignificant measures of our worth, they do provide us with identity.

If you are asked, "Who are you?" It can almost guarantee that your response will involve your position in a hierarchy, whether at work or in a social setting.

While labels may appear to limit or even enslave us, on a fundamental level, they provide psychic nourishment by providing order and structure.

This is why, after retirement, many people experience a sense of loss because their professional identities, which provided psychic nourishment, are removed.

A Word On Flat Hierarchy

Flat Hierarchy structure
Flat Hierarchy structure

Personal motivations can work against the community's overall motivation. Checks and balances are required to ensure that power and responsibility do not fall into the wrong hands. An overly powerful dictator can make community membersfeel as if they lack control and power, which can negatively impact their community experience.

It is also suggested that leaders rotate their positions on a regular basis. It ensures that leaders who have served their terms or are no longer active are replaced by new blood eager to fill open leadershippositions.

Because the majority of your community moderatorswill be volunteers, a flat hierarchy is a far superior management style to the more traditional command and control approach. It's debatable whether it's completely feasible in a practical setting, but it's a goal to strive for.

Companies such as Automattic, the company behind Wordpress, which powers nearly 20% of the world's websites, and GitHub, which has over 50 million users, are examples of the world's most important internet compa nies and communities with a flat structure.

Valve, the video game company, has an entire handbook explaining how they run the company with "no bosses at all."

Flat hierarchy does not imply that there are no leaders or managers, but rather that members are expected to lead themselves - DIY management.

The major issue with flat hierarchies is that they almost always fail. With the exception of Valve, almost every major corporation that has attempted flat hierarchies has failed. The best example of this is buff-er.

Even though communities aren't technically businesses, people will look to you to answer their questions and make important decisions for the community in your absence. And leaders will want the glory and public recognition to keep contributing. Everyone is not altruistic nor will they contribute in silence.

You can try a modular design as your community grows by dividing it into smaller community modules. This allows communities to retain the stability and durability that hierarchies provide while also retaining some of the flexibility and culture that flat hierarchies provide. There can be many people at "similar" levels with wildly different titles. Simply ensure that this hierarchy is visually represented somewhere.

Another important consideration is the importance of crystal clear communication.

Crystal clear communication is not only essential for community organization, but it also simplifies a slew of other challenges that growing communities face. If every community initiative is clearly documented, new members can immediately begin adding value. It also becomes a natural byproduct of marketing collateral, making it simple to repurpose for external communication.

Open and transparent communication also ensures that messages are not distorted as they move up and down the command chain. Open and transparent communication also ensures that messages don’t get distorted as they travel up and down the ladder of command.

The best communities are benevolent dictatorships founded on strong pillars of open communication, transparency, and putting the needs of the community ahead of personal motivations. You need a diverse group of leaders who believe in these principles and take personal responsibility for the community's overall success.

People Also Ask

What Is An Example Of Hierarchy?

A hierarchy is defined as a group of people or things arranged in order of rank, or the people who rank at the top of such a system. The corporate ladder is an example of hierarchy. The various levels of priests in the Catholic church are an example of hierarchy.

What Are The Three Types Of Business Hierarchy?

Organizational chart structures are classified into three types: hierarchical, flat, and matrix. There are various variations for each of these primary structures that reflect a company's specific operational needs.

How Do You Structure A Business Hierarchy?

A hierarchical org chart is the pyramid-shaped organizational chart we mentioned earlier. It is the most common type of organizational structure—the chain of command extends from the top (e.g., the CEO or manager) to the bottom (e.g., entry-level and low-level employees), and each employee reports to a supervisor.


 a man turning the page of his book
a man turning the page of his book

It is critical to maintain a proper corporate hierarchy in large business organizations. Consider managing a company with thousands of employees with no hierarchy. Yes, it is almost unimaginable! Corporate hierarchy is not a bad thing if it is designed fairly and correctly.

Any intelligent organization's management carefully selects its employees and divides them into strata based on their abilities. It is an art to design your company's corporate hierarchy. A corporate hierarchy is important in many different levels for a business organization if done correctly.

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