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B2B Video Marketing - Benefits, Tips & Strategies In 2023

B2B video marketing is a part of content marketing that involves planning, creating and sharing your content in video format with your B2B audience. These video formats can include social media videos, webcasts, video podcasts, live streams and more.

Mar 01, 202358 Shares903 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is B2B Video Marketing?
  2. Why Should Your B2B Business Invest In Video Marketing?
  3. Benefits Of B2B Video Marketing
  4. Tips To Start Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy
  5. People Also Ask
  6. Final Thoughts

Video has taken the world of B2B marketing by storm. Viewers can easily find what they need by searching for video content.

Let's talk about why a company should invest inB2B video marketing, and then read about the best B2B video marketing strategies.

Video marketing explained from start to finish

What Is B2B Video Marketing?

A laptop above a table
A laptop above a table

Things can get complicated in the world of B2B video marketing. Rather than focusing on a single decision-maker, multiple decision-makers can be targeted. This balancing act between who makes decisions and who uses the product can be tricky.

Because decision-makers and end-users aren't always the same person, you'll need to persuade more than one person along the way that your product or service is a good fit for their company.

B2B buyers or decision-makers purchase products for internal company use. In this case, it's critical to strike a balance between addressing pain points and product quality. B2B videos are typically longer than B2Cvideos because products aimed at businesses are typically more complex.

Why Should Your B2B Business Invest In Video Marketing?

Video is now used for more than just internal sales and customer servicetraining. It is an essential component of communicating with your B2B prospects and growing your company's bottom line.

The numbers below tell a story:

  • 88% of video marketers report a positive return on investment (ROI) from video.
  • 72% of people prefer video over text to learn about products and services.
  • 87% of LinkedIn video marketers describe it as an effective channel.
  • 95% of video marketers intend to increase or maintain their video budget in 2022.

Video marketing is versatile.

It allows you to engage your audience on social media, educate your prospects with product demos, sell your product or service with customer testimonials, and provide webinars to assist buyers in their decision-making process.

Think again if you thought video marketing was just a tool for increasing brand awareness on social media.

Video can be used to generate leads and drive conversions throughout your entire sales funnel.

Benefits Of B2B Video Marketing

Video Improves Search Rankings

You may have noticed that video results appear frequently in Google searches, and that they frequently appear near the top of the page.

A search for "video marketing" on Google, for example, yields video results in the second position on page one.

Videos of video marketing search ranking screenshots
Videos of video marketing search ranking screenshots

Logically, if you're not publishing video, you're missing out on free exposure.

Simply use SEObest practices when uploading your videos.

Video Improves Demand Generation

Video is an effective tool for increasing engagement and assisting with lead generation.

According to Animoto's most recent annual survey, 93 percent of businesses have gained a new customer as a result of a social media video.

Adding video to your website's homepage, landing pages, or product pages also increases the average time visitors spend on a page.

According to 81 percent of video marketers, and 80 percent of all those polled, video has directly contributed to increased sales.

It is obvious that keeping your viewers engaged increases your chances of conversion.

Create a value-packed webinar that requires visitors to sign up as one way to capture leads from your video marketing.

Boom! Lead generation occurs instantly.

Salesforce makes use of this.

Part 1 sales cloud screenshot
Part 1 sales cloud screenshot

Another method is to include a call to action (CTA) in your video that directs your prospects to other conversion points such as downloading free content, signing up for a trial, or scheduling a demo.

Video Aids Account-based Marketing (ABM)

If your B2B company is targeting specific prospects, it makes sense to send them customized video content.

Every day, CEOs and other high-level decision-makers receive hundreds of messages, so you need a way to stand out. Why not add video to your email messages to spice up your email marketing?

Tips To Start Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Start With Research

Marketing is founded on research. Using market research, target audience research, or brand research removes the guesswork from your marketing campaign. You will be able to better serve your customers if you have a data-driven understanding of your B2B video marketing strategy.

Get Your Niche Down

Finding your target niche is critical for any business. Companies that expand quickly become specialists in a specific area, which is critical to their success.

Learning how tobecome an industry expert necessitates extensive research. Being a specialist simplifies marketing because you know who to target, what their needs are, and how to entice them.

Set Clear Goals

A marketing campaign with well-defined objectives is far more likely to succeed. Determine your key success metrics, create reports to track them, and ensure that everyone on the team is working toward the same goal.

People Also Ask

Is Video Marketing Effective For B2B?

B2B video marketing also increases conversion and engagement rates with other types of content. A landing page with video content, for example, will entice viewers to look at other content. Including video in your marketing strategy is an excellent way to draw people in.

What Are Some B2B Video Marketing Best Practices?

Tips for B2B video marketing with customer testimonials and reviews: Shoot multiple customer testimonials at once to save money. Rent a space and invite potential buyers to tell their stories. Focus your reviews on the benefits rather than the features, giving your product a more personal touch that feels less like marketing.

Why Is B2B Video Important?

These videos are intended to highlight a particular product or service. They show how your B2B prospects and customers interact with your brand's products. This serves two purposes: it raises brand awareness while also allowing viewers to visualize the product's benefits.

Final Thoughts

In the world of B2B marketing, video content is no longer a "nice to have," but rather a "must have." The thing is, you don't need actors, a professional studio, or a large marketing budget to make it happen.

Last but not least, selecting the appropriate platform for sharing your video content can make or break your B2B video marketing strategy. Before deciding where to post your videos, revisit your buyer personas and goals.

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