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16 Awesome B2B Content Marketing Tools That Will Save You Time

Your B2B content strategy is similar to a machine in that it requires routine maintenance to keep it running properly. This is where content marketing tools may help. Tools aid in the maintenance of your content strategy and the attainment of the finest outcomes.

Sep 04, 20229.4K Shares589.3K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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Your B2B content strategyis similar to a machine in that it requires routine maintenance to keep it running properly. This is where content marketingtools may help.

Tools aid in the maintenance of your contentstrategy and the attainment of the finest outcomes. And we've lately spotted some incredible tools that we'd like to share with you.

Content marketing tools have progressed to match the demands of today's content marketers. There are tools that will help you succeed no matter what content marketing methods you employ - whether you're generating new content or updating old, creating material for lead generation, or brand recognition.

What you pick will be determined by the nature of your B2B content strategy and your priorities.

While we have a long list of tools for B2B PRand content, this list focuses on B2B content marketing and the newly launched, lesser-known tools that can help you take your content to the next level.

Without further ado, here are 16 of the top content marketing tools that can help your approach succeed. Content production tools, conversion tools, and SEOand research tools are divided into three groups. The tools are alphabetically grouped under each category.

16 Best Content Creation Tools & Content Marketing Tools That Will Save You Time


It's difficult to keep track of all your channels these days, let alone ensure that your material is displayed on all of them. ContentCal has a solution for you. It's a tool that helps people make social media contentand makes it easier for them to work together.

Finding the optimal time to publish on social media, preserving your most popular words from posts, and keeping all of your ideas and to-do lists in one location are all advantages of ContentCal. It is, without a doubt, one of the most inventive content calendars available today.

Screenshot of ContentCal homepage with a navigation bar at the top and blue get started free button
Screenshot of ContentCal homepage with a navigation bar at the top and blue get started free button

Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent place to start when creating material. It allows you to produce a draft of your material before uploading it to your CMS, ensuring that you don't publish it before it's finished.

Google Docs also has built-in collaboration tools that allow your entire team to participate in the development process. Anyone with the appropriate rights can edit, post comments, and insert crucial stuff. And, best of all, it's free and easy to combine with a variety of different technologies.


Do you want to make an online course but aren't sure where to start? Kajabi can assist you! This software searches and organizes all of your multimedia material assets, resulting in a virtual library that you can use as a course.

It not only assists you in organizing your present content into an online course, but it also creates monthly subscription portals and online discussion forums. This makes sure that your audience can get your material, so you can focus on lead generation and content creation.

You may use Kajabi to market your course after it's up and running. Kajabi provides a variety of tools to help you advertise your new course, including landing pages and email campaigns.


A list of content marketing tools would be incomplete without a video content tool. While many people find video content production intimidating, Lumen5 makes it exceedingly simple.

Lumen5 lets you submit a blog or other content, and it then extracts the highlights and converts them into a movie with images, music, and text. Then you may go through it and add and modify what you like.


Surveys are a terrific way to learn more about your audience, but they can also be used to create content. Use the information you have from your audience in a white paper or infographic.

SurveyAnyPlace is a fun, creative tool that lets you create any survey you want using a range of templates. You may personalize your survey by adding your own photos, logo, and typeface.

Promote your survey on your website, your app, a tab on your Facebook page, emails, and any other channels you use after it's finished. After you've completed your survey and made it live, sit back and wait for the results to come in. Make it easy to find what you want by getting data in the form of images or text.


Alter is a personalized recommendation engine driven by AI that you can embed on your website to propose content depending on visitor behaviour. Do you want to get particular pages in front of your audience? That's not a problem. You can just make certain pages more important in the search engineso that they show up in the suggestions.

Install a little piece of code on your website, and Alter will begin studying and interpreting your content, as well as the interests and behavior of your users. It will learn and change over time based on what your audience does and what they can find on your site.


It has been a big trend in content marketing for chatbots, AI-powered messaging software that shows up on websites and apps to help people who want to learn more about a company answer their questions.

BotSociety is the result of this. Chatbots may be created for a variety of platforms, including WhatsApp, Slack, Messenger, and even your own website or app, using this service. With its drag-and-drop texts, you can construct the perfect chatbot experience for your target demographic.

Conversion Voodoo

This conversion tool, far from being black art, offers you visibility into every phase of your plan so you can understand how you can enhance your conversion rates. Monitor your visitors' initial impressions right away to get a sense of how they're interacting with your material.

A/B testing and a free site performance analysis are two more essential features of this application. You can also use it to improve the design and feel of your landing pages in order to improve your conversion rates.


Finteza is a conversion-boosting analytics software. Many websites struggle to convert site visitors into leads due to decreased attention spans. A platform like Finteza provides you with the advantage of customizing campaigns for those hard-to-convert site visitors.

It lets you make moneyfrom your site by organizing advertising campaigns on your site, setting up unique conversion paths based on previous customer behavior, and scheduling advertising campaigns on your site.


SumoMe offers a variety of free tools to assist you with your conversion efforts. SumoMe features solutions that can help you grow email signups and revenues, regardless of your goal.

SumoMe has you covered for all of your conversion needs, from eye-catching popups to email drip campaign features and eCommerceconnectors.

SEO And Research Tools


Even if this list wasn't alphabetized, Ahrefs would be on the top of my list of content marketing SEOtools.

What makes it so appealing to me? It's jam-packed with valuable tools to help you improve your SEOranking. Ahrefs can handle anything from simple keyword research to tracking your keyword ranks to more complicated competition analysis and identifying content gaps on your own site. You may create an effective SEO plan using Ahrefs' various features.


The "People also asked" feature on Google is a fantastic way for people to get the answers they're looking for. However, it might also assist you in improving your material. The Also Asked tool delves further into this Google feature, demonstrating how each query or topic is organized.

Simply go to the Also Asked page, type in your search keyword, and see what questions people have asked about that subject, starting with the broadest and narrowing down to the most precise. This can help you figure out what's in people's thoughts when they search for that phrase, as well as what kind of material you can offer.


Have you ever wished you had a window into what your competitors are up to? This is exactly what CompetitorsApp can help you with.

CompetitorsApp keeps track of your rivals' digital activity, such as email marketingcampaigns, social media campaigns, and the material they publish.

Simply register online, enter your rivals' information, and voila, you'll be able to keep track of their activity and receive email notifications of significant changes.


Content King is a fantastic tool for auditing your website's SEO and keeping track of your content. It provides actionable methods to enhance your material as it monitors it, notifies you when anything is incorrect and organizes your content for better usage.

This program ensures that everything behind the scenesruns well, and its recommendations ensure that your material reaches its full potential.


Any B2B content marketing planshould prioritize keeping track of your SEO ranking, and Nightwatch.io can help. Its capabilities monitor your backlinksand track your SEO rating for keywords, allowing you to understand how your B2B content strategy is doing on search engines.

You can get the information you need and find places where your content can be more visible by using the monitoring dashboard's simple filtering tools.


Yoast is an all-around useful tool to have on hand if you use WordPressas your CMS. You only need to install the plugin and you're good to go.

The Yoast UI makes SEO a breeze. Simply enter your keyword, and Yoast will guide you through the process, providing a mechanism to quickly change your meta description and URL slug. Yoast also provides a prioritized list of strategies to increase your SEO ranking.

Yoast is for everyone, whether you're new to SEO or have been doing it for a while.

Try These 11 B2B Marketing Tools Focussed On The Full Buyer's Journey.

What Is The Most Effective Tool To Define Content?

Google AdWords Keyword Planner: Every content writer should utilise Google's keyword tool (it should go without saying since it's the SEO ruler). This application helps you to study keywords for your next job and provides suggestions for further keywords.

Is SEO A Content Creation Tool?

This is regarded as one of the greatest content marketing tools available since it reveals the purpose behind search querieswhile also assisting in the production and optimization of content. Its one-of-a-kind SEO tool translates online content into actual company outcomes like engagement, traffic, and sales.


Hundreds of B2B content marketing tools are available, able to assist you with your plan, with new ones being added all the time. We hope that this list has helped you discover a new tool to add to your arsenal of content marketing tools. Please, let us know in the comments section which one is your pick.

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