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AppNana App Review 2023 - Is It Legit Or Scam?

Explore the rewards and functionalities in this comprehensive AppNana review. Discover how AppNana offers users a platform to earn rewards by engaging with various mobile apps.

Nov 13, 20232.6K Shares62K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is AppNana And What Does It Offer?
  2. How Does AppNana Work?
  3. Is AppNana Legit?
  4. How Do You Get Paid?
  5. How Much Money Can You Make?
  6. AppNana Rewards Options
  7. Can You Use It On A Desktop?
  8. AppNana Games List
  9. Who Can Join AppNana?
  10. Pros & Cons Of AppNana App
  11. Can You Get Support?
  12. The Best Apps Like AppNana
  13. AppNana Review - FAQs
  14. Conclusion
AppNana App Review 2023 - Is It Legit Or Scam?

In a landscape where mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives, platforms like AppNana offer an innovative way to reward users for exploring new apps. As the digital world continually evolves, individuals seek not only engaging experiences but also opportunities to earn rewards while doing so.

This AppNana reviewwill explore the features, benefits, and potential considerations to help users decide whether AppNana is a suitable choice for their needs. AppNana aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform where users can discover apps and earn points that can be redeemed for various rewards.

What Is AppNana And What Does It Offer?

AppNana application on a phone
AppNana application on a phone

You may have played computer games at some point in your life. Enjoy some free time and finish some tasks by yourself or with friends. Video games have become so famous recently that some people make moneyby playing them.

What we are talking about is very clear if you've ever seen full-time Twitch streamers, YouTube games, or eSports pros. These famous gamers aren't the only ones who can make moneyonline with games, though.

There are more and more apps that pay you to play games, so trying out new games on your phone can earn you extra money or gift cards. You may have found AppNana if you've used apps like Mistplay or AppStation. It's another mobile game app that pays you to play.

AppNana is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms that provides users with a platform to earn rewards by engaging with a variety of other mobile apps. Users can accumulate points within the AppNana ecosystem, referred to as "Nanas," by completing specific tasks within recommended apps. These tasks often include downloading suggested applications, using them for a defined duration, or fulfilling certain in-app actions.

The platform offers a diverse range of rewards that users can redeem using the Nanas they've accumulated. These rewards include, but are not limited to:

  • Gift Cards - Users can exchange their Nanas for gift cards from popular retailers across various categories like gaming, fashion, entertainment, and more.
  • Paid Apps -AppNana allows users to use their points to acquire paid applications without spending actual money.
  • Cash via PayPal -Users also have the option to convert their Nanas into cash rewards through PayPal.

How Does AppNana Work?

AppNana operates on a reward-based system where users can earn points, known as "Nanas," by performing specific tasks within the app. Here's a breakdown of how AppNana works:

Install And Sign Up

To begin earning rewards through AppNana, the initial steps involve:

  • Installing the App -Visit appnana.com to create an account by providing basic details like email and password. On the Google Play Store, search for AppNana to download the app. For iOS users, the app is available as "AppJoy Nana" in the App Store.
  • Welcome Bonus -Upon registration, users receive a welcome bonus of 10,000 Nanas, the app's currency for points.

Download New Games And Play

Earning Nanas involves engaging in various games where points are awarded based on specific tasks and game performance.

  • Game Variety -Different games offer various ways to earn points, with some rewarding based on time spent playing and others on specific achievements within the games.
  • Earning Requirements -Games set diverse requirements for earning points, such as reaching a certain score or playing for a specific duration.
  • Accessing Games -Access games by navigating to the "Get Nanas" section, where users can browse through available games and complete the stipulated requirements to earn points.

Watch Videos

Another way to earn points involves watching videos:

  • Video Watching -Users can gain additional Nanas by watching adswithin the app.
  • Point Yield - However, the point yield from videos is relatively low compared to game earnings, typically providing around 5–10 Nanas per video.

Earn Points

Accumulating Nanas involves consistent game engagement and meeting varied achievement requirements:

  • Diminishing Points -The number of points earned decreases as users play more games, requiring exploration of a wider array of games for consistent Nana accumulation.
  • Achievement Focus -Keeping an eye out for higher-paying achievements within games is beneficial, even if they take longer to complete.

Cash Out

Redeeming points for rewards and gift cards involves certain thresholds and considerations:

  • Redemption Threshold -Users can cash out rewards starting at around 30,000 Nanas, which can get a $1 Amazon gift card.
  • Reward Delivery -Reviews indicate that AppNana processes and delivers rewards within 48 hours, validating its legitimacy.

It's essential to note that while AppNana provides an avenue to earn rewards through engaging with mobile games and videos, the earning potential might not yield substantial income but can serve as an enjoyable side hustle for those interested in mobile gaming.

Is AppNana Legit?

A person holding a phone
A person holding a phone

Yes, AppNana is a real app that gives you free gift cards for playing new games on your phone.

Payment Confirmation And User Testimonials

AppNana stands as a legitimate platform backed by user testimonials and payment confirmations. Various users across platforms, including Reddit, have reported successfully receiving gift cards after accumulating enough points. The platform generally follows through on its promise of providing rewards within a few days of redemption.

Available Games And Reward Options

The app offers a diverse range of mobile games and multiple reward options. Users have access to a variety of games and rewards, allowing for flexibility in choosing preferred games and gift cards.

Earning Potential And Criticisms

One of the primary concerns regarding AppNana is its considerably low earning potential. Many users have expressed dissatisfaction due to the significant amount of time it takes to accumulate enough points for redeeming rewards. For instance, it might take an extended period to reach just a $2 reward due to the low point yield per task or game.

Realistic Earning Expectations

AppNana's earning potential is indeed modest, and while it allows users to earn free gift cards by playing games, it's crucial to approach it with realistic expectations. The platform might serve more as a leisurely activity rather than a significant source of income.

Addressing Earning Complaints

While AppNana does deliver on its promise of rewarding users with gift cards, the process of accumulating points for these rewards can be tedious. The complaints primarily revolve around:

  • Slow Earning Pace -Users often mention the prolonged duration required to gather enough points for even modest rewards.
  • Low Reward Value -The disparity between the time invested and the value of rewards, such as the time it takes to earn just a few dollars’ worth of gift cards.

How Do You Get Paid?

You will get 2,500 nanas when you sign up. You can get paid more if you watch movies, download and open apps, or complete offers. There's also a bonus every day for logging in.

You get points called "nanas" that can be redeemed for prizes. A 60p Amazon gift card costs 30,000 nanas, which is the least amount of prize you can buy. Xbox Live codes, iTunes gift cards, and PayPal are some of the other prizes. The code for the Amazon gift card you order will be given to you in 48 hours.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Earning through AppNana presents a considerable challenge in terms of generating substantial income. The hourly earning potential is notably low, often requiring weeks or even months of consistent game engagement to accrue enough points for a single gift card.

Earning Mechanisms

  • App Downloads -Each downloaded app typically yields between 2,000 to 15,000 Nanas, though exceptions exist where certain apps may offer higher returns. The more apps are downloaded, the more points users accumulate. However, acquiring these points usually necessitates reaching specific in-game levels or fulfilling designated conditions.
  • Additional Earning Opportunities - Daily check-ins grant 400 points, adding a small, consistent boost to the points earned. Utilizing the referral system offers an avenue to earn by sharing referral codes. Each successful referral rewards both parties with 2,500 points.

Payment Options And Reward Redemption

AppNana provides users with various payment options based on accumulated Nanas, but the redemption process isn't straightforward due to differing minimum payout thresholds for each reward option.

Available Reward Options

The platform allows users to convert their Nanas into:

  • Amazon Gift Cards -The minimum payout for a $1 Amazon gift card is set at 30,000 Nanas, an amount that might challenge the average user to earn daily.
  • PayPal Cash -The starting payout for PayPal redemptions is $2 (45,000 Nanas), taking into account the varying thresholds for different reward types.
  • Other Gift Cards- Options for iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, and free paid app downloads are also available, each with its own starting payout requirement, typically ranging from $5 to $10 (starting from 90,000 Nanas).

Reward Delivery

  • Gift Card Delivery -Upon redemption, gift cards are sent directly to the user's email instantaneously.
  • PayPal Payments -Cash redemptions through PayPal typically take less than 48 hours to process and reach the user.

AppNana Rewards Options

AppNana gift card rewards
AppNana gift card rewards

AppNana offers users the flexibility to redeem their accumulated points (Nanas) for various reward options. These options include:

  • Amazon Gift Cards -Users can redeem their Nanas for Amazon gift cards, with a starting payout threshold of $1 equivalent to 30,000 Nanas. The variety of products available on Amazon makes this an attractive choice for many users.
  • PayPal Cash -For users preferring cash, AppNana allows conversions of points into PayPal cash. The starting payout for PayPal redemptions is $2, equivalent to 45,000 Nanas. This provides users with more flexibility in how they utilize their rewards.
  • iTunes Gift Cards -Users who prefer Apple's services can opt to redeem their points for iTunes gift cards. The starting payout threshold for these gift cards typically begins at around $5, equivalent to 90,000 Nanas.
  • Google Play Gift Cards -Android users can select Google Play gift cards, allowing them to purchase apps, games, music, movies, and more from the Google Play Store. The minimum payout threshold for Google Play cards usually starts at around $5 to $10, equivalent to 90,000 to 180,000 Nanas.
  • Xbox Gift Cards -Gamers using Xbox can use their Nanas to acquire Xbox gift cards, facilitating purchases on the Xbox platform. The starting payout requirement for these cards generally starts at around $5 to $10, equivalent to 90,000 to 180,000 Nanas.
  • Free Paid Apps Downloads -Additionally, users have the option to redeem their points for paid app downloads without spending actual money. This option allows users to acquire premium applications without additional cost.

Each reward option on AppNana has its own minimum payout threshold, represented in Nanas. Users should consider their preferences and the respective payout thresholds when deciding on the type of reward they aim to redeem, keeping in mind the effort and time required to accumulate the necessary Nanas for redemption.

Can You Use It On A Desktop?

AppNana, as previously noted, is exclusively designed as a mobile-based platform, and therefore, it's not accessible via desktop or laptop devices. It is specifically tailored for mobile devices, catering to users who prefer engaging with the platform on the go.

The AppNana mobile app is readily available for download on both Android and iOS app stores, ensuring broad compatibility across various mobile devices. This accessibility to users of both major mobile operating systems - Android and iOS - eliminates compatibility concerns, allowing a vast user base to engage seamlessly with the platform.

AppNana's mobile app is praised for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The simplicity of its design ensures that users can quickly familiarize themselves with its functionalities, making navigation and task completion hassle-free. This user-friendliness facilitates a smooth learning curve, enabling users to efficiently earn rewards without facing complexity in using the application.

The app's ease of use contributes to a convenient user experience. Its intuitive design and accessibility on mobile devices enable users to engage with the platform at their convenience, anytime and anywhere. This accessibility allows users to participate in earning rewards while on the move or during their free time, enhancing the platform's appeal.

AppNana Games List

AppNana typically provides a diverse array of mobile games within its platform, allowing users to earn points (Nanas) by engaging with these games. The available games vary in genre, complexity, and popularity. However, the specific list of games on AppNana may change periodically due to the introduction of new games or the removal of older ones.

Games on AppNana cover a wide range of categories, including but not limited to:

  • Puzzle Games -Engaging puzzle games requiring strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Strategy Games -Games that involve tactics, planning, and decision-making to achieve objectives.
  • Action Games -Fast-paced and thrilling games involving combat, challenges, or racing.
  • Adventure Games -Story-driven games that immerse players in various quests and narratives.
  • Simulation Games -Games that simulate real-world activities or experiences, such as life simulations or role-playing games.

Here’s a list of games on AppNana:

  • Forge of Empires
  • Castle Clash
  • WWE Supercard
  • Donald’s Empire
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Jewelish
  • Winter Adventures
  • Foot Chinko
  • Animalines
  • Traffic
  • Multisquare
  • Basket & Ball
  • Fruita Crush
  • Jetpack Master
  • Smarty Bubbles

There are basically dozens of games from every genre you can think of, which is a plus for AppNana.

The platform typically features both popular and lesser-known games from various developers, offering users the chance to earn points by completing specific tasks, achieving in-game milestones, or reaching predetermined goals within those games.

Users usually access the available games eligible for earning Nanas through the "Get Nanas" or similar section within the AppNana app. This section lists the current games that users can engage with to accumulate points and earn rewards.

Who Can Join AppNana?

A woman in blue long sleeves holding a smartphone
A woman in blue long sleeves holding a smartphone

AppNana is designed to be a user-friendly platform accessible to individuals seeking to earn rewards by engaging with mobile applications. The platform generally welcomes users who own compatible mobile devices and are interested in exploring new apps while earning points for rewards.

The eligibility to join AppNana primarily revolves around having a mobile device, as the platform operates as a mobile application available on both Android and iOS app stores. As such, individuals owning smartphones or tablets with Android or iOS operating systems can easily download the AppNana app from their respective app stores.

AppNana's accessibility to both Android and iOS devices ensures that a broad range of users can potentially join the platform. This inclusivity is beneficial for individuals looking to earn rewards by completing tasks within recommended apps, making it an attractive prospect for a diverse user base interested in mobile gaming or seeking to earn rewards in their free time.

The platform's simplicity and user-friendly interface make it inviting for users of varying technological expertise. It accommodates both casual users and those familiar with app-based reward systems, ensuring that anyone interested in exploring new apps and earning rewards can join AppNana, contributing to its appeal across a wide spectrum of mobile device owners.

Pros & Cons Of AppNana App

Here are some pros and cons of using the AppNana app:

Pros Of AppNana

  • Diverse Reward Options -AppNana offers a variety of rewards, including gift cards for popular retailers, PayPal cash, and free app downloads, giving users flexibility in choosing their preferred rewards.
  • User-Friendly Interface -The app is designed with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it simple for users to engage with different tasks and earn rewards.
  • Availability on Multiple Platforms -It is available on both Android and iOS, ensuring a broader reach and accessibility for users owning devices on these operating systems.
  • Referral Program - AppNana includes a referral system, allowing users to invite friends to join the platform and earn additional points, creating an opportunity for increased rewards.

Cons Of AppNana

  • Low Earning Potential -Accumulating a significant number of points (Nanas) for higher-value rewards can take a considerable amount of time, resulting in a slow earning pace.
  • Limited Game Availability -The selection of games available for earning points may be restricted and can vary based on the region, potentially limiting the earning opportunities for some users.
  • Earning Thresholds for Rewards -Some rewards require a relatively high number of points to redeem, and the minimum payout thresholds for certain rewards may make it challenging for users to reach significant rewards quickly.
  • Advertisement Videos for Earning -While users can earn points by watching videos, the points rewarded per video view are relatively low, and the videos may be perceived as intrusive or bothersome for some users.

Can You Get Support?

AppNana offered customer support to assist users with their inquiries or concerns. The platform typically provides support through various channels to address user issues or questions related to the app, points, rewards, and general inquiries. Users could usually access support through the following means:

  • In-App Support -AppNana often features a support or help section within the app itself, allowing users to find answers to frequently asked questions or contact support directly from within the application.
  • Email Support -Users might have been able to contact AppNana's support team via email. They usually provide an email address or a contact form on their official website for users to reach out and submit their queries or issues.
  • Social MediaChannels -AppNana may have utilized social media platforms to communicate with users, address concerns, and share updates or announcements.
  • Official Website -AppNana might have a dedicated support page on their official website, offering resources, FAQs, or a way to get in touch with their support team.

The Best Apps Like AppNana

Swagbucks logo
Swagbucks logo

There are several apps similar to AppNana that offer users the chance to earn rewards or points by engaging with mobile applications. Here are some of the best apps like AppNana:

  • Swagbucks -Swagbucks is a popular rewards platform offering various ways to earn, including completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and playing games. Users can redeem points for gift cards or cash.
  • FeaturePoints -Similar to AppNana, FeaturePoints rewards users for downloading and trying out new apps. Users earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards.
  • CashKarma -This app allows users to earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash.
  • Mistplay -Geared toward gamers, Mistplay rewards users for playing mobile games. Points earned can be exchanged for gift cards from various retailers.
  • AppTrailers -Users can earn points by watching trailers and preview videos of new apps and games. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and PayPal cash.
  • PointsPrizes -This platform offers various ways to earn points, including surveys, watching video ads, and participating in offers. PointsPrizes allows users to redeem points for gift cards or cash.
  • QuickThoughts -Specifically focused on surveys, QuickThoughts rewards users for sharing their opinions through surveys and tasks. Points earned can be exchanged for Amazon or iTunes gift cards.

When choosing an app similar to AppNana, consider the earning methods, available rewards, payout thresholds, and the app's compatibility with your preferences and device. Each app may have its own set of features, earning potentials, and reward options, so it's beneficial to explore and choose based on what aligns best with your interests and goals.

AppNana Review - FAQs

What Are AppNana Codes?

AppNana codes, also known as referral codes, are unique identification sequences that users can share with others to invite them to join the AppNana platform. When a new user signs up for AppNana using a referral code, both the referrer and the new user typically receive bonus points or Nanas as part of the referral program.

Are There AppNana Hacks?

The concept of "hacks" generally refers to unauthorized or manipulated ways to exploit systems. It's essential to note that engaging in hacks, cheats, or any form of unauthorized methods to manipulate the AppNana platform is not recommended. It can violate the app's terms of service, and if detected, could lead to penalties such as the suspension or termination of user accounts. AppNana operates on a fair and legitimate reward systemfor users who engage genuinely with the platform.

Is AppNana IOS Available?

Yes, AppNana is available for iOS devices. The AppNana app can be downloaded and used on devices running the iOS operating system, such as iPhones and iPads. Users can find and download the AppNana app from the Apple App Store to begin earning rewards by engaging with various mobile applications. The iOS version of the AppNana app allows iPhone and iPad users to participate in earning Nanas and redeeming rewards offered by the platform.


AppNana stands out as an enticing platform that allows users to delve into a myriad of apps while earning rewards along the way. The concept of being rewarded for exploring and engaging with applications is undoubtedly appealing. Its user-friendly interface and a diverse range of reward options make it an attractive choice for those looking to earn while exploring the digital realm.

However, it's crucial to consider that the earning potential might not meet everyone's expectations. While AppNana provides an enjoyable way to earn rewards, the time and effort required to accumulate substantial points for higher-value rewards might deter some users. Ultimately, whether AppNana is worth it depends on individual preferences, objectives, and the value placed on the rewards offered. For those who enjoy discovering new apps and don’t mind the journey to accumulate rewards, AppNana can indeed be a fun and rewarding experience in the world of mobile applications.

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