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7 Ways To Express Appreciation To Your Employees

More businesses find hiring and retaining employees increasingly tricky following the height of the pandemic.

Nov 13, 202260 Shares2.7K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Host an Awards Ceremony
  2. Set Up Employee Recognition Programs
  3. Provide Positive Feedback
  4. Update the Office
  5. Cater Meals
  6. Offer Professional Development
  7. Allow Remote Work
  8. Showing Appreciation Is Beneficial to Your Bottom Line

More businesses find hiring and retaining employees increasingly tricky following the height of the pandemic. In some instances, companies have overhauled their businesspractices and benefits packages to meet employee demands for an improved workplace.

Of course, change was bound to happen as businesses began calling workers back to the office. Amid the stress of a sudden transition to work-from-home, employees grew more aware of their worth as professionals.

The real challenge has been finding ways to increase job satisfaction and boost morale — two factors that cultivate employee productivity and loyalty to your company. According to a Gallup survey, 74% of employees agreethat receiving praise induces a greater sense of purpose, ultimately enabling smoother operations and a higher work ethic.

Recognizing teams' efforts matters and helps create a company culture where employees feel valued and a part of something bigger than themselves. Here are seven ways businesses can express appreciation for their employees.

Host an Awards Ceremony

Recognize your employees by hosting an awards ceremony. Highlighting your employees' strengths and accomplishments demonstrates that you're paying attention and appreciate what they bring to your company.

Celebrating individual workers or teams is also a great way to spotlight positive results from larger group projects, enhancing teamwork and collaboration among coworkers.

Set Up Employee Recognition Programs

Allow coworkers to nominate their peers for a job well done by establishing an Employee of the Month program. These types of recognition programs usually come with special perks as a reward for every winner, such as the following:

  • Extra paid time off
  • VIP parking spot
  • Movie vouchers
  • Restaurant vouchers
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Lunch with the boss
  • The chance to be "CEO for the day" 
  • Shoutout in the company newsletter
  • Company apparel and accessories

You might also decide to personalize an engraved Employee of the Month award with their name, month and year and a message of thanks — an elegant way to congratulate employeeson their outstanding professional achievements.

Provide Positive Feedback

Employees dread negative feedback during one-on-one meetings and annual reviews. Indeed, no one enjoys receiving constant criticism for their work — yet, it seems typical of most companies to point out shortcomings and failures.

Instead, it would be best to make positive feedback a regular part of employee reviews, ensuring managers and department heads incorporate the practice and express their gratitude to each employee.

Offering praise and constructive criticism simultaneously will motivate your employees to improve their performance.

Additionally, frequently giving employees positive feedback, such as in quarterly meetings, will prove effective and open communication between employees and managers to discuss their progress.

Update the Office

Updating the office environment is a great way to show appreciation for your workers and enhance their creativity and concentration.

Consider upgrading old technology, providing ergonomic chairs for greater comfort and freshening the room with new paint and artwork. Incorporating greenery can also significantly uplift the office ambiance enough to bump up productivity. Considerhaving plants sent to your dooras a unique gift that demonstrates recognition and boosts well-being for your company’s biggest assets, adding a refreshing touch to any workspace.

Otherwise, dividers and screens will deliver a less distracting environment for those who need a quieter area to complete their tasks.

Listening to your employees' wants and needs is essential. Therefore, asking your employees for feedback on what office improvements they'd like to seemight be helpful. Delivering on those requests is the best way to ensure they feel heard and appreciated.

Cater Meals

Celebrate departmental achievements or individual accomplishments and milestones by catering meals regularly.

Perhaps you cater sandwiches, pizzas or pastries during the last team meeting of each month or have a food truck set up in the company parking lot every week.

Sharing a meal or snack with employees is a great way to foster deeper connections with coworkers and learn more about each other. It's also an opportunity for everyone to relax, refresh and relieve pressure from complex tasks.

Offer Professional Development

Many workers have grand ambitions of climbing the careerladder. When you offer professional development and additional training programs to express appreciation, they'll likely want to climb the ladder with your company.

Providing employees with the proper resources to broaden their skills allows them to do their jobs better. Whether it's training them on the latest technology or giving them access to special software that makes daily tasks easier, your employees will excel, and the results will be positive for your bottom line.

Allow Remote Work

After two years of working from home in their pajamas, employees aren't keen to return to their long commutes, stuffy professional clothes and office tensions. If the pandemic proved anything, remote workfosters greater productivity and outcomes.

Nowadays, job applicants will only apply to companies that allow work-from-home or hybrid work schedules. Human resources departments across the country have even begun implementing the option for remote work a few days a week or full-time to entice employees back to the office.

Companies have had to face the changing professional landscape to retain an exceptional workforce and bring in the best talent. As such, permitting employees to work remotely or in a hybrid work environment is perhaps the best way to show appreciation.

According to a McKinsey report, 87% of employees jump at the opportunityto work from home when given the option. If this is the consensus for optimal job satisfaction, you'd be showing your most profound gratitude and commitment to their well-being by offering it, too. Furthermore, data and statistics on remote worksupport this trend toward flexible schedules. By accommodating employee preferences, companies can reap the benefits of increased satisfaction and productivity.

Showing Appreciation Is Beneficial to Your Bottom Line

A happy employee translates to better workplace performance and higher revenue. When you show appreciation to your employees, you make them proud to be a part of your company's mission.

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