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Types Of Instagram Accounts - Which One Is Right For You?

Social media may help you create brand recognition and produce leads whether you're an influencer, an e-commerce store, or a small business. Instagram, in particular, is a fantastic venue for aesthetically attractive companies and products.

May 27, 20231.2K Shares73.9K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Social mediamay help you create brand recognition and produce leads whether you're an influencer, an e-commerce store, or a small business. Instagram, in particular, is a fantastic venue for aesthetically attractive companies and products.

Instagram businessaccounts were created for this purpose. An Instagram business account has extensive capabilities that can assist you in better understanding your clients and driving traffic to your website.

Instagram Account Types: Which Is Right for You? Personal, Creator, or Business?

Personal Account

When you initially visit Instagram to establish an account, a personal profile is created by default. This profile is quite limited in that it does not provide analytics and statistics about your activities. As a result, you won't be able to assess its effectiveness and you won't be able to add buttons to your profile.

Below are the key features of a personal account:

Ability To Go Private

The only account that allows the user to become private is the personal Instagram account.

If you value your privacy, you will undoubtedly require a personal account.

Create Content And Stories

You have complete freedom to use Instagram. In other words, you may make posts, stories, and live videos. You will, however, be unable to assess the impact of your publications among your followers.

Personal accounts can include one link in their bio. If you have any vital information to share with your followers, the link in your bio is an excellent place to do so.

List Of Close Friends

Instagram's Close Friends feature allows users to share certain Instagram Stories with a small group of people who are also known as their close friends.

Connect Your Account To Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you may connect it to your Instagram page. In terms of advertising, you may make adverts but not promote your publications.

Creator Account

Creator accounts are primarily aimed towards popular figures, bloggers, artists, and athletes. There are other categories mentioned, such as fashion designer, entrepreneur, public personality, or tutor/teacher.

This creator account is designed to distinguish between corporations and influencers. The amount of followers that may access this sort of account is not limited.

It provides statistics, message responses, and the opportunity to integrate sponsored partnerships. That is, it is comparable to a corporate account but has features tailored to influencers.

Below are the key features of a creator account:

Profile Controls

More than a corporate account, creator accounts may be personalized to your specific needs.

One significant difference between a creator account and a business account is that creator accounts can conceal their Instagram business categories as well as their contact information.

Influencers and producers who operate independently or from home may profit from the ability to conceal this information.

You may also use your creator account to select a different category to appear on your Instagram profile from what is displayed on your Facebook company page.

Inbox Management

Influencers are frequently bombarded with comments and queries from their supporters. Brands also contact them to begin cooperation. Instagram messages are classified into three types:

General: For communications that influencers want to revisit later.

Primary: Messages that influencers are most interested in seeing initially.

Requests: Requests are direct messages from accounts that influencers don’t follow.

Account Analytics

A creator account, like a business account, has access to Instagram Insights.

You may view your insights directly within the app, or from a desktop computer via the Creator Studio.

The data provided by Creator Studio are far more detailed than those provided by Instagram Insights.

Schedule Posts And IGTV

You can schedule posts and IGTV with a creator account in the Creator Studio desktop app.

However, this will be the only location where you may schedule material.

Unfortunately, creator accounts are not linked to Instagram's API, which means that approved third-party applications cannot be used with a creator account.

Minimum Age

Similar to how a corporate account may manage who can access their profiles, artists can do the same.

If you frequently publish on issues that are appropriate for an older audience, you may wish to demand that your audience be a certain age to access your posts for legal reasons.

Branded Content

Influencers must appropriately reveal sponsored partnerships, which the creator account facilitates.

You may add a "paid partnership" notice to any posts where you have been compensated to post about a company using Instagram's Branded Contentfeature.

Account Verification

A creative account, like a business account, maybe verified!

Business Account

Local companies, brands, organizations, and service providers are given business accounts.

This sort of account has the same options as creator profiles: analytics, the ability to add CTA buttons, publish promotions, and so on.

The difference between a creator account and a regular account is the nomenclature and segregated categories, the triple inbox, and the ability to activate and deactivate the contact information.

Below are the key features of a business account:


You'll be able to schedule advertising and boost posts that are directly linked to your Instagram account when you utilize an Instagram business account.

Account Analytics

Analytics are critical for firms looking to expand their Instagram account and plan their Instagram marketing efforts.

Instagram Insights is simple to use and simplifies analytic reporting.

You'll be able to view essential information for all of your posts in your Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights also provides insights for your Instagram Stories, however, the data is only retained for 14 days.

One downside of Instagram Insights is that it only works in the future, so you can't examine metrics on material posted before your account became a business account.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Business-type Instagram accounts may include call-to-action buttons on their profiles, allowing users to contact your company without leaving the app.

For business accounts, the following call-to-action buttons are now available:

Book: Book an appointment

Reserve: Reserve a table at a restaurant

Get Tickets: Buy tickets for an event

Gift Cards: Buy gift cards

Order Food: Take out or order delivery from a restaurant

Donate: Share a Facebook fundraiser link

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping allows your followers to buy things from your inventory without leaving the Instagram app.

Instagram Shopping may assist you in increasing sales and reaching a larger audience.

Add Business Information

More contact information, such as a phone number, address, and email address, may be readily added to your Instagram profile.

Branded Content

If you collaborate with other businesses, Instagram's branded content feature can allow you quickly identify which of your posts are sponsored collaborations for your followers.

Transparency regarding partnerships is critical, and it is the law in many areas.

When you include promoted material in your Instagram posts, a "paid collaboration" tag will appear.

You can keep your company in good standing by reporting paid partnerships using the branded content option.

Account Verification

Getting a verification badge on Instagram is something many small businesses aspire to have. That little blue checkmark signals authority and trustworthiness to your audience.

How To Switch Account Type?

  • Go to settings by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top of your profile page.
  • Choose an account.
  • If you have a personal profile, you will be able to switch to a professional account and then choose between creator and company. You will be given the opportunity to convert to a personal or creator/business account if you have a creator or business account.

Final Thoughts

Instagram features three profile categories to accommodate every sort of user. Choosing the proper account is mostly determined by your Instagram objectives.

Instagram business profiles optimize the potential for development for companies, shops, and service providers. With the help of premium features, you can transform Instagram into a powerful marketing medium.

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