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Top Solutions For Office Spaces That Will Make Worker's Life Better

The average person spends 10 years of their life at work. In modern offices, the rules and conditions for employees are becoming more loyal. Some companies allow you to take pets with you, others allocate places for sports, recreation, and socializing, and others move closer to nature - and to places that take your breath away.

Apr 24, 202333 Shares769 ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. Virtual And Augmented Reality Glasses
  2. Sharing Scooters
  3. Office Solutions For Sports Motivation
  4. Sound Hiding System
  5. Height Adjustable Tables

The average person spends 10 years of their life at work. In modern offices, the rules and conditions for employees are becoming more loyal. Some companies allow you to take pets with you, others allocate places for sports, recreation, and socializing, and others move closer to nature - and to places that take your breath away. When employees of a company are reluctant to return from a remote workformat, and co-working spaces are empty, missing their freelancers, there are two solutions: you can list your office spaceon various relevant portals and spice up the functioning of the office in unusual ways. Businessowners who have created the most comfortable and extraordinary offices for their employees are one step ahead of other employers because it is in their offices that work becomes more productive.

The transition to a hybrid mode of operation, the development of office technologies, the growth in the intensity of businessprocesses - all these are the defining trends of modern corporate life, which change the approach to office design and contribute to the emergence of new, unusual formats. Therefore, today we will talk about the most unusual and pleasant office solutions that will lure even the most dedicated freelancers to your temple of productivity.

Virtual And Augmented Reality Glasses

They can be actively used in offices for joint work on virtual objects. For example, a prototype table can be rotated and viewed from different angles, put next to physical objects and see how they look side by side and whether they fit. A similar innovation with augmented reality was introduced by IKEA stores. A person points the smartphone camera at the desired part of the room, and puts a catalog with the desired position in the place of the intended location of the product. So he can evaluate how well the thing fits into the interior.

Virtual reality glasses are already being used by some Belarusian designers to create models of future offices, arranging virtual tours for clients. And car dealers are for virtual test drives of cars. For example, Ford recently organized a promotion by offering visitors to a shopping center to take a virtual test drive. And the designers of the same company designed the layout of the dashboard, seats and control mechanisms in the new car model using virtual reality technology, which helped them to recreate the working part of the future salon in more detail and accurately.

Sharing Scooters

To reflect the company's focus on an active lifestyle and love of sports, some offices are implementing an unusual idea: any employee can use a scooter to move around the floor. Small parking lots are organized for scooters and sometimes even special lanes are allocated, which is especially important for large headquarters. A bright representative of local and cost-effective recreation in the office. Employers are getting creative by replacing expensive infrastructure with unusual, in-demand solutions that can be further modified.

Office Solutions For Sports Motivation

Large-scale recreational areas in new offices are being replaced by small sports points, pointwise integrated into workspaces or corridors. Such sports islands are equipped with treadmills, exercise bikes and other equipment that allows you to briefly escape from routine tasks, so that later you can return to work with a fresh look. In the new conditions, the intensity of work processes has increased significantly, in connection with which there is a demand for a flexible recreation infrastructure located “a few steps away” from the workplace.

Some offices have special machines that are installed on the stairs for registering employees who prefer to go to work not by elevator, but on foot. Register, walk up the stairs and earn "sports" points. The more points - the more chances to win a special prize for lovers of a healthy lifestyle!

Sound Hiding System

Such a system is usually used in open space offices so that the conversations of colleagues do not distract the rest of the employees from work. The human brain is arranged in such a way that sounds and noise that do not carry informational value will be perceived as an unobtrusive background after a while. For example, the murmur of a stream, the sound of the wind, a falling waterfall, or even a conversation in a foreign language. Such sounds do not distract a person, and in some cases, on the contrary, they relax or help to concentrate.

The concept of the sound concealment system is precise to drown out speech with this kind of background noise. This means that formally the employee sees and realizes the communication of a colleague on the phone or a discussion with a friend of some important issue, but actually hears an audio sequence that helps not to go into the details of the conversation.

The sound masking system works as follows: in the ceiling of the office, there are special sound sources at frequencies close to the frequencies of human speech, which makes the annoying hum less distinguishable, and therefore less distracting. The noise of the system resembles the operation of an air conditioner at low speeds.

Sound Hiding System
Sound Hiding System

Height Adjustable Tables

Designers today struggle with more than just furnishing an attractive, functional workspace. Since there are so many duties and they are so intense for 10 to 12 hours, there has been concern for the health of the workers. It's commonly known that slouching when working while seated causes osteochondrosis, that sitting too near to the monitor is bad for the eyes, and that incorrectly adjusting the seat height causes soreness and swelling in the legs by the end of the day.

Many companies have moved away from standard seated workspaces in favor of height-adjustable desks. This design not only allows you to alternate the position of the human body during the day, it is also very convenient when discussing urgent issues with colleagues. One of the main advantages of standing work is that it reduces the load on the back and legs. In the US and Europe, such solutions are very common.

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